CATALOGUE online june 09 by wanghonghx


									       Admission €4 – Admits two people

  Galway Auction Rooms
                    jKilcolgan, Co

       Viewing: Friday 19th June 11am – 7pm
                Saturday 20th June 11am – 7pm
                Sunday 21st June 11pm – 6pm
                Monday 22nd June from 9am

  Monday June 22nd @ 10.30 am
Important Antique and Fine Art Auction
                               Tel/Fax 091 776323

    We specialize in Auction & Fine Art Auctions and                            undertake public

    Auctions of home, pub and
     machinery sales at your premises if suitable. Please contact either Paul
Walsh or Barton Hill
     for more information

     New customers to the Paul Walsh Sales may pay by cheque, but
    goods cannot be released
     until all cheques have been cleared, unless accompanied by
    bankers reference. See conditions of sale

                                   Important Notices

           Your attention is drawn to the conditions of sale at the back of the catalogue

                                  Admission is by catalogue only
                                     Price €4 – (admits 2)
Viewing: Friday 11 – 7pm, Saturday 11am – 7pm, Sunday 11pm – 6pm and morning of sale from
9.00 am

Sale Time: The auction will commence at 10.30 am precisely.

Paddle Bidding: To assist progress of the sale, all intending buyers must register and obtain a bidding number
before the commencement of the auction. Persons bidding for more than one individual must ensure they show the
appropriate paddle number.

Payment: New customers to the Galway Auction Rooms may pay by cheque, but goods cannot be released
until all cheques have been cleared, unless accompanied by bankers reference. See conditions of sale
Payment by Visa will incur an additional charge of 2.02% and mastercard will incur an additional charge of
2.04% on top of the total.

Clearance of lots: Lots should be cleared by the Friday after the day of the sale otherwise the Auctioneers reserve

the right to charge storage.
The removal of purchased lots by a third party will not be permitted without the receipted account and/or written
instructions from the purchaser.

Pre sale bidding: Commission bidding may be left no later than 9.30am on the morning of sale.

Commission bidding explained: If you are unable to attend the auction we will bid on your behalf. You may leave
as much as you like on an item and we will try to buy it for you for as little as possible. Your upper commission bid
will only be achieved if we are unable to buy it for you for less. If you have any questions or are confused in any
way please speak to either of the auctioneers. Commission bid forms are available throughout the auction room, at
reception and at the back of this catalogue.

Delivery: In the event that you will need a delivery service for goods purchased please take into account the
following delivery service: Corkscrew Express Deliveries, Contact name: Mike McGhee, Tel: 086 8510242, Email:
   1. A large clock case. €20~40                            45. Two kitchen chairs. €10~20
   2. A bathroom cabinet and gilt mirror. €10~20            46. Electric coal effect fire. €20~40
   3. A mahogany coloured corner cabinet. €30~60            47. A tiled back washstand, Edwardian. €20~40
   4. Two standard lamps. €10~20                            48. Four assorted candlesticks. €10~20
   5. A mahogany coloured linen press. €20~40               49. A tee square and a wood clamp. €10~20
   6. A mahogany coloured towel rail. €10~20                50. Boxed lot. €5~10
   7. A wall mirror. €10~20                                 51. A Rossmore display cabinet. €10~20
   8. A garden plinth and a flower vase. €20~40             52. Two prints. €10~20
   9. A bentwood stool. €10~20                              53. Two boxes of assorted bric-a-brac. €10~20
  10. A chest of drawers. €20~40                            54. Box of CD's. €10~20
  11. A filing cabinet. €10~20                              55. A hall stand in need of restoration. €5~10
  12. A picnic hamper chest and a wine table. €10~20        56. A wine rack. €5~10
  13. Three assorted modern lamps and two bronzed           57. A brass standard lamp. €10~20
figures. €20~40                                             58. Two sets of golf clubs. €20~40
  14. A pine fire surround. €10~20                          59. Oil on canvas and two prints. €10~20
  15. A marble fire surround. €40~80                        60. Two chairs. €20~40
  16. A jardiniere stand. €10~20                            61. Boxed lot. €5~10
  17. Upholstered chair and a magazine rack. €10~20         62. Six dining room chairs. €40~80
  18. A microwave oven. €10~20                              63. A four poster bed. €20~40
  19. Three prints and a watercolour. €20~40                64. Two tables. €10~20

  20. An inlaid mahogany dressing table base. €20~40        65. A four piece bamboo conservatory suite. €100~200
  21. Two boxes of assorted drinking glasses. €10~20        66. A fire screen. €5~10
  22. A Bart Simpson fridge, a portable TV and a video      67. A pine headboard. €10~20
player. €10~20                                              68. Two electric heaters. €10~20
  23. A coffee table, a stool and two jardiniere stands.    69. Boxed lot of games etc. €5~10
€10~20                                                      70. A two seater couch and a timber stool. €10~20
  23A. A desk. €10~20                                       71. An armchair, two collapsible tables and a magazine
  23B. A chest. €10~20                                     rack. €10~20
  24. A hover. €10~20                                       72. A boxes lot. €10~20
  25. An oval inlaid mirror, Edwardian. €20~40              73. A wingback armchair and a brass coal box. €30~60
  26. A gas cooker. €10~20                                  74. An armchair. €5~10
  27. Assorted box lot. €10~20                              75. A gilt mirror and a small table. €10~20
  28. Box of assorted dolls. €10~20                         76. Seven assorted chairs. €20~40
  29. An old radio. €10~20                                  77. A bedside locker. €10~20
  30. A bird cage. €10~20                                   78. Two wall clocks. €50~100
  31. A gilt mirror. €20~40                                 79. A boxed lot of religions prints etc. €10~20
  32. Two assorted box lots. €10~20                         80. A drop leaf table. €30~60
  33. Inlaid mahogany dressing table, Edwardian.            81. Two mirrors. €20~40
€40~80                                                      82. Two chairs. €10~20
  34. A blanket box. €10~20                                 83. Large gilt mirror. €30~60
  35. An inlaid mahogany bow fronted sideboard,             84. Two upholstered chairs as found. €40~80
Edwardian, as found . €50~100                               85. A piano stool. €10~20
  36. Two assorted boxes of bric-a-brac. €20~40             86. Three electric heaters. €10~20
  37. Bowed mahogany two door cabinet. €20~40               87. A good oak sideboard, late Edwardian. €40~80
  38. A boxed lot. €10~20                                   88. Brass standard lamp with glass drops and box of
  39. Two boxed lots, prints and assorted bric-a-brac.     shades etc. €10~20
€10~20                                                      89. Five Ercol armchairs and a two seater couch. €20~40
  40. A mhoagny drop leaf table. €40~80                     90. A wall mirror. €10~20
  41. Two chairs. €10~20                                    91. Four assorted mirrors. €20~30
  42. Two assorted box lot, bric-a-brac. €10~20             92. Four high back timber chairs. €100~200
  43. A tiled back and marble wash stand. €20~40            93. Box of assorted linen and lace and three trays. €10~20
  44. An upholstered stool. €10~20                          94. A mahogany coloured corner cabinet. €30~60
  95. Edwardian mahogany bed. €40~80                       142. Box of books. €5~10
  96. A bergere chair. €20~40                              143. Modern dining room table. €50~100
  97. An armchair. €10~20                                  144. Two upholstered armchairs. €10~20
  98. A matching dining table and six chairs and bow       145. A box of books and assorted prints. €10~20
fronted sideboard. €100~200                                146. Occasional table, late Edwardian. €10~20
  99. Two pond yachts. €10~20                              147. A modern dining room table. €40~80
 100. An ebonised Victorian overmantle. €30~60             148. A metal dinosaur. €20~40
 101. A white painted mirror and another mirror.           149. A boxed lot. €20~40
€20~40                                                     150. Two weighing scales. €10~20
 102. A box of prints. €10~20                              151. A white painted hall table. €10~20
 103. A mahogany cheval mirror, Victorian, as found.       152. Boxed lot. €10~20
€10~20                                                     153. A sideboard. €10~20
 104. Four prints. €5~10                                   154. Boxed lot, china etc. €10~20
 105. Boxed lot. €10~20                                    155. part dinner service. €10~20
 106. A boxed lot. €10~20                                  156. A kitchen table. €10~20
 107. A boxed lot of silver plate. €20~40                  157. A brass and marble top coffee table. €20~40
 108. Boxed lot, mirror etc. €5~10                         158. Boxed lot silver plate etc. €10~20
 109. Two chairs. €10~20                                   159. Boxed lot of dolls etc. €10~20
 110. A dressing table. €10~20                             160. Part dinner set. €10~20
 111. A standard lamp, chandeliers and two wall lights.    161. A good oak dining room table. €30~60

€20~40                                                     162. Assorted box lot. €10~20
 112. Boxed lot. €20~30                                    163. A rug. €10~20
 113. Boxed lot, timber figures. €10~20                    164. Upholstered chair. €10~20
 114. A grandfather clock case, Victorian. €100~200        165. A boxed lot. €10~20
 115. Two upholstered stools. €20~40                       166. A Zanussi washing machine. €20~40
 116. A carved timber chair. €20~40                        167. A boxed lot. €10~20
 117. A jardiniere stand. €10~20                           168. Boxed lot. cushions etc. €10~20
 118. Boxed lot. €10~20                                    169. A cast iron fender. €20~40
 119. Two office chairs. €10~20                            170. Upholstered chaise longue, Edwardian. €40~80
 120. Three pictures. €10~20                               171. Upholstered chair. €10~20
 121. Two chests of drawers. €40~60                        172. Box of books etc. €5~10
 122. A high-fi system. €10~20                             173. A coffee table. €10~20
 123. Boxed lot of linen and two walking sticks. €10~20    174. A Sony radio and cassette. €10~20
 124. Gilt mirror. €20~40                                  175. A large wooden stool. €10~20
 125. A kitchen chair and two stools. €10~20               176. A high back stool, an elbow chair and two stools.
 126. A high-fi and video. €20~40                         €10~20
 127. A brass fireguard. €10~20                            177. An occasional table. €5~10
 128. Boxed lot. €10~20                                    178. Two small tables. €10~20
 129. Inlaid hostess trolley. €20~40                       179. A chess set. €10~20
 130. A ghetto blaster. €10~20                             180. Two lamps and a barometer. €10~20
 131. A boxed lot of bric-a-brac. €10~20                   181. A writing desk. €40~80
 132. Two electric heaters. €10~20                         182. Two mirrors. €20~40
 133. A chair. €10~20                                      183. Assorted box lot. €10~20
 134. Boxed lot of paintings and prints. €20~40            183A. A pink upholstered miniature chaise longue
 135. A timber table. €30~60                              (modern). €30~40
 136. An ebonised coffee table with inlaid mother of       184. Five assorted baskets and two teddies. €10~20
pearl. €50~100                                             185. Two mirrors. €10~20
 137. Boxed lot. €10~20                                    186. Two metal wine racks. €5~10
 138. Upholstered wingback armchair. €40~80                187. Assorted box lot. €10~20
 139. An armchair. €20~40                                  188. Boxed lot. €10~20
 140. A video camera. €10~20                               188A. Two drawer mahogany bookshelves. €20~30
 141. Boxed lot. €5~10                                     189. A mahogany sideboard. €30~60
 190. A Philips television and stand and video recorder    237. A black and gilt wall mirror. €80~140
and firescreen. €10~20                                     238. A good adjustable brass church candlestick,
 191. A firegrate. €20~40                                 Victorian. €120~180
 192. Two marble top brass tables. €10~20                  239. A good oak bookshelves. €130~180
 193. A mahogany coloured centre table, modern.            240. Three shelves of assorted law books and five others,
€100~200                                                  Victorian and later. €30~60
 194. A boxed lot. €10~20                                  241. A five shelf oak bookcase. €80~120
 195. A three drawer white chest. €10~20                   242. Five shelves of assorted books. €20~40
 196. Boxed lot. €5~10                                     243. A mahogany coloured cloths dryer, Edwardian.
 197. A book shelves. €5~10                               €80~120
 198. Two typewriters. €5~10                               244. Three inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs, late
 199. A white painted side table. €10~20                  Edwardian. €70~120
 200. A two drawer chest. €10~20                           245. A good brass fender, Edwardian. €160~220
 201. A leather suitcase. €5~10                            246. An inlaid mahogany window seat, Edwardian.
 202. A cheval mirror in need or restoration. €5~10       €100~200
 203. An oak drop leaf table. €20~40                       247. A good mahogany tea table, the top cross banded in
 204. A bergere chair. €10~20                             rosewood, the entire resting on a turned stem over a
 205. A television on stand. €20~40                       splayed base, early Victorian. €300~500
 206. Two upholstered tub chairs. €60~100                  248. A large floral pattern rug, as found. €30~60
 207. Home made guncase. €10~20                            249. A gilt brass fire screen, Edwardian . €40~60

 208. A brass and glass table. €10~20                      250. A matching pair of inlaid side tables, late Edwardian.
 209. Six assorted prints etc. €10~20                     €300~400
 210. Two bags of golf clubs. €10~20                       250A. A pair of red glass vases, 20th century. €30~50
 211. A pair of bed ends. €10~20                           251. A good extendable brass fender. €120~180
 212. Two bedroom chairs. €10~20                           252. A good set of three brass fire irons, Victorian.
 213. Three coloured engravings. €20~40                   €80~120
 214. Two gilt framed horse pictures. €30~60               253. A bespoke jardiniere on stand. €40~70
 215. A set of six prints. €10~20                          253A. A good silver plated table gong in the naturalistic
 216. A black and gilt mirror, as found. €20~40           style, Victorian. €100~140
 217. A pair of black and gilt framed hunting pictures.    254. A brass fender. €60~90
€50~70                                                     255. A pair of bow fronted miniature chests. €320~420
 218. A gilt metal wall sconce. €20~30                     256. Royal Doulton figure, Ninette. €40~60
 219. Oil on canvas, No No. €30~50                         257. Three pieces of Connemara marble. €10~20
 220. A silk embroidered panel. €10~20                     258. A good brass and oak magazine rack ,Edwardian.
 221. Gilt framed print, The Blacksmith. €40~70           €160~220
 222. A framed print, Chicken In Window. €20~30            259. A two tiered dumb waiter, 20th century. €40~80
 223. A framed print. €20~40                               260. A good Chinese stick stand. €120~180
 224. A gilt framed picture. €50~80                        261. Two walking sticks and an etched weapon. €20~40
 225. A 5ft brass bed, Victorian. €250~450                 262. A cast dogs head. €40~80
 226. A gilt framed picture. €40~60                        263. An oak mantle clock. €80~150
 227. BUCHANAN, oil on board and another. €20~40           264. An in laid display cabinet, Edwardian. €70~120
 229. A school desk. €20~40                                265. 40 pieces of assorted crystal drinking glasses. €40~80
 230. A pair of framed horse pictures. €40~70              266. Four pieces of Spode and a Mason plate. €30~50
 231. A gilt framed picture with puppies. €60~90           267. A mahogany towel rail, Edwardian. €100~140
 232. A good mahogany wardrobe with inset chest,           268. An oak bookshelves, Edwardian. €80~120
Victorian. €780~950                                        269. A rosewood occasional table, Edwardian. €100~180
 233. Nine assorted Staffordshire dogs, cats etc.          270. A stained glass hall lantern, Edwardian. €250~350
€70~100                                                    271. A mantle clock. €20~40
 234. Fourteen assorted marble and hand painted eggs       272. R MARSHALL, watercolour, Near the Eagles Nest.
and a glass dome. €30~50                                  €60~100
 235. Three silk pictures. €30~60                          273. A good Art Deco 9 place canteen, near matching.
 236. Two gilt horse pictures. €40~60                     €280~380
 274. A good oak corner cupboard with central shell         305. A hand made Persian wool rug. €280~380
motif, Victorian. €300~400                                  306. A brass and copper fire screen, late Victorian.
 275. A mahogany side table with end drawer,               €80~120
Victorian. €60~100                                          307. A good mahogany and bras coal scuttle, Victorian.
 276. A hand coloured print, gateway of bazaar.            €130~180
€80~150                                                     308. A mahogany Sutherland table, Edwardian. €90~120
 277. MAX HOFLER, oil on board. €30~60                      309. A round jardiniere stand on tapering legs, late
 278. An oak hall stand, early 20th century. €160~250      Edwardian. €120~160
 279. A good eight day inlaid wall clock, Victorian.        310. JENNIFER HORNSBY, acrylic on tile, signed.
€320~400                                                   €100~200
 280. A metal candle stand, early 20th century. €40~60      311. An oval mirror, late Edwardian. €80~120
 281. A lithograph of Waterford Harbour. €20~40             312. A pair of framed tapestry with rosewood frames.
 282. A mahogany coloured wall rack, Edwardian.            €50~80
€100~150                                                    313. A framed oil on board. €50~100
 283. R HONORT SMYTHE, a pair of watercolours,              314. A good slate mantle clock, Victorian. €130~180
Venice. €200~300                                            315. A pair of Oriental style table lamps, late Edwardian.
 284. An oak and brass coat rack. €80~120                  €130~180
 285. A well accomplished watercolour, unsigned.            316. A good pair of Staffordshire spaniels, Victorian.
€50~80                                                     €100~150
 286. A good pair of framed coaching prints, late           317. Six pieces of hand painted Dutch pottery. €50~100

Victorian. €100~200                                         318. A good mahogany four drawer chest resting on
 287. Two hand coloured prints. €20~40                     bracket feet, Victorian. €520~600
 288. An accomplished watercolour, unsigned.                319. A mahogany towel rail, Victorian. €100~150
€100~150                                                    320. A good inlaid mahogany wardrobe, Edwardian.
 289. A pair of red glass vases. €50~80                    €700~900
 290. An accomplished watercolour. €40~70                   321. A part Wedgwood dinner service. €120~200
 291. A good writing desk with inset leather top,           322. An Art Deco mirror and a print. €20~40
Edwardian. €220~300                                         323. Exceptional quality inlaid mahogany bureau
 291A. A cased set of six place coffee set, Aynsley.       bookcase, the glazed upper section with fitted pigeon holes
€130~180                                                   and drawers and two pull out candle slides above a drop
 292. A copper and brass spirit kettle on stand, Arts &    front bureau concealing a well fitted interior. The lid inlaid
Crafts. €160~220                                           and crossbanded in rosewood above two inset drawers with
 293. A revolving bookcase, 20th century. €80~150          brass swan neck handles, below two doors with circular
 294. A silver plate and gilt eggery, Victorian.           panels surrounded by rosewood. The entire resting on
€220~280                                                   bracket feet, circa 1810 (some repairs needed).
 295. A good double scroll inlaid wall clock, Victorian.   €1800~2200
€460~520                                                    324. A large quantity of law books (more books in base of
 296. A mahogany piano stool. Edwardian. €80~120           bookcase). €40~60
 297. A good mahogany jardiniere stand, Edwardian.          325. BG GILL, pair of watercolours, Dutch scenes.
€130~180                                                   €50~80
 298. A mahogany overmantle mirror, Victorian.              326. A gilt and ebonised mirror back wall bracket.
€160~250                                                   €120~180
 299. Three decanters and two labels. €20~40                327. A pair of bronze mythical Chinese figures. €80~120
 300. A slate mantle clock, Victorian. €130~180             328. A mahogany framed wall mirror, 20th century.
 301. Six bundles of assorted silver plated flatware.      €20~40
€40~60                                                      329. Oil on canvas, Coastal Scene, initialed lower right.
 302. A good set of four hunting prints, late Victorian.   €80~150
€160~220                                                    330. A pair of brass candlesticks. €30~50
 303. A good brass oil lamp with bowl, Victorian.           331. A good mahogany wall cabinet, Victorian. €120~160
€220~300                                                    332. A pair of silver plated adjustable candle sticks, late
 304. A good mahogany side table on tapering legs,         Edwardian. €80~120
Victorian. €320~400
 333. A crystoleum BAYREUTH, WAGNER                         365. A Masons vase, a Franklin Mint swan with certificate
THEATER. €40~80                                            and a cut glass rose bowl,. €10~20
 334. An eight day regulator, Victorian. €220~320           366. MARJORIE WILSON, oil on board, First Snow.
 335. A gilt picture frame with amateurish picture.        €180~250
€20~40                                                      367. AMY DOOLAN, acrylic on board, The Joker.
 336. A good carved mahogany wall bracket, Victorian.      €90~120
€260~340                                                    368. A ceramic collie. €20~40
 337. An oak wall barometer. €40~60                         369. Oil on canvas, stretcher signed verso, Edwardian.
 338. A good oak cased three bottle Tantalus, Victorian.   €120~220
€320~400                                                    370. A good walnut writing table, late Edwardian.
 339. A vase of the Golden Carp. €40~80                    €220~320
 340. Two pieces of crystal glass. €20~40                   371. MARIE CARROLL, oil on board, Shelbourne Bar.
 341. Two Japanese vases. €20~40                           €1100~1500
 342. A good mahogany side or serving table, Victorian.     372. Five pieces of assorted glassware. €40~80
€500~650                                                    373. A good mahogany corner wash stand, Victorian.
 343. A good inlaid walnut adjustable piano stool.         €270~350
Victorian. €280~350                                         374. JP ROONEY, gouache, Red Sunset. €850~1100
 344. A table gong and striker, Edwardian. €100~150         375. Five pieces of assorted metal and silver plate, candle
 345. A pair of red glass vases. €60~90                    snuffer, etc. €20~40
 346. A good walnut piano stool, Victorian. €130~180        376. An excellent quality rosewood console table with

 347. An inlaid mahogany jardiniere stand, Edwardian.      inset marble top surrounded by a pierced brass gallery, the
€120~180                                                   entire adorned with brass mounts, resting on fluted legs
 348. A small inlaid two tier dumb waiter, Edwardian.      joined by a x-framed stretcher with gilded acorn centre,
€160~200                                                   Victorian. €1300~1600
 349. A good set of three inlaid mahogany tables,           377. JAMES DOWNEY, gouache, Tractor. €380~450
Edwardian. €420~480                                         378. JAMES DOWNEY, gouache, Newsagents. €380~450
 350. An exceptional quality pedestal writing desk with     379. Exceptional brass and leather club fender. €900~1300
inset tanned leather top, the upper drawers with gilded     380. A set of three good brass and metal fire irons,
beading, the entire with gilt metal mounts, late           Victorian. €130~180
Victorian. €1300~1800                                       381. A good mahogany bureau bookcase with slide out
 351. A desk table lamp and green shade (chip). €40~80     interior, late Edwardian. €600~800
 352. A handmade Persian wool rug. €120~180                 382. Four pieces of assorted silverplate. €20~40
 353. A good inlaid mahogany elbow chair, Victorian.        383. Nine pieces of assorted Wedgwood ware. €10~20
€130~180                                                    384. A table throw. €20~40
 354. A handmade Persian wool rug. €40~60                   385. FRANK FITZSIMONS, oil on board, Roundstone.
 355. A baroque silvered and gilt bronze table stand,      €850~1000
Victorian. €200~300                                         386. A good oak and marble topped hall stand, Victorian.
 356. A good walnut coal scuttle, Victorian. €160~220      €650~850
 357. A good quality six drawer inlaid chest resting on     387. A good pair of brass door stops in the form of horses,
tapering feet, Edwardian (one rear foot damaged).          Victorian. €180~250
€300~400                                                    388. JOHN NORRIS, oil on board, Inch Beach, signed and
 358. A slate mantle clock, Victorian. €160~220            inscribed verso. €680~800
 359. A pair of floral encrusted wall brackets. €20~40      389. MICHELLE CARLIN, oil on board, Yacht Race.
 360. A tortoise shell. €20~40                             €300~400
 361. MARJORIE WILSON, oil on board, On The                 390. An inlaid mahogany bow fronted side table,
Beach. €180~250                                            Edwardian. €280~380
 362. A good copper and brass coal scuttle, Victorian.      391. A Royal Doulton toby jug, one of the musketeers.
€100~150                                                   €90~120
 363. AMY DOOLAN, acrylic, Sad Clown. €120~160              392. A Royal Doulton jug, The Lawyer. €90~120
 364. A pressed glass and silver plated claret jug and      393. A Royal Doulton jug, Rip Van Winkle. €90~120
crystal decanter. €40~60                                    394. JP ROONEY, gouache, Squeeze Box Clowns.
 395. A good inlaid mahogany cheval mirror,                 423. A green upholstered lounge chair, late Edwardian.
Edwardian. €500~650                                        €50~80
 396. A good mahogany partners desk with inset leather      424. A good twelve place setting cased canteen of cutlery,
top, the drawers with swan neck brass handles, late        Edwardian. €350~450
Victorian. €1700~2000                                       425. A bow fronted mahogany chest with swan neck
 397. A good rosewood card table, resting on an            handles. €120~180
octagonal stem with four outswept well carved feet,         426. A good inlaid mahogany chest, early Victorian.
Victorian. €1100~1300                                      €300~400
 398. A good pair of mahogany shield back hall chairs,      427. A gilded cake plate and Knife. €10~20
Victorian. €500~650                                         428. A marbelized telephone. €10~20
 399. A good silver plated and glass table centrepiece,     429. A good slate mantle clock, Victorian. €220~280
baskets supported by three branches with central stag,      430. A good pair of Staffordshire mantle dogs, Edwardian.
late Victorian. €220~280                                   €120~150
 400. A desk calendar in the form of a horse shoe.          431. A Hummel religious figure. €20~40
€20~40                                                      432. A box of metal numbers. €10~20
 401. A Welmar baby grand piano, manufactured by            433. A good mahogany side table with inset drawers and
Bluthner & Company Limited. €1200~1800                     pierced brass back plates, late Edwardian. €300~400
 402. A good mahogany duet stool, Edwardian.                434. A good pair of brass and marble candleabra, the main
€250~350                                                   body adorned with cherubs, the entire resting on a
 403. A good Ziegler handmade wool runner. €380~550        decorated base with paw feet, early 20th Century.

 404. A good mahogany and brass ships wheel, late          €450~650
Victorian. €500~650                                         435. An eight day mantle clock, 20th century. €80~120
 405. A mahogany oval card table, the supporting knees      436. A good mahogany coal box, Victorian. €130~160
with well carved shell motifs, resting on tapering legs     437. A good mahogany bow fronted chest of drawers,
with ball and claw feet, Edwardian. €450~550               Victorian. €550~650
 406. A good mahogany pedestal desk, Victorian.             438. A good pair of Chinese barrels with covers. €160~250
€300~400                                                    439. A good brass and stained glass hall lantern, 20th
 407. A silver plated tea and coffee set, Edwardian.       century. €420~480
€60~100                                                     440. An Adjustable brass standard lamp, Victorian.
 408. Twenty one collectors plates (Franklin porcelain     €30~60
and others). €50~80                                         441. Two silver plated trays and another four trays.
 409. A good three branch pub optic, Edwardian.            €40~60
€350~450                                                    442. A good pair of refurbished cut glass chandeliers.
 410. A boxed canteen, six place setting. €140~180         €750~950
 411. A boxed lot, glass spirit etc. €20~40                 443. A good pair of Waterford crystal chandeliers each
 412. A good inlaid mahogany display cabinet, resting      with six branches, ball drops Waterford stamped (Spare
on tapering legs, Edwardian. €450~650                      drops in box). €1500~2500
 413. A Mintons jug and a butterfly vase. €40~80            444. A good mahogany breakfast table, Victorian.
 414. A Coalport bone China floral basket and a            €320~500
chamber stick. €100~200                                     445. a cased carving set. €30~50
 415. Approximately 32 pieces of crystal glass.             446. A collection of thirteen hand painted and gilded wall
€70~120                                                    plates and comports, as found. €60~100
 416. A set of six crystal glasses and two lladro doves.    447. A silver plated entree dish and a three light
€40~60                                                     candelabra. €30~50
 417. Assorted figures. €10~20                              448. Two pairs of Staffordshire dogs. €40~60
 418. A mixed set of Derby China and other. €40~80          449. Thirteen assorted collector plates and others, some
 419. A pierced brass fender, Victorian. €100~150          with certificates. €30~40
 420. A brass fireguard, Edwardian. €30~60                  450. A navy upholstered piano stool, 20th century. €50~70
 421. A crystal ships decanter. €30~50                      451. A turned and roped rocking chair, Victorian.
 422. A mahogany bow fronted chest on chest, resting       €180~250
on bracket feet. €220~300                                   452. A cream painted mirror. €20~40
                                                            453. A trap wheel. €60~100
 454. A gentlemans Raleigh bike, 19th century.                498. A green leathered club fender, 20th century.
€90~120                                                      €300~400
 455. A watercolour. €30~60                                   499. Six cast iron hoppers. €50~80
 456. An engraving Haulbowline and Cork. €10~20               500. A brass fire tongs and shovel. €10~20
 457. Three good black painted wall alnterns. €150~220        501. Two skillet pots and a metal kettle. €40~60
 458. A golf bag with hickory golf clubs. €200~300            502. A garden bird bath. €20~40
 459. A ceramic stick stand. €30~40                           503. A green painted garden table and four chairs.
 460. A cast iron stick stand, Edwardian. €100~150           €130~180
 461. A Ravel, Oil on board, post impressionist scene,        504. A volcanic ash fountain. €60~120
signed. €120~160                                              505. A volcanic ash garden light. €60~120
 462. A pine trunk, Victorian. €50~100                        506. A volcanic ash bird bath. €60~120
 463. A pair of gilt framed hunting pictures. €40~60          507. A gilt metal chandelier. €20~40
 464. A galvanized dipped garden arch. €70~100                508. A garden pump. €40~60
 465. A large gilt framed oil on canvas, Chicken In The       509. A good heavy garden seat, mid 19th century.
Yard. €350~450                                               €150~200
 466. Gilt framed painting, oil on canvas, Chickens In A      510. A garden pump. €40~60
Yard. €350~450                                                511. A butter churn. €10~20
 467. A copper bed warming pan, Victorian. €30~50             512. A good brass bound copper coal bucket. €40~60
 468. A mirror back fire guard. €20~40                        513. A good green painted three piece garden set.
 469. A pair of gilt framed hunting pictures. €40~60         €250~350

 470. A pair of trap lamps. €50~70                            513A. A chalk plaque of a bearded gentleman. €20~40
 471. A pair of cast iron garden seat ends. €50~60            514. A cast iron pig feeder and a skillet pot. €40~60
 472. A pair of trap lamps. Victorian. €50~70                 515. An exceptional pair of cast iron garden planters, mid
 473. A pair of cast iron garden seat ends. €50~70           20th century (the buyer of lot 515 will have the option of
 474. A good cast iron pot belly stove. €280~350             buying lot 516 at the same price as lot 515 was sold for).
 475. An eight day wall clock, Victorian. €150~200           €1200~1600
 476. A brass cloths brush hanger. €10~20                     516. An exceptional pair of cast iron garden planters, mid
 477. Two trap lamps, Victorian. €40~50                      20th century, matching lot 515 (the buyer of lot 515 will
 478. A cut limestone garden font. €300~400                  have the option of buying lot 516 at the same price as lot
 479. A Riley snooker score board. €50~80                    515 was sold for). €1200~1600
 480. A ceramic glazed bust. €90~120                          517. A garden bird bath. €130~180
 481. A carved wooden fire surround. €40~60                   518. A pair of cast iron seat ends. €50~60
 482. A cast iron fire place and inset, Victorian.            519. Two granite figures. €180~250
€150~300                                                      520. A good pair of cast iron garden seat ends, Victorian.
 483. A timber candle box. €10~20                            €130~160
 484. A mahogany ogee wall clock, Victorian.                  521. A good pair of cast iron table ends, Victorian. €60~90
€200~300                                                      522. A good cast iron coal scuttle, Victorian. €60~90
 485. A good brass fender, Victorian. €180~250                523. A good pair of cast iron fire andirons, Victorian.
 486. A set of three brass fire irons and dogs, Victorian.   €120~180
€60~100                                                       524. A pair of cast iron garden urns on stands. €480~550
 487. A brass ceramic handled flower basket. €20~30           525. A good pair of cast iron garden seat ends, Victorian.
 488. A cast iron fireplace. €40~80                          €140~180
 489. A snooker board. €40~60                                 526. A pair of cast iron garden seat ends. €60~80
 490. An oval mahogany wall mirror. €40~60                    527. A good pair of terracotta coloured urns on stands.
 491. A garden sundial. €150~250                             €650~750
 492. Two religions statues. €50~100                          528. A pair of cast iron seat ends. €30~40
 493. A brass and metal fender. €30~40                        529. A large pair of cast iron garden urns on stands.
 494. A weighing scales and weights. €20~40                  €680~800
 495. A pair of copper and brass ship lights, late            530. A pair of cast iron garden seat ends. €30~50
Edwardian. €350~450                                           531. A good pair of cast iron garden seat ends, Victorian.
 496. A garden table. €50~70                                 €130~170
 497. A box of old bottles. €10~20                            532. A pine high back elbow chair. €40~60
 533. A good mahogany cutlery tray filled with tools,      568. A good slate mantle clock, Victorian. €150~250
candlesticks and fire dogs, Victorian. €30~50              569. SAM MCLARNON, oil on canvas, Near Mamore,
 534. Two Dubai racing prints and a framed horse print.   Donegal. €480~600
€40~80                                                     570. Artists proof print by CHARLIE HARPER. €30~60
 535. An eight day wall clock, Victorian. €220~280         571. A pair of hand painted bird scenes on porcelain
 536. An oak cased wall clock, late Edwardian.            plaques. €200~300
€120~160                                                   572. A hand made kilm. €60~90
 537. A three rail pine wall rack, Victorian, missing      573. A good mahogany piano stool, Edwardian. €140~180
hooks. €10~20                                              574. An eight day wall clock, Edwardian. €200~300
 538. Framed watercolour. €30~50                           575. A good cast iron stick stand. €60~90
 539. A cast iron fireplace. €60~100                       576. A hand made kilm. €60~90
 540. A horse measuring stick. €140~180                    577. A copper bed warming pan, Victorian. €50~80
 541. A rush elbow chair, Edwardian. €40~60                578. A cast iron boot scraper in the form of dogs,
 542. A copper and brass towel warmer, Edwardian.         Victorian. €60~90
€90~120                                                    579. A large quantity of Arklow ware pottery. €30~60
 543. Three assorted oil lamps. €50~90                     580. 16 assorted Waterford crystal glasses. €80~120
 544. A. SAVILLE, oil on canvas, Thatched Cottage.         581. A six place setting tea set, Edwardian. €20~40
€40~60                                                     582. Two Galway Crystal vases and a Waterford crystal
 545. A double sided brass door pull. €40~60              vase. €40~80
 546. A pair of church brass candleabra, one as found.     586. A Royal Tara tea set and a part Royal Tara tea set.

€30~50                                                    €30~50
 547. A shield shaped wall plaque, Boys Industrial         587. A good inlaid mahogany display cabinet, the arched
School, Salthill, First prize 1898. €40~60                top over glazed and panel doors with inset drawers beneath,
 548. A Chappell and Company ebonised and inlaid          the entire resting on cabriole legs, Edwardian. €650~1000
upright piano. €200~300                                    588. A bamboo bookcase, Edwardian. €40~80
 549. A pair of pier caps in the form of hounds.           589. A good bamboo side/tea table, Edwardian. €130~180
€180~250                                                   590. A cased set of fruit knives and cased set of spoons,
 550. A good inlaid eight day wall clock, Victorian.      Edwardian. €50~80
€320~380                                                   591. A good handmade wool runner, Persian. €260~350
 551. A good ruby glass hanging oil lamp with cream        592. A white painted pine washstand, Victorian. €30~60
glass shade, Edwardian. €80~120                            593. An inlaid mahogany coal purdonium, as found,
 552. A good pair of black painted outside lanterns.      Edwardian. €50~100
€300~400                                                   594. A handmade Persian wool rug. €30~50
 553. COLLETTE MILLS, pastel, reclining nude.              595. An oak coffer. €40~80
€150~250                                                   596. A telescope and walking stick. €10~20
 554. A gilt framed wall mirror, 20th century. €40~60      597. A good pine travel trunk, Edwardian. €60~100
 555. A horse shoe wall barometer. €20~40                  598. A hand made Persian wool rug. €30~50
 556. Two table lamps. €30~60                              599. A walnut bedside locker, late Edwardian. €90~120
 557. Two leather covered bibles. €20~40                   600. A Persian wool rug. €30~40
 558. A good adjustable brass fender. €80~120              601. A Persian wool rug. €30~40
 559. A wood and copper pub table. €70~100                 602. An early oak side table on turned legs and joined by
 560. A wood and copper covered pub table. €70~100        stretcher, late 18th century. €220~320
 561. Seven cast iron hoppers. €80~150                     603. A box of fourteen prints. €20~40
 562. An oak cased grandmother clock. €200~300             604. A cased gramophone, The Sterno, Edwardian.
 563. A Japanese style suite of armour, 20th century.     €120~180
€380~450                                                   605. A good fruit wood tavern stool, early Victorian.
 564. A good oak mantle clock, Edwardian. €100~150        €220~300
 565. An inlaid mahogany music cabinet, Edwardian.         606. An oak monk seat with umbrella stands, early 20th
€80~150                                                   century. €140~200
 566. A good mahogany bureau with swan neck                607. A pine stick stand, Edwardian. €50~70
handles, Edwardian. €220~300                               608. A good Victorian slate fire surround, all parts there,
 567. A pair of eastern style vases. €40~80               just to be put back together again. €250~400
 609. A slate fireplace, Victorian. €150~250                 entire resting on cabriole legs joined by four inlaid
 610. R. LADGE, acrylic on canvas. €10~20                    stretchers, Edwardian. €1100~1400
 611. C. CHESTER, oil on board, landscapes, a pair,           636. Four Waterford glass drinking glasses and a
Edwardian. €30~60                                            Waterford jug. €40~60
 612. Exceptional gilt overmantle mirror, the crown           637. Four pieces of assorted Waterford crystal. €40~60
with floral sprays above a rosette border, Victorian.         638. Two pieces of Waterford crystal, a vase and jar.
€1300~1800                                                   €50~70
 613. Four assorted prints, Victorian and later. €20~40       639. Six Waterford drinking glasses. €30~50
 614. A gilt over mantle mirror, mid 20th century.            640. Four pieces of Waterford glass. €20~30
€480~550                                                      641. Six Waterford crystal glasses. €50~80
 615. F WATSON, Fishing Boat At Shore. €20~40                 642. A Waterford crystal bowl. €50~80
 616. A good original gilt overmantle mirror, Victorian,      643. A Waterford crystal jug. €30~60
minor damage to left hand corner, irrelevant.                 644. Two pieces of Belleek. €20~40
€900~1100                                                     645. A Belleek vase. €20~40
 617. A good oil, on canvas, Farmyard Scene, early            646. Two Belleek vases. €60~80
Victorian. €150~250                                           647. A Belleek vase. €40~60
 618. A gilt mirror with carved rosettes and shell motifs,    648. Two pieces of Belleek. €20~30
in need of restoration, Victorian and later. €80~120          649. A Waterford crystal desk set. €50~70
 619. A gilt mirror of large proportions, 20th century.       650. Two pieces of Belleek. €40~60
€250~350                                                      651. A good coloured print of the racehorse Carbine,

 620. A wall mirror in the Venetian style, 20th century.     Edwardian. €100~200
€100~200                                                      652. JENNIFER HORNSBY, acrylic on canvas, Spanish
 621. JOSEPH MCSHANE, Red Sea Twilight.                      Point. €100~200
€120~200                                                      653. A good stone and copper garden sundial, Victorian
 622. An eight day wall clock, Victorian. €220~300           and later. €650~800
 623. AMY DOOLAN, acrylic, American Clown.                    654. A collapsible music stand, Edwardian . €50~70
€100~150                                                      655. A good inlaid mahogany side table with inset drawer
 624. A nest of three inlaid tables, mid 20th century.       over shaped cross stretcher, Edwardian. €380~420
€120~200                                                      656. A good inlaid mahogany bedroom chair with tapestry
 625. A good mahogany bobbin turned towel rail,              seat, Edwardian. €50~80
Victorian. €140~180                                           657. An exceptional quality mahogany three door
 626. A good oval triple sconce gilt wall mirror,            bookcase, the glazed upper section beneath a fluted and
Victorian. €420~550                                          dental cornice resting on a three door cupboard base and
 627. D.ALLEN, watercolour. €100~200                         supported by ogee bracket feet, this bookcase is in
 628. JENNIFER HORNSBY, acrylic on paper.                    exceptional condition for its age which is Victorian.
€100~200                                                     €3600~4200
 629. An oak table gong with Corinthian columns,              658. Three shelves of assorted books. €10~20
Victorian. €50~70                                             659. A good handmade Persian wool rug. €280~350
 630. Exceptional oak writing table in the aesthetic          660. A good inlaid mahogany bedroom chair with tapestry
movement style with inset leathered top supported by         seat, Edwardian. €50~70
four turned columns resting on a stretcher base,              661. A good rosewood banjo barometer, Victorian.
Victorian. €650~800                                          €350~450
 631. MARJORIE WILSON, oil on board, Walking The              662. A composition stone mare and foal resting on a stone
Dog. €180~250                                                base, early 20th century. €1100~1500
 632. A good Chinese stick stand and bobbin turned            663. A good cast iron foot scraper inset into a sandstone
walking stick. €130~200                                      block. €130~170
 633. RICHARD WARD, oil on canvas, Masi Woman.                664. A good carved oak stick stand, late Victorian.
€450~650                                                     €120~180
 634. J DORAN, oil on canvas, Galway Hurler.                  665. FRANK J CUDEY, oil on canvas, Hunt Scene.
€220~400                                                     €160~220
 635. Exceptional quality inlaid mahogany display             666. A gilt overmantle mirror, 20th century. €200~300
cabinet, the bowed doors flanked by glazed panels, the
 667. A hand painted and gilt religious panel of Jesus      690. MARIE CARROLL, oil on board, West Of Ireland
and the Virgin Mary, the arched decorated upper            Scene, signed lower left. €300~400
section supported by barley twists support, Victorian.      690A. An excellent pair of inlaid mahogany 3ft6 bed ends
€200~300                                                   (with side irons), Edwardian. €850~1100
 668. A gilt religious tabernacle with inset coloured       691. Framed interior cottage print. €10~20
print and fretted doors, Edwardian . €80~120                692. A large gilt framed mirror, 20th century. €80~120
 669. An exceptional quality inlaid rosewood corner         693. NEAL WALKER, pastel, inscribed verso. €200~300
cabinet, the central glazed door beneath an inlaid swan     694. Oil on canvas, interior cottage scene, Edwardian.
neck pediment resting above marquetry panel doors, the     €400~600
entire supported by turned tapering legs, Victorian.        695. L PATERSON, 1906, oil on canvas, still life. €40~60
€1800~2200                                                  696. A good inlaid mahogany 3ft 6 bed and matching
 670. A good silver plated kettle on stand, late           locker with inset marble top, Edwardian. €350~450
Victorian. €140~180                                         697. Three assorted machine made rugs. €10~20
 671. A good pair of brass hall lanterns, 20th century.     698. A life size statue of The Virgin Mary. €100~200
€650~750                                                    699. A garden seat, lacking timbers, Edwardian. €160~200
 672. An exceptional pair of cast iron door stops in the    700. A limestone trough, as found. €120~180
form of horses, Victorian. €160~200                         701. An unusual kitchen table early 20th century. €30~60
 673. Oil on canvas, interior cottage scene, late           702. Two elm stools and an inlaid mahogany chair,
Victorian. €100~200                                        Victorian and later. €20~40
 674. A framed watercolour, Continental Church.             703. A good oak dining table with barley twist legs, early

€20~40                                                     20th century. €100~200
 675. A TEEFELL, West Of Ireland Landscape, in the          704. A large limestone trough. €400~600
style of Paul Henry. €40~80                                 705. A garden strimmer. €40~60
 676. A good pair of upholstered side chairs, early         706. A seed or fertiliser spreader. €20~30
Victorian. €130~180                                         707. A metal book press, Victorian. €20~40
 677. A three fold dressing screen with upholstered         708. A brass and metal book press, Victorian. €30~40
central panels, late Victorian. €80~150                     709. A Murray garden tiller. €100~200
 678. A good inlaid mahogany occasional table with          710. Four metal garden chairs. €50~70
centre marquetry panel, Edwardian. €160~220                 711. A glass top garden table and four chairs. €120~200
 679. A two fold carved soft wood Chinese dressing          712. A brass coal bucket and shovel and another. €60~90
screen with craved pirched birds, late Edwardian.           713. A modern garden table. €20~40
€60~100                                                     714. Three assorted gilt picture frames, Victorian and later.
 680. A good pair of inlaid bedroom chairs with            €10~20
upholstered seats, Edwardian. €80~120                       715. A modern three fold Chinese screen. €20~30
 681. A good pair of carved walnut bedroom chairs,          716. A large gilt overmantle mirror as found. €100~200
Edwardian. €80~120                                          717. Five assorted garden deck chairs and two stools and a
 682. COLIN RICHARDSON, oil on board. €100~200             small table. €60~100
 683. ARTHUR H. TWELLS, oil on board, Birds In              718. Electric lawn mover. €10~20
Flight. €50~100                                             719. A large stone trough. €280~400
 684. Three Chinese silk panels, mid 20th century.          720. A single door wardrobe, Edwardian. €40~60
€40~80                                                      721. Three assorted machine made rugs. €20~40
 685. A mahogany windout D-ended dining table on            722. FRANK MURRAY, oil on canvas, Turf Stacks,
cabriole legs, late Edwardian, as found. €250~400          Connemara. €100~150
 686. Seven assorted dining room chairs, six and one        723. FRANK MURPHY, oil on canvas,Turf Stacks Achill
carver inlaid, late Victorian. €350~450                    Island, signed and inscribed verso. €100~150
 687. COLIN RICHARDSON, Boats Returning To                  724. AMY DOOLAN, acrylic on board, Cottages.
Harbour, oil on board. €100~200                            €120~150
 688. COLIN RICHARDSON, oil on board, Village               725. PAT WALSH, oil on canvas, still life. €80~120
Harbour Scene. €200~350                                     726. DECLAN MARRY, oil on board, The Yacht Race.
 689. A gilt overmantle mirror, late Victorian.            €220~260
 727. MICHEAL ANTHONY LITTLE, a large oil on                751. A good pair of mahogany pedestals, Victorian.
canvas, unknown painter and sitter, Dawson Gallery         €480~580
label verso. €100~200                                       752. J COCHRANE, watercolour, Men Fishing At A Mill.
 728. LORNA MILLAR, oil on board, On The Pier.             €40~80
€1000~1400                                                  753. A framed tapestry, Edwardian. €30~60
 729. EOIN HAYES, oil on board, The Piper.                  754. FRAMKBORG, a large pair of oval gilt framed still
€850~1000                                                  lives, oil on canvas, mid to later 20th century. €600~900
 730. Excellent quality rosewood inlaid writing table       755. A gilt framed portrait, pastel on board, Edwardian.
with inset leather tooled top, the drawers with trailing   €150~300
tulip bells, the entire over inlaid tapering legs,          756. A Vanity Fair print. €20~40
Victorian. €850~1100                                        757. COLIN RICHARDSON, oil on canvas, Victorian
 731. Four pieces of Italian pottery, one broken. €40~70   Street Scene. €30~60
 732. Excellent quality mahogany two door bookcase,         758. AIDAN BRADLEY, oil on board, The Corner Shop.
the arched glazed doors flanked by carved panels,          €2200~2600
Victorian. €1350~1700                                       759. MARY FEDDEN, watercolour, still life. €3800~4200
 733. Four shelves of law related books. €60~120            760. A good pair of gilt console tables with white marble
 734. CAROL ANN WALDRON, oil on board,                     serpentine tops decorated with a large shell motif, the entire
Manhattan Skyline. €1250~1500                              resting on cabriole legs, mid 20th century. €1600~2000
 735. Two blue and white draining plates, Victorian.        761. A good mahogany revolving bookcase, Edwardian.
€40~80                                                     €550~750

 736. OIl on canvas, semi nude beach scene, unsigned.       762. A Waterford crystal bowl and a Waterford salt and
€260~350                                                   pepper. €40~70
 737. MARKIE ROBINSON, Celtic Homes, gouache,               763. A pair of cast metal hunting groups, dogs setting a
Orial Gallery label verso. €8500~10500                     grouse, early 20th century. €500~750
 738. A good inlaid rosewood pier cabinet, Victorian.       764. A hand made Persian wool rug. €280~380
€500~700                                                    765. A good mahogany revolving bookcase resting on a
 739. Three seashells. €10~20                              carved stem with three outswept legs, Victorian. €480~600
 740. A Paragon tea service with gilded decoration.         766. A handmade Persian wool rug. €280~380
€40~80                                                      767. A handmade Persian wool rug. €280~380
 741. Eight assorted crystal dessert bowls, one             768. Excellent quality inlaid rosewood Davenport with
Waterford. €10~20                                          inset tooled leather top, late Victorian. €950~1250
 742. A good carved walnut two door bookcase, the           769. Excellent quality rosewood tea table, the carved frieze
dental moulded cornice over two glazed doors resting       over a turned baluster resting on four outswept well carved
on a carved covered base with brass handles,               legs, Victorian. €1200~1500
terminating on bracket feet, late Victorian .               770. A good inlaid mahogany collapsible games table,
€1450~1800                                                 manufactured by W Thronhill & Company, New Bond
 743. Four shelves of assorted leather bound law books,    Street, London, Victorian. €380~550
approx 102 books. €100~200                                  771. A brass stick stand in the form of a stork and three
 744. BRAQUA, oil on canvas, butterflies. €180~250         walking sticks. €100~150
 745. A good still life oil on canvas in gilt frame,        772. A two tier ebonised Sutherland table, late Victorian.
unsigned, late Victorian , obviously accomplished          €40~80
artist. €650~850                                            773. A pair of modern milk jugs. €10~20
 746. IVAN SUTTON, oil on board, The Boat Yard.             774. Five assorted hay stack measures, Victorian and later.
€2000~2500                                                 €100~250
 747. C. ANDERSON, oil on canvas, Interior cottage          775. A good bow fronted mahogany display cabinet,
scene, signed lower left and dated 1942. €180~250          resting on ball and claw feet, late Edwardian. €80~150
 748. Oil on canvas, thought to be Robert Emmett,           776. A part dinner and tea set, six drinking glasses and
Victorian. €200~400                                        eight assorted perfume bottles. €30~60
 749. AS REED, 1923, a pair of watercolours,                777. Five Limoges plates. €20~30
landscapes. €40~80                                          778. A Royal Doulton part tea service, 38 pieces. €40~80
 750. LORNA MILLAR, oil on board, Ballerina At              779. Four Galway Crystal glasses, A Waterford crystal
Piano. €1100~1500                                          clock and two crystal bowls. €40~60
 780. An oak mirror back hall stand, early 20th century.    808. A pair of mahogany bedroom chairs, with upholstered
€160~220                                                   seats. €80~120
 781. A good inlaid walnut Davenport, late Victorian.       809. An early ladder back rush seat elm country chair,
€650~850                                                   Victorian. €60~100
 782. A pair of hand painted candlesticks, Edwardian.       810. A spindled turned back rush seat elm country chair,
€20~30                                                     early Victorian . €60~100
 783. A boxed gramophone, Sackville. €90~120                811. A set of four mahogany dining chairs, Victorian, one
 784. Mahogany hall table, late Victorian. €220~320        with damaged back. €50~100
 785. A brass door knocker in the form a horses head        812. A mahogany dining chair, 20th century. €20~40
and horseshoe, Edwardian. €20~30                            813. A pair of yellow upholstered dining chairs, late
 786. A black mantle clock, Edwardian. €130~170            Edwardian. €60~100
 787. A box of fourteen brass and ebony door handles.       814. A pair of inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs with red
€100~200                                                   upholstered seats, Edwardian . €60~100
 788. An unusual oak and brass bound coal scuttle,          815. An inlaid mahogany bedroom chair, Edwardian.
Edwardian. €60~90                                          €30~40
 789. A good mahogany commode chest, interior lined,        816. A good pair of inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs, late
late Victorian. €220~320                                   Victorian. €150~220
 790. A good inlaid mahogany Sutherland table with          817. A pair of carved walnut salon chairs, late Victorian.
cross banded satinwood top, the entire resting on inlaid   €80~120
legs, Victorian. €420~550                                   818. A metal and brass nursery guard, Victorian.

 791. A pair of Lladro table lamps (with shades            €130~200
underneath lot 790). €40~80                                 819. A good inlaid mahogany coal purdonium, Edwardian.
 792. A pair of mahogany occasional chairs, Victorian.     €220~280
€40~60                                                      820. An inlaid mahogany dining room table on square
 793. A mahogany butlers tray and stand, Edwardian.        tapering legs and spayed feet, early 20th Century.
€50~100                                                    €250~350
 794. A mahogany gout stool, Edwardian. €60~100             821. Four ceramic finger plates, Edwardian. €10~20
 795. A good inlaid and gilt embellished games table        822. A Victorian bible. €20~40
with inset chess top, 20th century. €280~380                823. Five pieces of assorted copperware, three kettles, a
 796. A box of assorted garden books. €10~20               bed warmer and a bowl, Edwardian and later. €30~50
 797. A copper and iron weighing scales, Victorian.         824. A good mahogany gentlemans travelling writing box,
€30~60                                                     Victorian. €80~120
 798. A small pair of oak bedside lockers. €40~60           825. A copper samovar with milk glass handles, Victorian.
 799. A good set of five ladder back sugan chairs with     €80~120
well roped seats, Edwardian. €100~200                       826. A box of decanter stoppers. €10~20
 800. A good pair of leathered ladies and gents oak         827. Three copper and metal handled saucepans. €10~20
chairs, late Victorian. €550~700                            828. A good set of carved oak bergere dining chairs, six
 801. A pair of upholstered elbow chairs, Edwardian.       chairs two carvers, (woodworm), late Victorian. €500~700
€170~250                                                    829. Exceptional quality inlaid mahogany two seater
 802. A good pair of inlaid bedroom chairs, Edwardian.     couch, the back with satinwood sunbursts and trailing tulip
€80~120                                                    bells above outswept arms resting on turned feet, late
 803. A good bergere bentwood rocking chair, late          Victorian. €650~900
Edwardian. €200~250                                         830. Three boxes of assorted novels etc. €10~20
 804. A green upholstered wingback armchair on              831. Box of assorted prints etc. €10~20
cabriole legs, mid 20th century. €100~200                   832. Boxed lot of bric-a-brac etc. €20~30
 805. A celebrity cased gramophone, as found,               833. An unusual oak cased washstand with lift up lid and
Edwardian. €130~180                                        fitted washbowl, late Victorian. €180~250
 806. A good pair of inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs         834. An oak bedside locker, Edwardian. €60~80
with upholstered seats, Edwardian. €80~120                  835. A brass bath mixing tap. €40~70
 807. A good mahogany desk chair, late Victorian.           836. A Staffordshire clock tower, Victorian, as found.
€160~220                                                   €20~40
                                                            837. An oak bookshelves, late Edwardian. €80~120
 838. A brass door knocker and a brass key. €20~40            864. A ceramic jug and bowl, tooth brush holder and soap
 839. Five assorted books, Butlers Life Of Christ, good      holder, Edwardian. €80~100
leather and gilt binding. €10~20                              864A. A mottled glass ceiling light. €30~50
 840. A Salter weighing scales, Edwardian. €20~30             865. Ten brass stair rods, Victorian. €40~60
 841. A mahogany coal purdonium, Edwardian.                   866. A brass and mahogany beer pump, Victorian. €30~60
€100~150                                                      867. A blue and white jug and bowl, Edwardian. €50~70
 842. A pair of upholstered salon chairs, Edwardian.          868. A part Chinese tea set retailed by top maker Mappin
€60~90                                                       & Webb. €50~70
 843. A good pair of mahogany ladies and gents chairs,        869. A pink ground tea set, April Beauty. €30~50
the carved backs above outswept arms resting on               870. An arched dial mantle clock, Edwardian. €60~80
cabriole legs, late Victorian. €480~550                       871. Two boxes of encyclopoedias and diaries of Samuel
 844. Excellent pair of inlaid rosewood ladies and gents     Pepys, three boxes. €10~20
armchairs, late Victorian. €450~650                           872. Box of assorted bric-a-brac. €10~20
 845. An exceptional quality mahogany chaise longue           873. Box of assorted bric-a-brac. €10~20
covered in a buttoned red draylon, the shaped back over       874. A good boxed lot of assorted silverplate etc. €30~50
a well padded feet, the entire resting on well turned legs    875. A boxed lot of bric-a-brac etc. €10~20
with quality brass castors, Victorian. €850~1200              876. A box of assorted books. €10~20
 846. An oversized wingback armchair on scrolled feet,        877. A boxed lot. €10~20
late Edwardian. €650~750                                      878. A boxed lot of assorted novels and 78 records.
 847. A carved wooden rocking chair, 20th century.           €10~20

€120~180                                                      879. A good mahogany yacht table, the pull up leaves
 848. A good upholstered wingback chair, Edwardian.          supported by turned legs with brass castors, Victorian.
€500~600                                                     €400~500
 849. A good pair of carved walnut ladies and gents           880. A boxed lot of silver plated cutlery etc. €10~20
chairs, the carved back over outswept arms, the entire        881. A good inlaid mahogany side table with marble top,
resting on cabriole legs, mid Victorian. €850~1100           the central door flanked by magazine rack holders,
 850. A leathered wingback armchair, mid 20th century.       Edwardian. €280~380
€40~70                                                        882. A pair of carved walnut salon chairs, late Victorian.
 851. A silvered metal ceiling light, Edwardian.             €90~120
€80~120                                                       883. A three legged brass table, Edwardian. €40~80
 852. An oak blanket box, late Edwardian. €80~120             884. A good carved walnut piano stool, late Victorian.
 853. A large mahogany boardroom or dining room              €80~120
table, the roped edge over carved knees resting on            885. A collapsible rocking chair, Edwardian. €60~90
cabriole ball and claw legs, early 20th century.              886. A good pair of mahogany side chairs, Edwardian.
€450~600                                                     €100~140
 854. A hand made Persian salt bag. €10~20                    887. A good pair of ebonised and mother of pearl bedroom
 855. A brass postal scales and weights, Edwardian.          chairs, Victorian. €120~160
€50~80                                                        888. A good pair of inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs,
 856. A good glass ceiling shade. €30~50                     Edwardian. €100~140
 857. A mahogany writing box, early Victorian.                889. A pipe smokers cabinet and a model boat converted to
€80~150                                                      lamp, Edwardian. €60~80
 858. A green glass bowl oil lamp and shade,                  890. A good pair of inlaid mahogany lounge chairs,
Edwardian. €60~80                                            Edwardian. €280~380
 859. A good pair of silver plated candlesticks. €60~90       891. A good pair of mahogany salon chairs, Edwardian.
 860. A brass oil lamp with milk glass shade,                €450~600
Edwardian. €100~200                                           892. A pair of mahogany dining chairs, the pierced backs
 861. A pair of brass door pulls, Edwardian. €70~90          over serpentine seats, mid 20th century. €40~60
 862. Three assorted silver plated entree dishes,             893. A mahogany tea table in the Georgian manner,
Victorian and later. €80~120                                 Victorian. €100~200
 863. Four assorted bed warmers, Edwardian and later.         894. A good mahogany breakfast table on turned stem with
€10~20                                                       three outswept well carved feet, Victorian. €650~850
 895. An exceptional mahogany drop leaf dining room          920. An exceptional quality Killarney wood Davenport,
table, the rope edge above pull out legs supports resting   the turned gallery rail above a lift up lid with inset
on carved lion paw feet, late Victorian. €650~950           leathered top and fitted interior. The base with inlaid and
 896. A mahogany envelope card table, Edwardian.            arched panels all around, fronted by two inlaid hexagonal
€200~300                                                    pillars, pull out writing slides and pencil box, locked by the
 897. A brass and bound leathered club fender of large      handle on the bottom left internal drawer, Victorian.
proportions, early 20th century. €750~900                   Condition excellent. €6500~8000
 898. An exceptional quality pierced brass fender with       921. A set of six excellent rosewood dining chairs, the
fire dogs and fire irons, early 20th century. €500~700      carved and shaped backs over an outswept seat resting on
 899. A good pair of brass and iron fire dogs, Victorian.   tulip legs, stamped S.Gates, Victorian. €950~1250
€90~150                                                      922. A good handmade Persian rug of tribal design.
 900. A good pair of brass and iron fire dogs, Victorian.   €160~250
€90~150                                                      923. A good Killarney wood sewing table, the shaped top
 901. A good copper coal helmet, Victorian. €100~180        banded by inlaid shamrocks above a spiral twist support,
 902. A copper and brass flower basket. €40~60              the inlaid base supported by four well carved feet,.
 903. A good x framed piano stool with tapestry cover,      Victorian. €4200~5000
20th century. €80~100                                        924. A coloured print, Catholic Church, Clifden, Co
 904. A good mahogany dining table, mid Victorian.          Galway. €10~20
€550~700                                                     925. A good mahogany Pembroke table the top
 905. A part country rose tea set. €40~60                   crossbanded in rosewood, the entire resting on inlaid

 906. A fiddle and bow, a Gobetti copy, bears date          tapering legs, Victorian. €650~750
1902. €150~250                                               926. St John, print on glass, Edwardian. €40~60
 907. A leather travelling case, part fitted with silver     927. A good handmade Persian wool runner. €280~350
topped cosmetic bottles, Edwardian. €100~160                 928. An exceptional mahogany gainsborough style
 908. A good pair of inlaid mahogany commodes with          armchair, the carved arms with trailing bells above a well
gilt metal mounts and mottled cream marbled tops, 20th      carved frieze with carved shell motif on cabriole pad feet,
century. €750~950                                           the entire covered with a beige pattern upholstery, late
 909. A good mahogany breakfast or loo table resting        Victorian. €750~950
on five turned supports above four well carved legs,         929. A good brass fire guard, Edwardian. €80~120
Victorian. €300~400                                          930. A set of eight Coalport plates. €40~80
 910. Inlaid mahogany and kingwood occasional table          931. A framed oil on canvas, Coastal Scene. €60~120
with gilt metal mounts, mid 20th century. €250~350           932. Impressionist Coastal Scene, oil on board, signed
 911. Eight assorted plates, willow pattern, onion          lower left. €50~100
pattern and clipper pattern etc. €30~60                      933. A good bronzed table stand, inner plaque with female
 912. A mahogany on metal adjustable music stand, late      dancer and cherubs, early 20th century. €150~200
Victorian. €100~200                                          934. A brass and copper samovar, Victorian. €70~120
 913. A good oak dinner gong and striker, late               935. A framed set of four hand coloured engravings
Victorian. €250~350                                         AFTER H ALKEN, Fores's Sporting Scraps. €60~80
 914. A large tapestry 20th century with certificate.        936. A Wedgwood biscuit barrel, Edwardian. €80~120
€150~250                                                     937. Two hunting prints, 20th century. €40~80
 915. A pair of oil on canvas landscapes, signed GV,         938. R. GULLONS, oil on board, Beach Scene. €480~550
Edwardian. €280~400                                          939. Ceramic wall plaque, Mr Weller, Edwardian. €20~40
 916. A good mahogany fire screen, Edwardian.                940. A framed portrait print, Victorian. €20~40
€100~150                                                     941. ASHLEY, a watercolour. €40~60
 917. A good mahogany occasional table on shaped             942. A pair of hand coloured portrait engravings,
baluster with three outswept legs, Edwardian.               Victorian. €100~200
€120~160                                                     943. A pair of prints, The Angels, Edwardian. €20~40
 918. A pair of Staffordshire figures as found. €40~80       944. A good mahogany occasional table, the shaped
 919. A good inlaid bow fronted mahogany sideboard          inverted top over carved knees on cabriole legs with birds
with gilt brass handles over cupboard bases, the entire     eye feet, Edwardian. €160~220
resting on lion paw feet, Victorian. €500~750                945. ALICE JOHNSON, oil on board, My House Is A Tall
                                                            Ship. €50~100
 946. A glass and mirrored back fire screen, Edwardian.    The bowed cabinet on carved and turned legs, Edwardian.
€30~50                                                     €550~700
 947. A good hand coloured print, Car Travelling in The     973. TOM CLIMENT, mixed media on board, abstract.
South Of Ireland in the year 1856, Edwardian.              €450~650
€120~180                                                    974. A good mahogany cheval mirror resting on four
 948. A good pair of alabaster table decorations,          outswept legs beneath a fretted panel, late Edwardian.
Victorian. €280~350                                        €550~700
 949. A good silver three branch table candelabra,          975. SEECK, watercolour, In The Field With Horses.
London 1905. €450~600                                      €80~120
 950. A good mahogany breakfront serving table, the         976. MARIE CARROLL, oil on card. Halfpenny bridge.
frieze with hand carved rosettes above square tapering     €220~300
legs, early 20th century. €1100~1500                        977. A good mahogany silvered dial grandfather clock,
 951. A pair of hand coloured prints in ornate oval gilt   FRA HENDERSON MUFSELBURGH, the swan neck
frames, Edwardian. €300~450                                pediment with gilt rosettes above an arch door flanked by
 952. A coloured print, Claddagh Castle, Co Galway.        rope twist columns and gilt Corinthian column tops, the
€20~40                                                     trunk with canted corners, spiral reeded sides, the entire
 953. A good soapstone vase with elephant head             resting on small bracket feet, early Victorian. €1200~1800
handles, early 20th century. €60~100                        978. A good rosewood library table, the inset drawers
 954. A framed coloured print, The Arrival At              above carved end supports joined by a turned stretcher, the
Waterford, Commins Hotel restrike. €20~30                  entire resting on a outsplayed base, early Victorian.

 955. A framed needle work tapestry, Lydia Mansley         €1700~2200
Work 1854. €220~800                                         979. A pair of metal and glass ewers, Edwardian. €30~60
 956. A caricature print, Edwardian. €20~40                 980. A good mahogany bookcase on stand in the
 957. Oil on canvas, Man Crossing A Bridge, Victorian.     Chippendale manner, the glazed doors over a serpentine
€30~60                                                     base with inset drawer. The entire resting on square
 958. A set of bone handled fruit knives and two silver    tapering reeded legs, early 20th century . €750~1000
plated jockey caps. €40~70                                  981. Three shelves of law related books and a further box
 959. A coloured print, children playing on a gate,        of law related books. €60~100
Edwardian. €30~50                                           982. A good oak upholstered stool resting on cabriole legs
 960. A good gilt frame, Victorian. €80~120                with ball and claw feet, Edwardian. €40~60
 961. A Royal Doulton toby jug, Monty. €80~120              983. LK DILLON, oil on canvas, still life. €160~220
 962. A Royal Doulton toby jug, The Poacher. €80~120        984. JP ROONEY, gouache, The Blue Boats In. €380~450
 963. The electric machine for nervous diseases,            985. MARJORIE WILSON, oil on board, Little Busker.
Victorian. €10~20                                          €180~250
 964. ALIPAAUH, nude study. €280~400                        986. L.K. DILLON, Oil on canvas. €160~220
 965. A gout stool, Edwardian. €70~100                      987. JP ROONEY, gouache, Three Stooges. €620~750
 966. A good mahogany Prie Dieu chair, Victorian.           988. TC MURPHY, watercolour, Newbridge. €220~320
€100~200                                                    989. MARJORIE WILSON, oil on board, Duet. €200~280
 967. A good handmade Persian wool rug. €300~380            990. A brass standard lamp with red glass bowl and milk
 968. A good mahogany and rosewood tea table, the          glass shade, Edwardian. €80~120
crossbanded top over a beehive turned stem resting on       991. A good inlaid mahogany bow fronted bedside locker,
four outswept legs with acanthus leave carving,            Edwardian. €220~280
terminating in brass caped toes, early Victorian.           992. A good inlaid mahogany corner cabinet, the glazed
€650~750                                                   door above a covered base with inset oval panel, the entire
 969. EOIN HAYES, oil on board, Sweet Fiddle Music.        resting on bracket feet, Edwardian. €550~700
€850~1000                                                   993. A Capo-Di-Monte Figure figure of an old man on
 970. MARJORIE WILSON, oil on board, Filling The           bench. €50~70
Blue Bucket. €180~250                                       994. Thirty nine assorted drinking glasses etc, plain glass
 971. MARJORIE WILSON, oil on board, Piano.                and crystal glasses. €20~40
€180~250                                                    995. An old map of County Galway. €40~60
 972. A good mahogany cutlery stand with near               996. An old map of Co Clare. €40~60
complete silver plated and bone handled cutlery service.    997. An old map of Co Limerick. €40~60
 998. An inlaid mahogany jardiniere stand, Edwardian.       1024. A box of 11 assorted prints and engravings. €40~80
€80~120                                                     1025. A Chinese bamboo and lacquered music cabinet, late
 999. A brass cannon. €40~60                                Victorian, as found. €140~220
1000. A brass and metal trivet, Victorian. €80~100          1026. A good mahogany side table with inset drawers on
1001. A shop scales and weight and a brass jardiniere.      turned legs, Victorian. €180~250
€20~40                                                      1027. A brass and copper samovar, Victorian. €120~220
1002. A good mahogany duchess chest, the oval mirror        1028. An inlaid mahogany occasional table with cross
flanked by carved supports over inset drawers, the          banded rosewood top on tapering legs joined by a stretcher,
entire supported by carved and reeded legs, Victorian.      needs a polish but a decent table. €120~180
€280~380                                                    1029. Three assorted alabaster table lamps and shades.
1003. Four alabaster lamps and shades. €40~60               €20~40
1004. A good brass fender, late Victorian. €220~280         1030. Box of assorted brass and silver plated fittings.
1005. A good mahogany bow fronted chest of two short        €10~20
over three long drawers with turned mahogany handles,       1031. An inlaid mahogany dressing table base, Edwardian.
the entire resting on outsplayed feet, Victorian.           €100~150
€500~600                                                    1032. A fiddle and bow. €60~100
1006. A part dinner service, Edwardian. €100~200            1033. A collection of Victorian diner plates. €10~20
1007. A good mahogany side or tea table, the opening        1034. A box of assorted novels etc. €10~20
flaps supported by pull out slips and inset drawer, the     1035. Boxed lot of assorted China, magazines etc. €10~20
shaped frieze with beaded decoration, late Edwardian.       1036. A rosewood tea table, Victorian, distressed.

€200~300                                                    €160~220
1008. An unusual mahogany dressing stand with lift up       1037. An oak table cabinet, Edwardian. €20~30
supporting shelves, Edwardian. €80~120                      1038. Three brass candlesticks, late Victorian. €10~20
1009. A pair of silver plated candleabra. €20~40            1039. A good mahogany rectangular blanket chest, reduced
1010. A good mahogany serpentine fronted side               in depth, the fielded panel and doors decorated with
cabinet, the doors with flamed mahogany panels above        roundels, the entire resting on carved winged griffin and
a carved and decorated frieze, the entire resting on        paw feet, Victorian. €300~500
cabriole legs with well carved hairy paw feet,              1040. Two pink glass oil lamps, Victorian. €50~90
Edwardian. (Lot 1011 is inside lot 1010). €220~320          1041. A walnut collectors chest, lacking front doors,
1011. Part Arklow tea set, shaving mug etc. €10~20          Victorian. €50~80
1012. A box of assorted books. €5~10                        1042. A walnut mantle clock, Victorian. €90~120
1013. A pair of glass vases, Duiske jug, Royal Tara         1043. A box of Motor Sport magazines. €5~10
cake plate and a pottery soap dish. €30~60                  1044. A handmade Persian wool runner. €380~550
1014. A good mahogany cocktail cabinet in the antique       1045. Box of assorted novels. €10~20
style, mid 20th century. €80~150                            1046. A good mahogany tea table resting on turned
1015. An inlaid mahogany bedside table, Edwardian.          supports, Victorian. €220~320
€30~60                                                      1047. Two boxes of assorted knives and forks. €10~20
1016. A box of assorted glassware and silver plate.         1048. An inlaid mahogany mantle clock, Edwardian and
€10~20                                                      later. €80~120
1016A. Four framed oil on canvas, landscape scenes,         1049. A mahogany dressing table with oval mirror, late
Edwardian. €100~200                                         Edwardian. €100~200
1017. A pair of lustre jugs. €30~40                         1050. A ceramic jug and bowl, Edwardian. €40~60
1018. Two copper lidded jugs, a copper burner and           1051. A mahogany dressing table, Edwardian. €100~200
brass trivet, Edwardian and later. €40~60                   1052. A good pair of inlaid mahogany bedside lockers with
1019. A silver plated entree dish, Victorian. €30~40        inset marble tops, Edwardian. €550~650
1020. An inlaid mahogany dressing table, Edwardian.         1053. AMY DOOLAN, acrylic, Happy And Sad. €120~160
€80~120                                                     1054. A coloured print, La Comparaison, Edwardian.
1021. A good four piece toilet set, Victorian. €80~120      €100~150
1022. Two boxes of assorted books. €10~20                   1055. An unusual walnut curio cabinet with glazed
1023. A good rosewood marquetry side table with inset       superstructure, the entire resting on cabriole legs with
floral panel over a shaped frieze on cabriole legs, early   carved knees, terminating in slender birds eye feet,
20th century. €320~400                                      Edwardian. €500~650
1056. Two shelves of assorted shaving mugs etc.            1084. Oil on panel, small portrait picture, reputed to be that
€30~60                                                     of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. €60~100
1057. A table lamp with jockey up. €120~150                1085. A good mahogany chest of neat proportions, two
1058. A gilt mantle clock with brass movement, 20th        over three drawers resting on splayed feet, Victorian.
century. €20~40                                            €350~450
1059. A good ebonised and inlaid centre table with gilt    1086. A good inlaid mahogany bureau bookcase, the glazed
brass mounts, Victorian (distressed). €250~400             upper section above a drop front fitted interior above four
1060. A mahogany bookcase, the upper section now           graduating drawers resting on bracket feet, Edwardian.
married to the base, Edwardian and later. €200~400         €480~600
1061. Four shelves of leather bound law books, approx      1087. Four shelves of assorted law books. €50~70
82. €100~200                                               1088. A good brass nursery fender, Victorian. €380~450
1062. A good mahogany scotch chest, the inset drawers      1089. A large mahogany pedestal partners desk with inset
flanked by barley twist supports, Victorian. €180~280      leathered top, the drawers with brass swan neck handles,
1063. A pair of metal Marley horses, Edwardian (with       the entire resting on short Queen Ann legs, mid 20th
damage). €40~80                                            century. €400~600
1064. A pair of Chinese panels. €20~40                     1090. A good inlaid mahogany elbow chair with central
1065. A ceramic figure of a North Pole explorer,           shell motif, Edwardian. €130~160
(restored), Edwardian. €30~50                              1091. Excellent quality carved walnut double ended and
1066. A walnut Vienna regulator as found. €160~220         serpentine fronted settee resting on cabriole legs, mid
1067. A good mahogany sideboard in the Chippendale         Victorian. €1100~1400

style(needing restoration), Edwardian. €200~400            1092. An ebonised jardiniere stand with inset marble top,
1068. A pair of Belleek tree trunk vases. €40~60           as found. €40~60
1069. Six assorted oil lamp chimneys. €10~20               1093. A good inlaid mahogany coal scuttle, Edwardian.
1070. A silver plated tea and coffee pot on tray. €20~40   €100~140
1071. A silver plated tea and coffee set, four pieces,     1094. A part canteen of silver plated cutlery, mid 20th
milk jug with handle separate. €30~60                      century. €50~90
1072. Twenty pieces of assorted hotel ware, salt and       1095. A good mahogany swing mirror of elaborate
pepper and mustard pots. €20~40                            proportions and design, Victorian. €380~450
1073. Seven assorted silver plated hotel ware, tea and     1096. A good rosewood and mother of pearl writing box
coffee pots. €30~50                                        and a mahogany writing box with fitted interior, both
1074. Seven assorted silver plated hotel ware, tea and     Victorian. €220~300
coffee pots. €30~50                                        1097. Three boxes of assorted books. €10~20
1075. Seven assorted silver plated hotel ware, tea and     1098. One volume, The Fair Hills Of Ireland by Stephen
coffee pots. €30~50                                        Gwynn. €20~40
1076. A box containing old auction catalogues and          1099. Zoonomia, one volume, printed Dublin 1800. €20~40
collectors magazines. €10~20                               1100. Two photographic albums, one Galway and
1077. A good pierced brass fender, Victorian. €60~120      Connemara (Welch's Irish Views and Antiquities near
1078. Eleven trays of silver plated hotel ware cutlery.    Galway). €30~60
€100~200                                                   1102. Old Galway, The History Of A Norman Colony In
1079. A gilt metal ceiling light with inset oval panels    Ireland, signed, 1942 edition. €100~200
decorated with female musicians, Edwardian.                1103. Hardimans, History Of Galway, 1926 edition.
€200~350                                                   €100~200
1080. A pair of alabaster table lamps and shades.          1104. An inlaid mahogany music cabinet, Edwardian.
€20~40                                                     €270~350
1081. Three assorted table clocks and a cast hand bell,    1105. A nest of three inlaid mahogany tables on slender
one by E dent & Company, 41 Pall Mall St, London,          tapering legs and cross banded rosewood tops, Edwardian.
some with accompanying certificates, 20th century.         €250~320
€100~200                                                   1106. A brass wall mirror with candle sconces, Edwardian.
1082. A boxed wall clock by FLHAUSBURG, Paris,             €60~100
Victorian. €120~180                                        1107. A good cut glass ceiling light, early 20th century.
1083. Mounted deer horns. €30~40                           €150~250
                                                           1108. An open mahogany bookshelves, Edwardian. €40~60
1108A. Seven assorted hand coloured engravings of           1133. Four assorted tea pots, Edwardian and later. €10~20
Galway interest, 1. Galway from The Claddagh, 2.            1134. Boxed lot, Masons jug etc. €10~20
Abbey of Clare.Galway, 3. Head Of The Killaries             1135. A good mahogany round 6ft dining table resting on a
Connemara, 4. Street In Galway, 5. A Pattern in             carved stem with four outswept legs, terminating on
Connemara, 6. Leenane, Connemara, 7. The Eagle              cabriole feet (Auctioneers note: While round tables of this
Mountain Killaries, Connemara. These are all Victorian      size are extremely hard to find it is the Auctioneers opinion
hand coloured engravings. €250~350                          that the table itself is old and has been restored. The base is
1109. An eight day mahogany wall clock, Victorian.          a 20th century copy. None the less it is a fine table and due
€220~280                                                    to the scarcity of such a large top it is valued within the
1110. A gilt metal ceiling light in the form of a hanging   auctioneers estimate). €3700~4200
basket with trailing foliage, Edwardian. €220~350           1136. A set of six carved oak dining chairs, late Victorian.
1111. C CADWELL, watercolour, Killary, near                 €80~120
Leenane and another watercolour J H Flack, Reads An         1137. A part Country Rose tea set, missing sugar bowl.
Evening Sky. €40~60                                         €30~60
1112. A silver plated and bone handled canteen of           1138. A good pottery water jug with hand painted figures,
cutlery with silver hafts 1894. €200~300                    German , early 20th century. €50~100
1113. A silver plated tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl,     1139. A part Wedgewood dinner and tea service. €100~200
Edwardian. €40~60                                           1140. A four piece silver plated tea set and tray in the
1114. Four glass vases, two cut glass dessert bowls, a      Celtic manner and a silver plated meat cover. €60~120
pewter candle stick and a silver plated and timber bowl.    1141. A good pierced brass fender, late Victorian.

€10~20                                                      €220~280
1115. A set of four signed black and white prints, Bruce    1142. Five assorted cloissonne bowls. €20~40
Irving. €10~20                                              1143. A good inlaid mahogany bow fronted display
1116. Two mahogany astragal glazed door floor               cabinet, resting on outswept legs, Edwardian. €550~650
standing bookcases, mid 20th century. €200~400              1144. The contents of lot number 1143 including two
1117. A Waterford crystal jug. €40~70                       shelves of pottery and a shelf of assorted crystal. €30~50
1118. A Galway Crystal decanter and two crystal bowls       1145. A carved walnut and mirror back open bookcase with
and a tea pot. €30~60                                       adjustable shelves, the inset drawers with swan neck brass
1119. A pair of Masons candlesticks, a Coalport vase,       handles. The entire resting on bracket feet, Edwardian.
Royal Tara, Aynsley etc, total 78 pieces. €40~60            €450~600
1120. Fifteen assorted pieces of crystal and glass          1146. Eight assorted Wedgwood plates. €30~60
tumblers etc, Galway, Cavan. €30~50                         1147. A pair of plaster and gilt wall brackets, a brass letter
1121. Five pieces of assorted glass and pottery. €10~20     box and four wall plaques. €30~50
1122. Two glass vases, a miniature jug and bowl and a       1148. Two Chinese cats and a Chinese rabbit. €10~20
bowl. €20~40                                                1149. Eight assorted China figures, recumbant lions,
1123. A pair of Lladro figures. €20~40                      Staffordshire type dogs etc. €20~40
1124. A collection of sea shells and a piece of coral, 10   1150. A Masons cup, two pieces of Goss China, a fishing
in total. €10~20                                            mug and a large Staffordshire mug with inset frog. €50~80
1125. Boxed lot, crucifix etc. €5~10                        1151. Three pieces of Aynsley China and a part Queens
1126. Five pieces of assorted hotel ware, tea pot, coffee   Staffordshire tea set. €40~60
pot, milk jug and two sugar bowl. €20~40                    1152. Six assorted vases and two jugs. €10~20
1127. A pair of Chinese lions on stands. €20~40             1153. An inlaid mahogany wardrobe, as found, Edwardian.
1128. A six piece tea and coffee set, four engraved and     €40~80
two other, total six. €20~40                                1154. A hand painted two door cabinet, Edwardian. €50~75
1129. Good iron brass and copper oil lamp on stand,         1155. A mini piano, Art Deco, W H Barnes Ltd, missing a
Victorian. €100~200                                         foot pedal. €100~200
1130. Two mahogany wine tables, Edwardian. €40~60           1156. A set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, inside lot 1153 .
1131. An inlaid rosewood display cabinet, the mirror        €30~50
back supported by bowed shelves above an open               1157. A good inlaid mahogany piano stool, late Victorian.
cupboard base, Victorian. €350~450                          €180~220
1132. Approximately 15 lots of Torquay pottery,             1158. A turned leg mahogany stool, Victorian. €10~20
mostly damaged. €10~20
1159. An inlaid mahogany coal purdonium, Victorian.        1186. A bright cut sugar tongs, probably London 1809.
€200~280                                                   €70~100
1160. A carved and turned walnut salon chair,              1187. A cased set of novelty sterling silver spoons. €10~20
Victorian. €20~40                                          1188. A pair of gilt silver shells with mounted cherubs,
1161. A good inlaid mahogany bureau with fitted            London 1982, to commemorate the birth and christening of
interior over four graduating drawers resting on bracket   Prince William of Wales born June 21st 1982 in London,
feet, Edwardian. €420~500                                  No 27 and No 28 in a limited edition of 250.
1162. An inlaid mahogany Sutherland table, the top         Accompanying paperwork stated 'The Royal Scallop Dish
crossbanded in rosewood, Edwardian. €220~280               is available at £345 each or £680 for a pair'. €300~600
1163. A bleached oak drop leaf table, Edwardian.           1189. A silver Sheffield cake slice, 1972 and a Birmingham
€20~40                                                     hand mirror 1962. €10~20
1164. A weight driven wall clock, 20th century,            1190. An unusual silver handled dagger (Auctioneers note:
missing weights. €40~60                                    It is the opinion of the Auctioneer that this cased dagger
1165. A good Art Nouveau oak coat stand with inset         may n deed have started life as a canteen of cutlery from an
copper plaques, some damage to right hand corner.          early Victorian set having been exported to India it was
€400~600                                                   then adapted to form a hunting dagger and the sheath made
1166. A pair of Staffordshire mantle dogs. €50~70          in India to accept the knife, no silver marks can be found,
1167. A box of books on antiques etc. €5~10                none the less it is a very desirable object and great care was
1168. An adjustable music stand, early 20th century.       taken in the making of this item,. Victorian and later.
€50~70                                                     €80~120

1169. An eight day rosewood wall clock, missing            1191. A sterling silver dish and a gilded smaller dish,
hands. €150~220                                            possibly silver. €20~40
1170. An inlaid rosewood work table with brass banded      1192. A silver bowl, Birmingham 1929. €20~30
top and gilt metal mounts, Edwardian. €350~450             1193. A silver bonbon dish, Chester 1927. €20~40
1171. Good inlaid mahogany jardiniere stand with brass     1194. A long silver match box holder, Chester 1900.
liner, mid 20th century. €280~350                          €40~80
1172. Six boxes of assorted cutlery, part and full sets,   1195. Two silver topped glass containers, probably from a
Edwardian and later. €30~50                                cosmetic set, London 1865, high quality of Fisher, Strand.
1173. J.O.NASH, watercolour, boats in harbour.             €50~100
€30~60                                                     1196. A silver rose bud vase, Sheffield 1977. €20~40
1174. An inlaid mahogany upright piano, AJ Furlong,        1197. A silver vesta case, Birmingham 1887. €60~90
as found. €100~200                                         1198. A large silver table mirror, London 1878. €150~250
1175. A good oval wall mirror, late Edwardian. €60~80      1199. Three assorted silver toped jars and a silver brooch,
1176. An inlaid mahogany side cabinet, the top             Birmingham 1918 and 1926. €20~30
crossbanded in rosewood, the entire resting on cabriole    1200. A silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1946 with gilt
legs, mid 20th century. €380~450                           interior. €30~60
1177. A mahogany piano stool with lift up lid, late        1201. A silver sugar sifter, Birmingham 1926 and a silver
Edwardian. €50~70                                          medal. €30~50
1178. A box of assorted pearl necklaces. €10~20            1202. A silver vesta case, London 1890. €30~50
1179. A silver christening mug, Birmingham 1950.           1203. A silver cream jug, Birmingham 1946. €40~60
€120~160                                                   1204. A silver sauce boat, Dublin 1916. €100~150
1180. Three Dublin tablespoons, 1808. €120~180             1205. A continental silver tray. €200~400
1181. A London basting spoon 1814, a London table          1206. A box of assorted English and Irish coins and two $1
spoon 1806 and a London fork 1810. €100~200                bills and an Australian bank note. €10~20
1182. A cased set of six spoons and a sugar tongs,         1207. A Padraig Pierce silver ten shilling coin. €5~10
Sheffield 1933. €90~120                                    1208. A horn and copper pin tray and two timber plates.
1183. A ladies silver dressing set, Sheffield 1926 and     €20~30
Chester 1914, five pieces. €120~150                        1209. A pair of Coerz Trider binoculars, pre 1920.
1184. A pair of silver mustard pots with Bristol blue      €100~200
liners, London 1881. €200~300                              1210. Four silver plated decanter labels. €10~20
1185. A silver toddy and bone handled ladle, probably      1211. Three assorted gold plated and steel pocket watches
London 1807. €90~140                                       and a Gents and ladies Timex wrist watch. €40~60
1212. Two sterling silver chains and a locket. €10~20     1252. A split cane fly rod. €10~20
1213. Four jewellery cases of costume jewellery etc.      1253. A collection of edged weapons, etc, in various states
€20~40                                                    of repair and a fishing rod, 11 pieces in total. €100~200
1214. A gold half sovereign, dated 1909. €60~90           1254. A cased fiddle, Old German, circa 1910. €1100~1300
1215. A 9ct rose gold medal and a 9ct gold cross.         1255. Three metal model aircraft, Great British bombers of
€20~40                                                    World War 2. €20~40
1216. A 9ct gold charm bracelet. €120~220                 1256. A flintlock pistol by D Harding, circa 1750 - 1815,
1217. An 18ct gold three stone diamond ring and an        Harding was the maker of pistols for his Majesty's mail
18ct gold wedding band. €100~200                          coaches. €400~600
1218. A 9ct gold gentlemans ring. €50~90
1219. A set of the last United States silver coinage.
1220. Two ladies evening bags. €10~20
1221. A 9ct gold amethyst and diamond ring. €120~200
1222. Two pairs of silver gentlemans cufflink's. €10~20
1223. An 18ct white gold diamond cluster ring.
1224. A 9ct gold double headed cameo. €100~160
1225. A 9ct gold diamond and amethyst ring. €180~250
1226. A 9ct gold ladies ring with three inset pearls.

1227. A 9ct rose gold necklace. €340~420
1228. A silver bracelet. €70~100
1229. A 9ct gold opal and garnet ring. €150~250
1230. A pair of 18ct white gold diamond studs.
1231. A 9ct gold cameo. €120~180
1232. A 9ct gold diamond and ruby ring. €150~250
1233. A silver and mother of pearl necklace. €150~220
1234. A pair of silver and garnet earrings. €40~60
1235. A 9ct rose gold chain. €280~380
1236. An 18ct white gold diamond ring. €420~550
1237. A 9ct gold ring with smokey diamond. €120~200
1238. An 18ct gold diamond and garnet band.
1239. A silver and mother of pearl bracelet. €100~160
1240. An Allcocks split cane fishing rod and another.
1241. A cased fiddle though to have been made by
Friedrich August Glass, circa 1850. €900~1100
1242. A bone handled machetti in leather case. €30~60
1243. A new hand made fiddle and bow. €380~450
1244. Two socket bayonettes. €90~120
1245. A cased fiddle, though to be a French Mirecourt,
circa 1890, no label. €700~850
1246. A bayonet with leather scabbard. €50~60
1247. A cased fiddle, Old Bohemian, circa 1890, label
Thomas Rauch. €700~850
1248. A French bayonet, 1862. €80~120
1249. A French bayonet. €80~120
1250. A French bayonet. €60~80
1251. A mandolin, morern. €30~60
                                                  Conditions of sale
                                                                b. All lots are to be paid for and taken away at the Buyer’s
1. Paul Walsh Sales act in all respects, save where             expense within two days of sale.
     otherwise appears, only as agents for the seller of
     each lot.                                           9.      If the buyer fails to pay for or take away any lot in
                                                                 accordance with condition 7 above. Paul Walsh Sales
2. The highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneer shall         shall be entitled at the absolute discretion and without
   be the Buyer, but if during the sale of a lot, the            prejudice to any right or remedies to exercise one or more
   Auctioneer considers that a dispute has arisen or that        of the following rights.
   there is any other reason for so doing, he may at his
   absolute discretion immediately put the lot up again         a. Without notice to the buyer, to resell the lot or cause it
   for sale.                                                    to be resold by public or private sale. Any deficiency in
                                                                the purchase price attending such resale to be made good
3. The Auctioneer has the right at his absolute discretion      by the defaulting Buyer, after giving credit for any
   to refuse any bid and to advance the bidding as he           payment and after deducting the full costs incurred in
   may decide.                                                  connection with the lot; and any surplus (after retention
                                                                by Paul Walsh Sales of the premium) to be the Seller’s.
4. a. The seller shall be entitled to place a reserve on any
   lot, and the Auctioneer shall have the right to bid on        b. To store the lot or cause it to be stored whether at their
   the behalf of the seller for any lot on which a reserve       own premises or elsewhere at the sole expense of the
   has been placed.                                              buyer, and to release the lot only after payment in full of
                                                                 the purchase price, the accrued cost of removal, storage

     b. Paul Walsh Sales have the right at their absolute        and insurance (if any).
     discretion to withdraw or divide any lot or to
     combine any two more lots.                                10.The property in a lot shall not pass to the Buyer until he
                                                                 has paid the purchase price in full, but the lot will be at
5. a. The purchase price payable by the buyer shall be           the buyer’s risk in all respects from the fall of the
   14.5% plus vat on fees                                        hammer. Notwithstanding that Paul Walsh Sales act only
                                                                 as agents for the seller, they shall be entitled to retain the
     b. The buyer may be required to pay forthwith the           premium referred to in condition 5.a. hereof, irrespective
     whole or any part of the purchase price and if he fails     of and in addition to such remunerations as they may
     to do so the lot or lots may at the Auctioneer’s            receive from the seller, Paul Walsh Sales shall be entitled
     absolute discretion be put up again and resold.             to a lien on any lot sold until the purchase price is paid in
                                                                 full by the buyer.
6.   a. All statements in the Catalogues, advertisements
     or brochures of forthcoming sales as to any of the        11. The respective rights and obligations of the parties in
     matters specified in (b.) or (c.) below are statements      respect to the Conditions of Sales shall be governed and
     of opinion and are not statements of fact, nor should       interpreted by Irish Law and the Buyer hereby submits to
     they be relied upon as such.                                the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Court.

     b. Neither the Seller nor Paul Walsh Sales are            11A. Electrical equipment is bought without warranty and
     responsible for any statement as to the authorship,         the Galway Auction Rooms and Paul Walsh Sales
     origin, date, age, attribution, genuineness or              recommend an electrical engineer make a full inspection
     provenance of any lot, or any error of description.         of the goods to determine the safety of all electrical items
                                                                 before use. Under no circumstances will the Galway
     c. Neither the Seller nor Paul Walsh Sales are              Auction Rooms or Paul Walsh Sales be liable for such
     responsible for any faults or defects in any lot.           faulty goods and there sale is totally at the buyers risk
     d. Neither the Seller nor Paul Walsh Sales nor any
     person in their employ, make or have any authority to     12. New customers to the Paul Walsh Sales may pay by
     make any representation or warranty nor are they            cheque, but goods cannot be released until all cheques
     responsible for                                             have been cleared, unless accompanied by bankers
                                                                 reference. See conditions of sale
8. a. No Lot can be taken away during the auction, nor
   can any lot be taken away until the purchase price has
   been paid in full.                                          13. Please note a minimum commission charge of €3.50
                                                                 applies to each successful lot. applies to each successf

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