SIM Card Reader by gjjur4356


									?SIM card data recovery software backup user GSM network connected mobile phone
data erased text messages. Contact reader software recover inbox, outbox, sent items
SMS that lost due to accidentally corruption or virus infection on SIM card. It is GUI
based easy recovery utility that helps user to restore erased data from mobile phone.
Cell phone data management software ensures you to undelete deleted contact name,
numbers and address book information. Backup utility display and print SIM card
service provider name with its location and identification number. USB sim card
reader/writer utility support all type of sim hardware reader such as Dekart, Tinpec
Super Mini Micro SD/T-Flash, ACR38T smart card reader/writer, Datopal Micro
SD/T-F, Imono USB 2.0 SD and many more. To recover SIM memory card data
software requires GSM SIM card of any country, all distributer, manufactures, and
sellers of USB SIM card reader with Microsoft windows operating system like 98,
2000 server, advance, NT, ME, XP professional on laptop or desktop computer system.
Features: * SIM card management software recover lost text messages, SMS from
corrupted mobile cell phone. * Data recovery software for mobile SIM card support
all distributer, manufacture of USB SIM card reader. * Information backup device
retrieve virus infected inbox, outbox, drafts, and sent item data erased text messages
with sender number. * It is non destructive, user friendly data restoration utility that
rescue contact details, address book information from damaged cell phone. * No any
technical skill is required to operate this program and free demo version available
with inbuilt help option.
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