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					?Dubai is one of the fastest growing employment hubs in the Middle East that attracts
thousands of expatriates every year. Jobs in Dubai have become so popular that the
population of expatriates outnumbers that of locals in some places. With
establishment of economic free zones, Dubai has become a great business hub for
companies around the world.

Middle East is considered to be a conservative region but despite this large number of
professionals migrate to the area every year. Those in search of high paying jobs
across the world eagerly move to the region to exploit their professional expertise and
get paid better than their home countries. Jobs in Middle East are the hottest these
days with people from South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and
Philippines as well as from the likes of UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand,
Canada and USA coming to the region in large numbers. This is primarily why Dubai
has become a multicultural dynamic liberal expat community.

After its recovery from the global meltdown, Dubai has been gaining rapidly with the
expatriates. The economy is booming again with sectors like finance, real estate, trade,
tourism and others scoring high. It is almost like a massive employment drive
launched in the city to fill up vacant positions after the final exit of recession. Though
there are numerous vacancies in all the sectors, human resource or HR jobs in Dubai
are especially in abundance. This is because recruitments are possible only with the
help of human resource professionals who are well trained in bringing right kind of
professionals to the organization as and when required. This has resulted in high
demand for HR personnel across various industries at different levels in Dubai.

The government's mission of diversifying the economy of Middle East has created
millions of job opportunities across different sectors in the region. With Dubai
developing the fastest, it has quickly picked up the interest of highly skilled
expatriates, transforming it into the most urbanized emirate of Middle East. Both the
economy and the professionals are benefiting hugely with this exchange of
outstanding services in return for handsome salaries. For the accelerated growth of
Dubai, professionals of high caliber are needed and to recruit them, highly
experienced HR personnel must be added to the organizations. This has fuelled up the
numbers of HR jobs in Dubai along with coming up of human resource departments
and outsourcing companies providing HR services. Since companies are offering best
pay packages along with attractive incentives, accommodation, transportation and
relocation assistance, they too are looking for the best talent available.

Human resource services involve serving the recruitment needs of various companies
across different sectors. It includes staffing solutions both permanent and temporary
as well as executive search, head hunting, project recruitments and placement services.
The human resource industry is growing at a quick pace with entrée of numerous
regional and international companies like Hays International, Charterhouse, Michael
Page International and others. In wake of the humungous demand coming from across
the city, HR jobs in Dubai are growing manifold inviting the most experienced and
qualified professionals from around the world. They now understand the importance
of hiring people equipped with abilities to hunt and recruit the desirable candidate for
various positions causing such raise in demand.

Despite such alarming need for HR professionals, the fact remains that not all HR
jobs in Dubai are advertised publicly. As low as 20% of them are advertised in
newspapers and elsewhere while a whopping 80% remains to be filled by personal
references reinforcing the significance of networking to land up with jobs in Gulf.

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