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									Artist Statement

An Artist Statement needs to be submitted with each entry in the 2008 Digital Art

This statement gives the artist/s an opportunity to present his or her thoughts on how
and why a particular work was created. It increases an audience’s appreciation of the
work and provides the artist with an opportunity to put his or her thoughts into words.

Complete all the fields in the scaffold below when writing the Artist Statement.

        Please read the Copyright Statement at the end of this scaffold.
        Full student names are required in this Artist Statement.

Artist/s or team name: Leona

School name: Riverside Girls High School

Name of the artwork: All in a days work…

Subject of the artwork: Tamara Mitchell

Why the subject (person) is admired
Although Tamara is busy working four part time jobs, going to uni and socialising,
she still always has time for me. I respect many aspects of her character including
caring and closeness we have in our family, she is reliable and responsible, she has
a love of dance and history and her enthusiasm influences me in a positive way, we
both enjoy watching Swans play AFL, and we share clothes on a regular basis. Her
persistence, optimism and hard work towards her whole life, is an inspiration and
another admired quality. Tamara is my role-model.

Subject’s biographical details (These will assist the judges)
Tamara Mitchell
Born under the star sign Libra.
Relationship to me –sister.
Currently 18yrs of age.
At present studying at Uni for a bachelor of dance and education. (first year)
Works 4 part time jobs, all related with dance.
Previous school captain of Riverside Girls High School.
Dance choreographer.
Was part of the NSW Public Schools Dance Companies (both junior and senior) for 5

How the digital art was created including the software used
The artwork was created using a digital camera and taking a picture of the admired
person and also the background. The images were then edited in Photoshop CS3.
Before then being combined all together to produce the end product.

Roles and responsibilities of team members (if created by a team)

Copyright Statement
Please tick the box below to confirm that this entry in the 2008 Digital Art Awards is
the original work of the students and complies with all copyright requirements.


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