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					?Silicone is a rubber-like material used in many things. It can be formed into gels and
rubber. Silicone rubber is a man-made compound which is made from polymers that
include silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Silicon is a chemical element which is
needed to make silicone rubber. Polymer is a large molecule composed of repeating
structural units that is also used to make silicone rubber. The first commercially
produced silicone rubber was produced in 1943.

Silicone rubber products are quickly replacing plastic products. Unlike plastic
products silicone does not break, crack or melt easily. Silicone rubber is heat resistant
and weather resistant. Silicone rubber is easy to manufacture and easy to shape.
Molds can be made to make silicone rubber into any number of shapes. Silicone
rubber has a longer life in strong weather conditions than plastic; therefore, silicone
rubber is quickly replacing plastic in many products that are used daily.

Silicone rubber can stand the test of weather and time. Silicone rubber will last
through rain, snow, sleet, ice, heat, humidity, ozone and the suns ultraviolet light
without cracking or breaking. Silicone rubber also retains its natural flexibility and
resilience. Silicone rubber does not have any taste or odor. Silicone rubber can be
formed into many different forms, shapes and sizes. Silicone rubber is also very
convenient because it has a wide range of different hardnesses that can be used, from
very soft to hard. By adding pigments into the silicone rubber mixture, silicone rubber
can also be made into a wide variety of colors.

Silicone rubber makes good insulation. Silicone rubber can be used to insulate spark
plug wires in a car. Silicone rubber is good insulation for spark plug wires because it
is resistant to heat and strong weather conditions.

Silicone rubber can be formed into cookware. Silicone rubber makes a good baking
dish. Silicone rubber also makes good cooking utensils because it has no taste or
smell and it is heat resistant. When cooking with traditional cookware the cookware
often becomes stained from the food. With silicone rubber cookware the cookware
does not become stained from the food because silicone rubber does not stain.
Another plus to using silicone rubber to cook with is that the food does not stick to
silicone rubber. When using traditional cookware food often sticks to pans; however,
that problem does not exist with silicone rubber cookware.

Silicone rubber can be used to make sealants. Silicone rubber can be used to make
keypads for calculators, keypads for telephones, keypads for cellular phones, keypads
for remote controls for various things, data entry keyboards, toys for children, toys for
dogs and cats, electronics, gaskets, tires, cables, types of fetish clothing, and many
other things.

Consumers can even get customized silicone rubber parts. Customers can design their
own silicone rubber objects. Anyone can design something such as a bracelet, toy,
keypad, and numerous other things that can than be made especially for them.
Customized silicone rubber objects are the way of the future because they are very
practical and often times better than plastic.

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