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					?You have decided to invest in your business by making your own employee ID cards
and that is a sound decision for businesses, which require employee IDs. This is
particularly true when security is important, and visitor access should be limited to
certain areas than IDs are vital to secure an area and limit access, or to identify
employees to customers. Making ID cards takes only a few minutes and with the new
ID card printers, costs are very reasonable. With the proper ID printer in a matter of
minutes, you can have a new employee completely outfitted with a brand-new photo
ID at a very low cost. However, with businesses where employees must display their
IDs at all times in order to identify themselves then there are some accessories
required for the ID card.

Many businesses choose to employ a slot punch in order to make a hole so that clip
can be attached directly to the ID card. This is an economical solution and it will
permit attachment of a clip or other device so that the ID card can be clipped to the
collar or a pocket or had from a belt. However, this method does little to protect the
ID card itself.

On the other hand, in ID card holder not only allows the attachment of a clip or other
device to display the ID card but also protects the ID card. Even though making an ID
card for an employee is relatively, inexpensive and very simple it is possible within
ID cardholder to extend the life of the ID card and protect it from damage.

The economy is in a state of flux, businesses are watching their outlay, and so it is a
balance between costs when deciding between a slot punches and ID cardholder. On
one hand you have only the initial outlay for the slot punch and attachment device, on
the other hand you have the small outlay for the ID cardholder but increased
protection and durability for the ID card, which translates into a longer life. By
replacing ID cards less, often you can realize a significant savings.

One of the most obvious advantages that ID card holders have over an unprotected
card is probably the variety of styles and materials available with ID cardholders. For
instance for employees who might be out in the weather or engaged in tasks where an
ID card attached to their pocket or collar could be a hazard, there are card holders
available that wrap around the arm. This has the dual advantage of keeping the ID
displayed at all times but also keeping it out of the way and protected.

There are accessories to suit every style and almost every work condition and make
keep them economical. Whether protection and security are the most important
aspects in your choice or whether budgetary considerations dominate making your
own employee IDs is an excellent cost-saving measure during these chaotic economic

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