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									?Taking the Carpet Cleaning exam for the IICRC can be daunting. But it doesn't have
to be if you study. Here are some questions that will get you ready for the material and
what to expect. Good luck.

1. What is the ideal pH for cleaning wool:

(A) wool is not affected by pH

(B) 4.5-8.5

(C) neutral only 7.0

(D) dry clean only solvents

2. Which one of the following carpet fibers is the most absorbent and require longer to

(A) nylon

(B) olefin

(C) wool

(D) polyester

3. Cellulosic fibers come from:

(A) petrochemicals

(B) plants

(C) animals

(D) minerals

4. Which of the following fibers are protein:
(A) nylon, polyster

(B) wool, silk

(C) polyester, olefin

(D) cotton, acrylic

5. A wool fiber may be used in a commercial building for what reason:

(A) low flammability

(B) owner of the building used to be a shepherd

(C) wool is not affected by aggressive cleaning

(D) wool is inexpensive

6. Which chemical will dissolve wool:

(A) chlorine bleach

(B) formic acid

(C) folic acid

(D) sodium chloride

7. The most popular synthetic carpet fiber is:

(A) nylon

(B) olefin

(C) acrylic

(D) polyester
8. Nylon is most affected by what type of stains:

(A) oily

(B) dry soil

(C) acid dyes

(D) soft drinks

9. Fourth generation fibers contain what additive to improve soil and stain resistance:

(A) fluorochemical

(B) solvent

(C) sodium hypochlorite

(D) acetic acid

10. Which fiber is most stain resistant:

(A) nylon

(B) wool

(C) olefin

(D) cotton

These questions are not real questions from the test, but simply examples. If you
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Taf started a carpet cleaning business right after graduating from College. Having a
Marketing degree was helpful in growing his business and he quickly built it up to a
multiple truck operation. In August of 1998 he opened an online store for carpet
cleaning supply. It was the first store on the internet that used the now popular
shopping cart format. Besides that, he learned about Chemistry and became an
Certified IICRC Instructor.
Taf holds IICRC Certification in: Carpet Cleaning Technician, Upholstery & Fabric
Cleaning, Stone, Masonry & Ceramic Tile, Carpet Repair & Reinstallation,
Commercial Carpet Maintenance, Water Damage Restoration, Fire & Smoke
Restoration, Color Repair, Odor Control He is also an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner
and serves on the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standard Committee.

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