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					?Hewlett Packard's expertise in printer manufacturing is second to none. The printers
that come out of their production line are known for their reliability and convenience.
They are exquisitely designed too. The company has been spearheading the silent
movement which transformed the office from a drab and cumbersome place of work
to a delightful one.

HP produces a plethora of printers, but the most notable ones are their laserjet printers.
High on technology and looks, they would help you to get your printouts, in great
speed and accuracy. Operational costs are lower and power consumption is also well
within the desired standards.

The number of laserjet printer models in HP's armory is simply breathtaking. The
different types are color laserjet, black and white laserjet, and the all-in-one printers.
Lasetjet printers depend on the xerographic printing process (which is followed by
digital photocopiers too) and produces the image by direct scanning of a laser beam
on the photo recepter of the printer. The advantages accrued are greater speed (both in
color or black & white), some even acquiring a speed of more than ten thousand pages
an hour. High speed laser printers come in handy when you have to send mass
mailings such as utility bills. HP laser printers have even replaced lithography in some
commercial establishments.

HP laserjet 500 series is suitable for wide format printing like spreadsheets, ledgers
and construction plans. The printing speed is also good. They can be connected to a
computer through a USB cable or parellels, and are compatible with Windows and
Mac operating systems. They are very well suited for homes and small or medim level
offices. HP laserjet 9040 series are monochrome printers made to meet large scale
printing requirements. The paper handling options available help you to garner better
productivity. They are best suited for large offices and can meet any printing
requirements they may arise.

The laserjet 9050 series is renowned for being hardy and versatile. They can be
adapted to an array of printing tasks too. Its forgiving nature helps even novices to
work on them easily. The P1005 series, P1006 series, P1505 series, P2000 series and
the P2015 series are small, economical and can adorn the top of the working table
without taking much space. They are really beauties to look at. The qualities of the
prints are just incredible as the price. Some, like the P1006, are suited to meet
additional requirements like printing of labels etc. HP all-in-one laser printers are one
step solutions for different requirements such as sending faxes, photocopying,
scanning and printing.

The quality of printer ink used also has a great say in the quality of the finished
printout. Hundreds of different toner cartridges are available. All major producers like
Canon, Dell, Epson, Brother, HP, IBM etc make their own cartridges. The printer ink
can be refilled in some while some others are not reusable. Some are low costing
while others may cost you more. But operational costs differ, so make sure that the
one you buy is economical at the time of purchase as well as during operation.

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