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					?Being one of the earliest civilizations known to humankind, the UK is an island
country with rich history, heritage and culture. The country offers you varied
experiences - sightseeing, swimming, scuba diving or even climbing a mountain; thus
providing holidaying opportunities to every age group. It has some of the top
universities in the world such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford,
Imperial College in London and University College, London which are ranked among
the top 10 global Universities. Being widely recognized as an education hub, the UK
draws millions of students every year. So, if you are planning to tour the island
country for business, study or otherwise then you should buy SIM Cards for UK to be
in touch with your friends, class mates and associates, locally and abroad, and with
your family back home.

Matrix Cellular Services offers wide range of SIM Cards for UK. Traditionally if you
chose to ‘roam' with your Indian mobile number in the UK, it would be very
expensive. However, by simply replacing your Indian SIM card in your mobile phone
with a Matrix UK SIM card, you can avoid international roaming charges. If you
already have an international cell phone, you can use our SIM Cards for UK to save
up to 60% on international roaming fees. These SIM cards can be used with any
un-locked GSM handset. SIM Cards for UK are the most convenient way of making
and receiving calls while you are in the UK, as you take advantage of the inexpensive
local rates in a that country.

SIM Cards for UK from Matrix not only allow seamless connectivity in the UK, but
are also the easiest, most reliable and inexpensive way to stay connected no matter
where you are on the globe. We are making this a reality by offering local mobile
solutions, to be used while you are travelling abroad without any hidden charges. We
pride ourselves on providing SIM Cards for UK with low call rates and great service.
It brings you a world of convenience on your visit to the UK, when you use a SIM
card for UK, along with economy in your communication expenses.

Matrix SIM Cards for UK have the following features:

Savings up to 60% on international roaming costs
Stay connected; at local call rates
Have your new UK telephone number before you travel
Receive all incoming calls for free
Bill payment in Indian Rupees
Great customer service
Round-the-clock customer support service
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