Michelangelo's David

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					       Michelangelo’s David

By Lara Hamsher, Anya Johnson and Jake Thomeson

           Florence Italy
 It is a 5.17 meter (17 ft) marble statue of the
  young Israelite king David standing alone at
  the moment that he decides to do battle with
 The sculptor of this statue is Michelangelo.
 Florence, Italy.
 Location was disputed, leonardo divinci
  and sandro botticelli disputed over where
  this statue should go
 Proposed locations were…
    On the roof of the cathedral loggia dei lanzi
    Palazzo Vecchio (Town hall of florence) A replica
     was placed here
 The statue has been moved several times
  due to a fear of damage.

 Today it resides in the Academia gallery in florence
 The actual statue was sculpted
  from 1501 to 1504.
 The statue was made of inferior
  marble due to the lack of
  availability during this time
  period of civil unrest
  (deterioration can now be
 David was created as an expression
  of the glory of florence during the
  city states period in italy (warfare of
  cultures as well as military
 The sculpture was commisioned to
  show wealth and show appreciation
  of art.
 The sculpture was also created to
  represent the civil liberties of the
  florentine republic.
 Israelite King David
 Symbol of strength and
  youthful beauty
 When David decides to do battle
  with Goliath
 Symbol of defense of civil
 In
The Statue
         Style of Art
 Disengo
 Artistic discipline built on
  knowledge of male form
 Sculpture is finest of these forms
  because it mimics “divine creation”
 Michelangelo believed that the
  sculpture of David was already in
  the block of stone
         More Style
 Contrapposto style of pose as
 This means that most weight is
  on one foot, twisting upper
  body to give more movement to
  the piece
 Not true to human form
 Head and upper body larger
  than lower body
 Hands larger
 Best theory is that statue was
  to be placed on a pedestal so
  these proportions would make
  it look correct from that angle
       Random Tidbit
 Queen Victoria started the fig-
  leaf tradition
 Shocked by nudity, she
  commissioned a carved fig-leaf
  to hang over the statue when
  she visited