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									Leah Goodnoe                                                                     Art 3000-01
Lesson Plan Topic: Self-Portraits using Mixed Medias                        Grade Level: 1-2

  - 18 by 15 inch white paper (one sheet per student)
  - Pencils with erasers
  - White glue in bottles
  - Black ink
  - Watercolors
  - Colored tissue paper
  - Bowl lids for diluted white glue
  - Paint brushes for paint and glue

Students in this second grade class will….
       1. draw the features/lines of their face to create a portrait,
       2. utilize unusual materials, such as black glue, to create lines,
       3. combine a variety of materials to create mixed-media work, and
       4. mix colors through tissue collage and watercolor techniques to create a self portrait.

Show students famous artist self-portraits, and discuss how each picture is alike and different.
   - Nicholas Hilliard, Queen Elizabeth I
   - Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa
   - Vincent van Gogh, Self Portrait
   - Rembrandt, Self Portrait
   - Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Nusch Eluard and Jacqueline in Turkish Costume

Student Procedures:
   1. Use your fingers to feel the lines of your face, neck, and shoulders.
   2. Draw these lines (a sketch of your face) on your white paper. Only show the upper part of your
      body (head, neck, and shoulders).
   3. Use the black glue to go over the lines you just sketched. Allow glue to dry.
   4. Use the watercolors to paint your face, neck, and shoulders. Use the tissue paper and diluted
      glue to create the background color. It is alright to overlap the tissue paper; it will create
      different colors.
   5. Allow picture to dry and then display.

Process/Product Evaluation:
Students will have….
   1. sketched the features of their face,
   2. utilized different materials to go over/create the lines,
   3. combined the variety of materials to create the mixed-media work, and
   4. mixed colors through tissue paper and watercolors to create their self portrait.

Closure Statement:
Today we learned how to create a mixed media self portrait, by utilizing unusual materials and mixing

Arts and Activities. Self-Portraits with a Twist, April 2001.
                                Supply List

I need………

   - 26 pieces of 18 by 15 inch white paper

   - at least 10 glue bottles (24 would be great)

   - a container of black ink

   - at least 10 sets of watercolors (24 would be great)

   - 26 paint brushes

   - 26 bowl lids

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