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					?With the introduction of Silverlight Microsoft seems winning the battle against its
rivals on the internet. Silverlight is a programmable web browser plug-in that allowed
media to be played over the internet. Silverlight enables users to hear audio, view
video and animation that are abundant in rich Internet applications.

Basically it seems similar to Adobe Flash but it is different in many respects.
Silverlight content are displayed on screen through text-based markup language called
XAML. This XAML can be crawl by search engines easily. So your content based on
Silverlight is easily searched by search engines and you can get benefits of SEO. This
same thing is not possible for Adobe Flash. You have to embed the code for it and that
increases the work for programmers.

This search engine compatibility is a big advantage. Another advantage is cross
platform compatibility. Means Silverlight can be played on Mac OS too. You can play
Silverlight content on other browser too. Means it is cross browser compatible. You
can see Silverlight content on Firefox and Google Chrome. All the Silverlight
applications processing occurs on the client machine thus decreasing server resource
utilization and improving the Web experience on the client.

Silverlight gives improved web experience because it utilizes the resources of client
machine and leaves the server free for important processes. Its new version offers
following functionalities:
? It is a cross browser compatible plug-in means you need not to worry about the
browsers it will run on any browser.
? The application developed with Silverlight will support all types of audios and
? It automatically detects the loss of connection and then chooses to cache user's
work until the connectivity is restored.
? It has a built in auto update. Application itself checks for the updates.
? It is safe and secure. An application can be trusted without any security.
? It enhances the data support.
? It shows improved performance. There is also a dramatic improvement in speed
for AJAX-enabled websites that begin to use Silverlight.

There are plenty of reasons that you may customize the access of Silverlight because
it provides high quality resolution images, Rich Internet Application Productivity,
Videos, Web Designing, 60+ controls with source code, smooth streaming, Pixel
Shade Effects, Animations, 3d Graphics, Photo applications by bringing together the
ASP.NET and Silverlight.

Silverlight application developer can bring many things to your applications and
enhance the overall performance.

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