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					?Hiding your IP address is an absolutely normal thing to do. It is the same as you
conceal your other personal information like your address, your phone number, your
credit cards numbers from unknown people. IP address can also be accessed by
unknown people, so if you want to set privacy restrictions you can hide your IP
You should hide your IP address if you do these activities on the net:

1. If you regularly visit blogs,
2. If you are a regular at forums and chats,
3. If you like to write articles on the net,
4. If you want to make your ICQ secure,
5. If you want to make your mail box secure,
6. If you like to play online games,
7. If you want to use popular torrents,
8. If you are a frequent visitor of social websites like Myspace and Facebook,
9. If you exchange sensitive information over the net that you do not want to be
10.If you want t stay protected on the web.

You may believe that the web is perfectly safe and that since you are not the owner of
a big firm, nobody would be interested in your activities. But the truth is that there are
many people who want to know what you do and who you are. These are advertisers,
marketers, providers and the websites themselves. They want to know about the sites
you like to visit, your emails, your interests, your location and so on. And what's
worse is that they have a legal right to do so. But you have a right to protect your
privacy too.

You can hide your IP address with the help of proxy server or any other software or
tool available. These days there are plenty of such tools available on the Internet.
There are both free ones and paid ones. A proxy server accesses different servers on
your behalf using its own identification so that your identification remains in the
background. This way it makes your online activities and your location impossible to

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