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					?Somewhere between the personal desktop laser printer and the freestanding
workgroup appliance sits a group that could effectively be referred to as SOHO (small
office, home office) lasers. They are quicker when compared to the entry-level models,
generally within the 20ppm level, and often possess duplex print built-in as standard.
HP's latest LaserJet Pro P1606dn is situated in this range, possessing a performance
suitable to stake a claim within the small business market, also.

All decked out in black plastic, but with an industrial look and feel, the unit doesn't
quite understand whether it is a permanent printing fixture or otherwise. There is no
detachable paper cassette, rather it can take as much as 250 sheets stacked inside its
front cover.

There's a simple clip-on cover, so its possible to leave the printer open while not
getting the paper dusty. The extension for the output tray on the top of the device is
likewise designed as a permanent fixture and does not collapse in when you are not
working with the appliance. As much as 10 sheets of special-purpose paper may also
be loaded, using the paper tray cover as the feed surface.

The control panel includes four LEDs, with respect to power, data, error conditions as
well as low toner. There are two push buttons in order to feed paper as well as cancel
a print job. Behind are sockets designed for USB and also Ethernet, though this
particular unit does not have any wireless capability as standard but you may add a
wireless server.

Raise the top cover and you have entry to the single-piece drum and toner cartridge,
which slots in simply.

Drivers needed for Windows as well as OS X are provided on the CD and Linux as
well as UNIX drivers are available through download.

HP promises speeds of up to 25ppm for the P1606dn, however our five-page text print
provided a speed capacity of 13.6ppm. The 20 page text print, on the other hand,
raises this to 21.4ppm, while the 5-page text and graphics print split the difference
between the two at 17.7ppm. A 15 x 10cm picture with an A4 sheet required seven
seconds in order to print.

These speeds are certainly respectable and they are partly because of the very brief
wake-up period prior to printing begins. HP boasts its 'instant-on' fuser makes it
possible for first pages to come out in seven seconds and we would not disagree with

Duplex print is likewise fast, with the same 20-side document printing on 10 pages in
1:24, a pace of 14.3 sides per minute. That is fast enough to set the appliance to
duplex by default and make consequent paper savings.
Print quality is normally excellent. Black text is razor-sharp as well as thick without
any sign of toner spatter. When it came to line graphics, though, we did observe a few
irregularities along trailing edges of horizontal lines. These were inconsistent,
certainly not appearing on every single page, and may have been a teething trouble.

Greyscale fills are very good, with an above average collection of greys without signs
of banding. Black text over grey turned out nicely, as well and our test photo print
appeared excellent, with a lot of shadow detail, as well as finely reproduced objects
within the foreground. The printer's superior 1,200dpi resolution is the default with
regard to this sort of print, yet doesn't slow the unit down whatsoever, so far as we
were able to measure.

There is actually only one consumable pertaining to this particular appliance, a
2,100-page HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn toner cartridge.

The HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn offers an all-around performance which makes it really
worth taking into consideration in the event you are within the SOHO category.

HP toner cartridges are available here.