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									?Skylights Ohio: Add Value to Your Home

Illuminate your home with natural light and reduce your electricity bills by several
dollars with the help of fixed, ventilating or tubular skylights in Ohio. The fixed ones
do not open at all, while the ventilating ones allow air passage. The tubular
daylighting option has become very popular, as it is a great way of going green. Some
other popular skylighting choices include flat, dome, polygon, hip ridge, round, barrel
vault, pyramid and lean-to skylights. From among this vast range, it is important to
choose the one that suits your home perfectly.

Skylights in Ohio: Choosing the Right One
Different skylights are meant for different kinds of homes. The appropriate skylight
will introduce the right degree of brightness, warmth and life to your home. The
wrong skylight will lead to environmental problems and increase your electricity costs.
Therefore, in order to decide on the kind of skylight best suited for your home, use the
following guidelines:

Do not follow the concept of 'the bigger the better': Skylights illuminate a room to the
extent of making it seem 20 times its actual size. The usual temptation is to purchase
big skylights to make a room look brighter. However, bigger is not always better.
Large skylights, along with too much light, will also let in too much heat.

Placement: The placement of a skylight is crucial to optimizing its utility value. In a
hot climate, north or east-facing roof windows will be the best. Those living in colder
climes need not worry themselves much. However, the degree of exposure to the sun
must be taken care of. Depending on the layout of your home and specifications of
your room, install skylights as near to the roof edge as possible. This will reduce the
harmful impacts of rain and snow on the skylight's flashing.

Reflected Light: A straight skylight provides direct, focused heat, while a wide or
angled one distributes light and heat throughout the room. Walls surrounding the
skylight must also be splayed in order to reflect the light. Adding insulation is

Energy Efficient: Energy efficient windows will prove extremely useful in cutting
down electricity costs. The climate in which you reside and your house's age leads to
the loss of winter heat through the windows. You can opt for low-E coatings, low
U-factor and low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient glass.

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