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IBM to mentor Juniper Networks by gyvwpsjkko


									?Juniper Networks and IBM announced that they would continue to expand their
relationship through joint technology solutions.

It is as if IBM has put itself to the task of mentoring the younger and more
inexperienced Juniper Networks. IBM has the unique credential of being an IT
company that can anchor its roots back in the 19th century. The company has gone
through a great depression (perhaps more than one) and two world wars. Juniper was
formed in 1996 and still has much to learn about the information technology space. As
a mentor, perhaps IBM can not only advise the younger company but also build its
stock through tried-and-true IT standards.

On the flip side of the coin, Juniper can provide a youthful and cutting-edge standard
to IBM's hardware. Juniper will also add more flexibility to IBM customers through
additional measures of IT service and security.

From Yahoo Finance News: "IBM and Juniper share a common vision to continually
evolve information infrastructures as a strategic element of business success, and
together, we are committed to delivering superior networking solutions to customers,"
said Hitesh Sheth, executive vice president and general manager, Ethernet Platforms
Business Group, Juniper Networks. "We've been very pleased with our progress
to-date with IBM in our seven collaborative solutions and shared sales goals,
especially in the data center. As we look to the next phase of our relationship, we
remain focused on delivering optimal joint infrastructure solutions for our customers."

Juniper and IBM have collaborated extensively to provide customers ethernet
switches and routers, as well as more recently highlighting enterprise technologies
that allow companies to extend 'private data-center clouds.' IBM primarily acts as a
systems integrator for various Juniper switching, routing and security products.

"Juniper is an important supplier of networking products," said Jim Comfort, IBM
vice president, enterprise initiatives. "IBM is already a reseller of Juniper's Ethernet
switches and routers, and we continue to look for opportunities to expand this
relationship to provide increasing choice for our customers and the flexibility to
support their dynamic infrastructure needs."

Although Juniper and IBM have been partners since 2007, they more recently have
begun collaborating on several high-tech projects that could only come out of the
collective resources of the two companies. One such endeavor is called the 'Stratus
Project', which has the goal of building a cutting-edge data center with superior
performance and the flexibility to support virtual environment.

The two companies also have a priority to work on security measures for cloud
computing environments. As more data moves 'into the cloud', the possibility of
attacks on corporate and personal information becomes a very likely situation. Ideally,
the brainpower of the two corporations will be able to shield users and companies
from this sort of cloud security breach.

At the base level however, Juniper and IBM is a great partnership because it has
created a well-crafted line of standard network hardware products. Whether it be new,
pre owned or used juniper routers or switches IBM's input into the equation adds a
level of integrity, confidence, and quality that would otherwise be unattainable.

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