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									LANG 031 Thème culturel 4
 Les Régions (provinces) de la France


• „Capital of Alps’

• The region has the second largest
English-speaking community in France.

• One of the leading European cities in
high-tech industry

• HKUST Exchange program
   third largest city in France
   home to well over a million people
   situated half way between Clermont-Ferrand and
   Lyon has a rich cultural and historical heritage, and has
    been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
                                        The Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière
                                           a church with historical importance.
                                           according to a priest, Lyon was infected with cholera around 400
                                            years ago.
                                           after praying to Hail Mary, they were miraculously cured.
                                           built to thank Hail Mary for saving them from the terrible disease.
                                           inside the basilique, among the paintings on the wall, the colourful
                                            mosaic painting is the most impressive one.

                                    Lyon's two main rivers, The painted walls
                                  the Saône and the Rhône
                                                            If you looked at the
                                                            “building” from 100
                                                            metres away, you
                                                            would never realize it
                                                            is the painted walls as
                         The old district                   they are too lifelike.

   many handicrafts shops are
    situated here                                                                    Fine Arts Museum
                                                                                     In the museum, there are
   antique sculptures on the wall
                                                                                     paintings, sculptures and
    which were used for advertising
                                                                                     some other displays with
   the secret route (la longue                                                      English description
    traboule) for residents to escape
    during German invasions.
               Lyonnais cuisine
                   Le bouchon - a type of restaurant found in Lyon
                   La cuisine lyonnaise, such as sausages, duck pâté or
                    roast pork
                   quite fatty and heavily oriented around meat
                   Typically, the emphasis in a bouchon is not on cuisine
                    but, rather, a convivial atmosphere and a personal
                    relationship with the owner

                                      Le pot-au-feu – "pot on the fire"
Le coq au vin - 'rooster with wine'         a French beef stew
    Paul Bocuse
•80-year-old, Meilleur ouvrier de France 1953
•Three-star Michelin ranking since 1965
•Born and raised in a traditional cooking family
•“Step out of the kitchen to engage with the public”
•Pioneer of globalization
 - exporting French products to Japan in 1970s
 - explore U.S. market in the early 1980s
 - first cooking programs on German television in

             La soupe aux champignons noirs

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