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					?There are so many report software currently available in the market which are
operating under the platform of Microsoft Silverlight. This article is a simple guide on
such reporting tools.

Before we give out the list on what the reporting tools are under the Silverlight
platform is, it is a must that this program should be defined first. To start with,
Silverlight has a framework for a web application program which has been developed
by Microsoft. Its functionalities are similar to that of Adobe Flash which is to
combine graphics, multimedia, interactivity, and animations into just one runtime

Initially, Silverlight was released into the public as a plug-in for video streaming. But
later versions of the application included other features for interactivity as well as a
support for programming languages such as .NET. Aside from these two, the new
version is allowed to configure and use its development tools. This new version was
released last July 9, 2009 and is called the Microsoft Silverlight 3.0.

The Silverlight application program can go well together with several web browser
products which are used with the operating systems of Mac OS X and Microsoft
Windows. Aside from these operating systems, mobile devices which start with the
Symbian or Series 60 and Windows Mobile 7 phones have a high tendency that they
will be supported by the program by 2010.

There are free software programs which have been implemented. This program has
been called Moonlight and has been developed by Microsoft in its partnership with
Novell. Because of the partnership of these two big companies, they have been able to
produce compatible functionality to the FreeBSD, Linux and the other platforms
which are open source.

The applications by Silverlight can be written through the use of any programming
language under .NET. With regards to this, the program can used any development
tools with .NET languages which are compatible with Silverlight. The only provision
of such compatibility is that such languages can target hosts such as Silverlight
CoreCLR instead of using the CLR framework of .NET.

In order to design UI Silverlight applications of versions 1.0 and 2, Microsoft has
placed versions 2 and 2 SP1 of Microsoft Expression Blend respectively. Aside from
this, Visual Studio 2008 is also possible to be used in developing and debugging
applications by Silverlight. So that Silverlight projects can be created and let the
CoreCLR be targeted by the compiler, Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio is required
by Visual Studio 2008.

One Silverlight project includes the CreateSilverlight.js and Silverlight.js files which
are initialized by the program's plug-in to be used as the UI's XAML file, in HTML
files, and in the application's code-behind files. The debugging procedure of any
Silverlight application is the same as with applications by ASP.NET. The feature
called CLR Remote Cross Platform Debugging by Visual Studio can also be utilized
in order to debug applications of Silverlight while are operating on different platforms.
Along with Silverlight 2's release, an additional development tool option has been
added and is called Eclipse.

Now that the program has been defined, here are some of the tools which can be used
in report functions of Silverlight: FPS Icons Pack 1.0.49, Silverlight Files Uploader,
DevForce Silverlight, Control System Works, Optimal Report Generator, Inventory
Bookkeeping Software, and so many more.

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