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					                                       CITY OF OKOBOJI
                                THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2011, 5:30 P.M.

PRESIDING: Mayor Mary VanderWoude
COUNCILMEMBERS PRESENT: Larsen, Robinson, Christensen. Absent: Hentges, Delperdang
OTHERS PRESENT: Owen Primavera, Dennis Colton, Brad Beck, Sheri Donnenwerth, Perry Pearson,
Sharlene Eckard, Les Marousek, Barb Mendenhall, Mike Chozen, Brad Tifft, Joyce Waddell, Jill Krebs.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor VanderWoude called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the
annual special working dinner meeting. Christensen/Robinson moved to approve adoption of the agenda. All
ayes. Motion carried.

Council to consider hiring a new police officer and set salary: The Mayor announced the Personnel
Committee has met and considered applicants for a new police officer for the City of Okoboji. The
recommendation of the Personnel Committee was to hire Trevir Michehl and set a wage of $36,920.00 per year
with a raise of 2% effective upon favorable review at the end of the 6-month probationary period.
Robinson/Larson moved to approve the hiring of Trevir Michehl and set the wage at $36,920 per year with a 2%
raise upon favorable review after the 6-month probationary period. All ayes. Motion carried.

Council to discuss city issues with the Board of Adjustment, Planning and Zoning Commission, committees
and other city officials: The Mayor and Council thanked all those that serve the city on a contributory basis.
        Councilmember Christensen gave a brief presentation about the Goals and Objectives Committee, which
has been meeting over the course of the past year, and is now beginning the second series of meetings. He
explained the process of developing the Mission Statement and establishing Core Priorities for the City, and
requested input from the other City board members for the Goals and Objectives Committee.
        Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Perry Pearson stated the commission will be working on re-
codifying the zoning ordinance to include the many amendments that have been made since the ordinance was
last updated in 2006. City Attorney Mike Chozen agreed this should be done. Pearson and Brad Beck also stated
the ordinance should be changed to address who can sign off on low-impact development plans, which should
possibly be a registered civil engineer, a registered landscape architect, or an NRCS certified rainscaper.
        Board of Adjustment Chairman Owen Primavera stated the board has been fairly quiet this past year. He
stated the board had to turn down some plans that simply did not conform to the ordinance requirements.
Primavera went on to say he believes it has been the philosophy of the City boards and commissions since 1972
that the City should try to stay as residential as possible, and he felt this should be incorporated in the City’s
Mission Statement. Discussion followed concerning zoning issues and the mission statement.
        City Engineer Brad Beck stated the City is not looking at any capital projects in the near future. The
middle entrance to Holliday Way will be re-sodded to finish up that project. Beck also agreed the zoning
ordinance needs to be reworked to get all the amendments incorporated into one book, and gave suggestions of
other items that should be included in the zoning ordinance. He provided information about porous asphalt
technology and the possibility of applying for grant money to use this in some test areas on Lake Shore Drive.

Christensen/Robinson moved to adjourn. All ayes. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:05 P.M.

                                                            Mary VanderWoude, Mayor

Sheryl Donnenwerth, Deputy Clerk

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