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HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn Review_20754


									?The Hewlett-Packard HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn is best appreciated as the
smaller brother of the HP LaserJet P4014n Printer. Both of them are monochrome
lasers that provide similarly quick speed in a small to medium-size office or
workgroup. The two present similar-and reasonably ample paper capabilities in their
basic configurations. Unlike the P4014n, nevertheless, the P3015 provides just
minimal additional paper handling choices, which makes it ideal for relatively less
heavy-duty printing needs.

The P3015dn provides a 600-sheet capability as basic, split into a 500-sheet drawer
along with a 100-sheet multipurpose tray, in addition to a duplexer intended for
printing upon both sides of a page. You can also add a second 500-sheet drawer. The
total 1,100-sheet capacity is somewhat more than sufficient for most small offices.

If you realize you'll need the additional tray, you can save some cash by getting the
HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015x, which happens to be exactly the same printer with the
extra tray included. Likewise, the HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015n is in addition
identical to the P3015dn, although with no duplexer.

Setting up the P3015dn is fairly typical for any mono laser. The printer is large
enough, at 12.4 by 17.6 by 16.2 inches (HWD), that you probably will not really want
it resting upon your workspace. As soon as you see a place for it, nevertheless,
shifting it in to place isn't difficult (it weighs just 35 pounds), and then the actual
setup is simple. Just get rid of the packing materials, put in the toner cartridge and
paper, plug in the wires, and run the simple setup routine from disc.

I fitted the P3015dn on a system using Windows Vista. According to HP, it in addition
comes with drivers meant for Windows 7, 2000, XP, Server 2003 and 2008, Mac OS
X 1.2 through 1.6, along with various versions of Linux and Unix.

HP rates the P3015dn at 42 pages per minute (ppm). On our business application suite
I clocked the P3015dn at a total of 4 minutes 33 seconds.

The P3015dn ranks fairly nicely with respect to output quality all round, although
particularly nicely with respect to text. Its text quality is close to the top of the line
with regard to monochrome lasers, and in addition especially good for quick mono

Over fifty percent of the fonts within our text range registered as equally nicely
shaped as well as extremely understandable at 5 points. Even better, every one of the
fonts except for one extremely stylised font using thick strokes passed both
assessments at 8 points. The text is using the HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn toner
cartridge only just short of what you would possibly desire for the best quality
desktop publishing, but it is way more than adequate for any other use.
Graphics output is actually typical for a mono laser, which makes it more than
adequate for just about any internal company use. It's also serviceable for PowerPoint
handouts and so on. I noticed a bit of slight banding; fairly distinct dithering in the
form of graininess and slight patterns; as well as uneven pile height within solid
blocks, which usually displays as unique spots reflecting light in different ways from
several angles. They are all common issues pertaining to mono lasers.

Picture output was basically close to the lower end of the range where the vast
majority of mono lasers come. It was definitely good enough to print identifiable
photographs from Web pages however.

There is no question that the P3015dn is mostly a highly appealing printer. The
mixture of rapid speed, attractive output, sufficient paper handling, along with low
cost per page makes it easy to endorse.

HP toner cartridges are to be found here.

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