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									?If you are a blogger trying to make a living at home, here are my suggestions. I am
open to more ideas so if you know something I don't, please leave a comment and I
will be happy to add your suggestion to my blog.

1.A blogger of course has a blogsite, and perhaps even more than one. Its a great idea
to buy a domain name with Namecheap or GoDaddy, and redirect your blog to your
domain name. This gives you a more professional appearance. If you have other
businesses you are running, such as an E-Bay store or an E-Book, use your blogsite to
link those businesses and this will assist you in your SEO ranking as well as bring you
more traffic.
2.A blogger should have a Yuwie website. This is found money. Yuwie pays you to
advertise your websites, blog, and build a social network. Do It. There is no excuse
not to. Yuwie is FREE. Everyone who has a MySpace account and not a Yuwie
account is a dope. If you do not have Yuwie yet, click here:
3.Get Google Adsense or Bidvertiser. With Adsense you can place ads on all your
websites...again, Found Money. No brainer.
4.Write for Helium. Open a Helium account and start writing. This is a slow-go
admittedly but if you keep at it, you will build a reputation for yourself in the search
engines and make a little cash as well. Plus, the other cool thing about Helium is that
it gives you ideas of things to write about because they pose questions to you. It's
pretty awesome, and its easy.
5.Sell stuff on E-Bay. Don't open an E-Bay store, just have a few auctions going every
week. You can place ADS for your blog site and businesses on each auction. No
6.Join Linkreferral, place your blogsite in their listing and boost your ranking by
rating other websites. This brings you FREE traffic everyday. Trust me, if you join LR
they will explain their program, and you will meet interesting people, get ideas, and
other website owners visiting your site. I cannot tell you how much I have learned by
joining this service.

If you do all of these things, your daily routine should look something like this:

1.Log onto to Linkreferral and view/rate other sites to boost your ranking....this takes
about 20 minutes
2.Write a blog. Post it to your blog site, and Yuwie.
3.Write an article or two for Helium
4.Log onto to Yuwie, refer your friends and relatives, visit your friends' sites, post a
blog, join a club, create a club, leave comments or messages...get in 35 page views a
5.Visit other blogs and leave comments. In your comments be sure to leave your blog
URL so anyone who clicks on it will be directed to your website. Visit any of the
blogs in my blogroll, they are fun and interesting, tell them I said "hello".
6.If you are a true ambitious writer, then write articles...at least one a week, and
submit them to article hubs. I have a list of hubs I can recommend if you are
interested. This is TRULY a wonderful way to get your name recognized in the Search
Engines. Google my name "Lisa Di Clemente" to see how this has helped my ranking.
If you would like a list of hubs, e-mail me at Lifeonthemoon@izoom.net

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