Ski Roof Box - The Ultimate Ski Carrier This Winter by gjjur4356


									?The ultimate

Now any aerodynamicist will tell you that turbulence generated by a body moving
through a fluid such as water or air creates drag. Now pay attention here this is
science this is! Drag is of course a force that's trying to resist the passage of the body
through the fluid, yes? Do keep up!

What this means is that to maintain a desired speed the car's engine has to generate
extra power in order to overcome this drag that's trying to hold the car back. Now we
all know don't we where this extra power comes from don't we? That's right it comes
from burning more fuel which means it comes directly from your pocket!

Using more power also means producing more undesirable emissions so the
Environment, God bless it, suffers in two ways. Extra use of energy from a
non-renewable source i.e. oil, and pollution from the emissions. Actually there is a
third effect. Noise pollution which is growing problem in our increasingly noisy
world. It's another effect of the dreaded turbulence. Turbulence creates noise so the
car makes far more noise as it passes by with an open

Now the ski roof box on the other hand is nicely streamlined in shape and the skis are
tucked away inside the streamlined shell so they create no turbulence at all and the
box itself generates very little, far less than the open ski rack anyway.

You can see where this is going can't you? The car uses far less extra fuel and its
engine produces proportionately less in the way of emissions. Because the ski carrier
is now so streamlined, it slips through the air with hardly any additional noise. The
result is that you're still carrying your skis with you on the roof of the car but in a far
more environmentally friendly manner. Doesn't that give you a warm glow of
satisfaction? On top of that remember less drag means less fuel consumed which
means it's costing you less money to get to the ski slopes. Is there any wonder the guy
with the next car, the one with the ski box looks so smug?

How many more reasons do you want to go out and get yourself a ski roof box to
replace your ski rack and tell your friends so they replace their ski racks with a better
kind of ski carrier? How about security? Your skis locked away in the ski box on the
roof are out of sight and there's nothing like removing temptation to prevent theft. The
central locking system of the ski box keeps the contents secure as well as being
simple to operate with one hand as long as you have the key. So you're doing your bit
for the crime figures wherever you go as well as for the Environment.

That's just a bonus of course the main thing is you're avoiding having your property
bought with your hard earned cash end up in the hands of some light fingered
layabout. Another great advantage of the beautifully streamlined secure ski roof box is
that unlike other forms of ski carrier it's contents, being inside are fully protected
against the elements.

If all these essentially practical benefits to be gained by transporting your skis in a ski
box haven't convinced you then here is what for some people might just be the
clincher. Your motor car, your pride and joy, will look far smarter and more
streamlined with a ski roof box on top than it ever will with a pair of skis on a rack up
on the roof.

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