How Welding Plastics Is Possible Using An Ultrasonic Welder- by gyvwpsjkko


									?Until an ultrasonic welder was not invented it was not possible to weld plastic
materials. With the application of ultrasonic waves many instruments are operated.
One among them is the ultrasonic welder. This device no doubt uses ultrasonic sound
waves to weld plastics but things made from other materials to can be welded using
such a machine. Soda cans, milk jugs, butane lighters, etc. are sealed using this

Therefore a variety of industries like the electrical, computer, automatic, aerospace,
medical, and so on make use of these machines in their packing department to pack
and seal the finished products. So we can say that a better and an efficient welder can
make the end product look chic and ensure a long shelf life for it.
Now for the process on how is it practically used to seat or pack the objects in reality?
The machines have a clamp that is designed specifically for the molding of the objects
to be sealed. Placing the object on this clamp a relatively high pressure is applied
along with an ultrasonic sound wave being directed on its entire surface. The high
frequency sounds make the molecules on the surface to vibrate very fast and thus
happen to collide with one another. This brings about their fusion and all this can take
place in a matter of one second or less.

As seen in every invention and application this too has some real good advantages, for
example, using this process objects that are inflammable can be sealed whereas in the
traditional welding method it is not possible to do so. The work finishes in a jiffy and
this is a plus point in its favor. Where advantages exist disadvantages will not be far
behind. One of the disadvantages is though the frequency of the sound wave is quite
high it cannot penetrate into hard metallic substances. For them only the traditional
welding method will hold good.
Also careless handling and not using ear protection can cause us harm hence to avoid
harm being careful would be prudent on our part.

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