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									?HP is better known for its printers. However, for the last few years, HP laptops and
notebooks are getting quite popular among the users all over the world. HP is known
for products with high quality and advanced technology. HP and Compaq merged in
2002 to create the largest entity in the Computers industry. After the merger, there was
no looking back. HP surpassed all the world leaders in this field such as Dell and
IBM/Lenovo. Despite few difficulties faced by HP, it established its leadership for
providing the best laptops.

Hp laptops series are designed for home and small office users. There are different
models of HP laptops designed according to the requirements and expectations of
different groups.

Some of the most popular and commonly preferred laptops are HP Pavillion DV5Z,
HP Pavillion DV6700T and HP Pavillion DV5T. These laptops form Hp are known
for their versatile performance. You can find these laptops at almost all the retailer
shops selling laptops. These laptops feature 15.4" LCD display screen, standard WiFi
and Bluetooth elements. Hard drives of these laptops vary between 120 GB to 320 GB
and RAM is between 1 GB and 4 GB. They weigh around 7 pounds.

Some of the other HP models are HP Pavilion dv2700t, HP Pavilion tx2500z, HP
Pavilion dv4z and HP Pavilion dv4t. These laptops are known for their excellent
mobility due to their low weight. These laptops weigh around 4.5 to 5.3 pounds. They
are little bit smaller than other HP laptops and have LCD display screen with sizes
between 12.1" and 14.1".

If you are looking for a laptop with lots of entertainment features, HP Pavilion dv7z,
HP Pavilion dv9700t, HP Pavilion dv7t and HP Pavilion HDX Entertainment
Notebook PC are the good options. Their screens vary between 17" and 20.1". They
have hard drives which go form 120 GB to 640 GB, 2GB to 4GB RAM with choice of
graphic card. Their weight varies between 4.6 pound and 15.3 pounds. These laptops
are quite costlier than the other laptops from HP.

If you are looking for laptops which are different from other commonly seen laptops,
there are special edition laptops from HP are the best option. These laptops are
designed to have superior and stylish looks. Wide range of features is provided in
these laptops making them very versatile and functional.

HP Laptops are categorized as high-end laptops. They come with several
customizable features to cater to the needs of various classes of users. You can easily
find a HP laptop according to the configurations you want.

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