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HR needs IT's help-not only to automate recurring processes but also to speed
recruitment, to improve employee development, performance management and
succession planning. Access to information related to the organization is available at a
click. Involving IT into Human Resource practices helps in cost reduction as well as
in bailing out time.
Using IT automation in all the employment processes will ensure added customer
value but make sure that it does not mount the manager's work rather than decreasing.
IT helps in improving employee access to HR information. It also delivers value in
areas such as applicant tracking, recruiting, competency management, training
administration and performance management.
The web portals offer tremendous erudition and anyone who is craving for knowledge
can meet his desires through it. The web has revolutionized the way HR services are
offered to employees. Internet and Intranet enabled HR services has facilitated in easy
acquisition of data which can help enhance the HR services that a company can
provide. More usage of computer also reduces the usage of paper and thus reducing
the space required for storage of files and forms.
IT industry has been a boon for all the other industries. Managing our work without
computers seems preposterous. It simply aids in delivering with efficacy.

-Arti Bakshi
"Human Resource- A Magazine For The Discerning Professional