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					?Oil water separator equipment has been a shipboard requirement since the 1970's,
but recently it has become evident that oil water separators have not been as effective
as had been assumed. Actual and alleged improper operation (sometimes called a
Magic Pipe) of this equipment by shipboard crews has resulted in criminal
prosecutions of engine room crew members in the United States and to a lesser extent
in Europe.

Oily bilge water is almost an unavoidable product in ship operations. Bilge water that
is generated in proximity to shipboard equipment (such as in the engine room) often
contains oil. Direct discharge of this water would result in undesirable transfer of
waste oil to the marine environment. By international agreement under the MARPOL
convention, most commercial vessels need to be fitted with an oily water separator to
remove oil contaminants before bilge water is pumped overboard. Overboard oil
discharge is illegal.

The international shipping community in general, began requiring new ships and ships
replacing separators (over 400 tons) to meet the new IMO MEPC 107(49)
requirements in January of 2005. This regulation requires removal of not only free oil
as the previous regulation did, but also what is called "fluid C" or what is generally
accepted and defined as "emulsions". SkimOil's BRUTE marine oil water separator is
a rugged yet simple oil water separator, built from the ground up with quality
components, in an ASME code shop to very tight standards. New controls technology
make reliable automatic HOA operations a reality. These BRUTE separators meet all
IMO/MEPC 107 (49) requirements (USCG ABS/BV certified) with a tough, simple,
efficient and well built (in USA) marine oil water separator system.

Oil content monitors are now required to track results of separation. This new
requirement significantly raised the price of a bilge separator and limited the
separators to choose from. The BRUTE Series 107 marine oil separator, brings the
toughest, most practical and economical system available today to meet this new
requirement. The BRUTE separator filter exchange program makes it easy to replace
and dispose of spent filters. The filter media used is generic and readily available
throughout North and South America.

The new IMO MEPC 107(49) requirements do require that the oil content monitors
are able to detect EVEN emulsified oils, reducing possible "illegal discharge of oils"
over and above the 15 ppm limits. Even for those not mandated to comply with
IMO/MEPC 107 (49), the BRUTE 107 Series separator system provides a level of
insurance against "illegal-over limit discharges".

SkimOil Inc, works with companies who have problems dealing with, handling or
disposing of oily / dirty water, providing workable alternatives for their maintenance,
pollution control, operational and special waste disposal problems. SkimOil oil
skimmers and oil water separators are used in over 40 countries across the world.
SkimOil Inc BRUTE marine oil water separator systems are built to specifically
address individual problems, needs and requirements, by using existing specialty,
unique and innovative equipment or technologies, modified, configured or otherwise
packaged into SkimOil systems built to fit your specific needs. It is clear that the best
choice for a safe and approved marine oil and water separator is SkimOil Inc BRUTE
#BBOWS 107 Series separator systems.

For more information about marine oil water separators by SkimOil Inc., please call
(314) 579-9755, email at

SKIMOIL?, INC., is a specialty design/manufacturer, consultant, and distributor of
marine and industrial pollution control equipment and systems, that specializes in
floating oil skimmers, marine and industrial oil water separators for the manufacturing,
steel mill, commercial marine/maritime, petroleum, wastewater treatment and utility

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