; Hydraulic and hoses
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Hydraulic and hoses


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									?A complete hydraulic fittings system consists of five parts, namely, power
components, the implementation of components, control components, auxiliary
components and hydraulic fittings oil. The role of dynamic components is the original
motivation of the mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, refers to the hydraulic
fittings system pump, which provides power to the entire hydraulic fittings system.
Structure of hydraulic fittings pumps generally gear pumps, vane pumps and piston
pumps. Implementation of the components (such as the hydraulic fittings cylinder and
hydraulic motor) is to pressure the liquid can be converted to mechanical energy to
drive the load in a straight line reciprocating motion or rotary motion. Control
elements (ie all kinds of hydraulic valves) in the hydraulic system to control and
regulate fluid pressure, flow and direction. Under the control of different hydraulic
pressure control valve can be divided into valves, flow control valves and directional
control valves. Pressure control valve is divided into pressure relief valve (safety
valve), reducing valves, sequence valves, pressure switch, etc.; flow control valves
including throttle, adjusting the valve, diverting flow valve assembly; directional
control valves, including one-way valve , check valve, shuttle valve, valve and so on.
Different ways under control, hydraulic control valve can be divided into switching
valves, control valves and set the value of proportional control valves. Auxiliary
components including fuel tank, filter, tubing and pipe joints, seals, pressure gauge,
oil level, oil temperature meter, etc.. Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic fittings system
transmits energy to the work of the media, there are all kinds of mineral oil, hydraulic
oil emulsion Hop forming broad categories.

High-pressure hydraulic fittings accessories include a body with central channel, a
channel, the first thread, and the extension, which, between the threaded part of the
channel was sold and Kuozhan part, which smooth the remote central and Tong Guo
Lian Jie 1 and the second one away end of the body. The first O-ring channel is. A
lock nut in the body. Locking nut has a thread within the thread part of it is part of the
arrangement on the body mate.

Involves a hydraulic fittings for connecting tube flare is a tubular plug male in the
outbreak with rounded corners rounded edges or line contact sealing surface. In the
male plug end wall is flexible to allow deflection of the wall fitting to tighten as to
keep the seal line, to ensure tight seal in the process of using the load section adjacent
to the edge of a circle.

In the existing technology, hydraulic fittings thread has been used for a long time.
These measures include internal screw cap carrying the seat around the outbreak of
the hydraulic fittings fluid tubes, and has a male plug male connector for insertion
into the male thread and part of the ceiling of the end of male plug is forced to tighten
the seat. The plug has an end edge in sealing seats. In many cases, both ends of plugs
and seats made the same point of view, so that they can in a very large surface area is
the provision of hydraulic fittings fluid for hydraulic fittings pressure seal used seats
is through the line or internal channels.
Leakage is a problem, but a close, no leakage, it is easy to inappropriate pressure or
excessive pressure thread coupling connection, and the need to maintain the seal for a
long time.

Hose fittings types and specifications of many common plug-type structure of fast,
quick-change style, flare, quick screw-type and the pagoda-style and so on. Fittings in
the form of straight hose fittings, terminal connector, right angle connector, tee joint,
four-way joint, multi-way connector, reducer hose fittings, internal and external
thread connector, connector with one-way throttle valve used in different occasions
such as the various tube connector. Fittings, or plastic material usually made of brass.
Some of the nickel-plated brass body with polished chrome layer together to increase
the corrosion resistance and appearance. Fittings with metric fine pitch thread,
cylindrical and tapered pipe thread pipe thread, from the point of sealing is
recommended tapered pipe thread connector, the threads coated with a sealing layer.

Quick plug pipe hose fittings: nylon loop used in the pneumatic tube and polyurethane
tube connection, insert the tube after use, the pipe joints in the elastic clasp bite its
own fixed by the ring seal. Just when unloading pipe pressure elastic clasp, you can
easily unplug the tube. Express a wide range of plug-type hose fittings, size series is
also very complete, is the most widely used hose fittings joints a. Quick plug pipe
joints are straight terminal types, right angle terminals, three, four-way, Y-shaped,
T-shaped terminal, wearing board connector, sub-air joints and other forms, all have a
Teflon coating on the tapered thread The coating can replace the conventional ring.

Quick pipe hose fittings is a need to use the tool can not achieve rapid assembly and
disassembly of pipe joints. Often in urgent need of the tube assembly and disassembly
is especially applicable. Quick pipe hose fittings with a one-way internal components,
each connected by ball joint positioning. Gas line connected to both sides; joint
unloading, gas line that is disconnected, no longer need to install air source switch.

Quick pipe hose fittings with internal thread external thread, metric thread, cylindrical
pipe thread, tapered pipe threads, joints one end of the thread, one end or both ends of
the hose fittings are pagoda pagoda joint, or both ends are threaded and other forms.

Fast screw pipe joints, the structure is outside the cone in the joint body, there
arc-shaped convex sets, set to take over when the hose fittings body in the outer cone
tighten the nut you can play a role in sealing. It is suitable for nylon pipe, plastic pipe

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