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Simpo PDF Creator_ business can’t miss


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									?Simpo PDF Creator works as a powerful PDF Writer which can help you easily
create PDFs from Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other Windows application.
Meanwhile, it is a good assistant of your business as well. You don't need spend huge
money on advertisement, but you can easily spread your business to all over the

1.EBook promotion

Few days ago, Google announced it will offer a platform for EBook selling in the next
year, which means EBook will obtain the bigger part of the market and play a more
important role. How to create a good EBook? You can put all the contend which you
need to use in the Word file, compost it, insert directory, author profile and copyright.
Then you can use Simpo PDF Creator to convert it into PDF. Suppose, if you want to
combine some documents together into a PDF, you can choose its Merge function.
Simpo PDF Creator allows you to combine any types of files together. your business

Have you ever worried that somebody can use your file? Especially, it refers to
something personal and important. Simpo PDF Creator can secure your file. You can
really create file which is only belong to you; nobody else can use except get your
permission! It is totally under your control by setting some limitations, such as setting
password, allow print, allow copy etc. promotion

Every company has its own website; in the other words, it is the icon of the company.
Have you ever thought to make your website into an EBook then send it to your
customers and potential users? Or have you ever imaged you can make your
company's main website as a card to sent it out? Simpo PDF Creator can make it
possible. It can works as a virtual printer, so you just open our website, go to
file->print and select "Simpo PDF Creator", you will get your website in PDF format,
then merge each page together, you will get the EBook. For the card, if you need to
add some effort or some regards, you can open converted PDF document in the
Photoshop, then do whatever you want. service

Somebody said that sometimes service need speed more than efficient. The fast
service can make customer feel they are really treated as God. Simpo PDF Creator
offers a shortcut to convert all MS Office documents and images into PDF, you don't
need launch the program any more, all you need to do is find the file, right click to
choose "create from Simpo PDF Creator", then done! You can delivery it to your
customer as soon as possible
5.other resource

Except the above, Simpo PDF Creator can do more for you. No matter what you are
using, Publisher, PageMaker, Photoshop, Visio project etc, you can easily convert it
into PDF at once. Whenever you need, you can get it soon.

Christmas is coming soon; every entrepreneur is staring at and trying to capture the
biggest butter. Anyhow, only good strategy and service can arouse the customer's
desire! So, make a good choice!

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