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Protect and save information, enable business continuity and mitigate risks. Choose
the right solution to identity management.

Never late to address your network security issues. Choose IMAG from Apere and

IMAG offers both Identity Management (IdM) and Access Control technologies in a
single security solution. IMAG is designed to help IT management improve
productivity and enhance network security while, meeting dynamic regulatory and
compliance requirements for medium enterprises.

Data Security: The Prime Concern

In the digital environment where information is spilt all over, the challenge is to
protect privacy, security of information and follow fair information practices that
complement applicable compliances. This calls for the implementation of your
identity management solutions appropriate to the system in question. Identity
management is a hard requirement for any environment where information is a prized
and high-value asset and this is precisely true in regulated environments. Identity
management provides a significantly greater opportunity to an online business beyond
the process of authenticating and authorizing users via cards, tokens and web access
control systems, etc.

For several organizations identity management provides the focus to deal with
system-wide data security, quality and integrity issues often encountered by
fragmented databases and workflow processes. When examining your data risks and
designing solutions to mitigate them, you need professionals who have the experience
and knowledge to steer you on the right path.

Well then, who can enable secure business for you?

Anyone who calls himself a security solutions provider can do it, but how well that
solution aligns with your current system of business is what differentiates the better
ones. An expert like Apere can help businesses at every stage for business continuity
by implementing identity management solutions that mitigate information risk in the
long run and bring about consistent peace of mind to your organization.

What Apere does for you as information security experts?

? Evaluate your current security measures
? Examine your alignment with regulations such as GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley,
Privacy (EU, SB1), SB1386, etc.
? Help you identify and understand the current state of your security efforts:
? Internet Attack & Penetration
? Wireless Security Assessments
? System Vulnerability Assessments
? Internal Threat Analysis, etc.
After which, Apere's Identity Managed Access Gateway - IMAG provides the actual

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