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HP Scanjet 2410


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									?Scanners are the essential part of modern office now days. Scanner optically scans
the image or text or handwriting or other things and convert them to a digital image.
HP is the most popular brand when it comes to scanners. HP provides scanners for
home and offices. HP scanJet G2410 is a wonderful device.

Weather you want a scanner for your home use or you need it for your business HP
scanJet 2410 is just perfect choice. If you want to convert your photos, documents,
drawings and other images into the digital files, in an easy and affordable way, this
HP scanner is for you. You can easily share, reprint and store these digital file on your

There are many good features of this scanner which make this an excellent choice for
the users. It captures clear and crisp scans of the photos and 3D objects. Using this
scanner, you can convert documents into the editable texts. It easily connects via USB
2.0 with your PC. You can scan and get the image of the phots and documents at the
touch of a button. It is equipped with easy-to-use Photosmart Essential Software
which allows editing, organizing and sharing scans.

HP scanJet G2410 is a flatbed scanner. A flatbed scanner is the most popular kind of
scanners used in homes and small businesses. In this scanner, a glass pane and a
moving optical array in CCD scanning is illuminated by a bright light. The image on
the detector is formed by the reflection of light from the image.

HP scanJet G2410 is a flatbed Scanners and it offers scanning resolution upto 1200 x
1200 dpi and has bit depth of 48-bit. Scan input modes in this scanner are front-panel
scan. It supports media type such as paper (photo, plain, magazine, and newsprint),
3-D objects and transparencies. You can easily operate it with two front buttons for
scan and copy. It has a brilliant scan speed; it converts a 10 x15 cm color photo to file
within 21 sec, OCR A4 text page to Microsoft? Word? in about 47 sec. The maximum
power consumption to operate this scanner is 17 watt and it uses external power

When you buy hp scanjet 2410, you get some accessories in the box which include
USB 2.0 cable, power cord, power adaptor, printed setup and support guide, CDs with
user instructions and software.

To get the latest hp scanjet 2410, you need to search online. There are many online HP
Scanjet 2410 reviews to help you make a right choice.

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