Cell Functional Analogies Collage

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					                             Cell Functional Analogies Collage
Purpose: To aid in learning the structure and function of cellular organelles by writing analogies for their
functions. An analogies is a way of explaining something by comparing it point by point with something
Materials: poster board, glue, scissors, magazines, markers, pens, construction paper, list of cell parts and
      1. Work in groups of 4
      2. Use your chart that lists the organelles and functions as a reference
      3. Divide the list of organelles among the members of your group. Assign each person at least 3
      4. Decide if you want your collage to be based on a plant or animal cell. Get a copy of that type of
           cell diagram from the demo. Table. Paste the diagram in the center of your piece of poster board
      5. Find a picture of an everyday object that has a function or use similar to that of each cell
      6. Write an analogy to show the similarity between the function of the cell organelle and the
           everyday object. The analogy must be written exactly in this format:
                     The (name ofthe organelle) is like a (everyday object) because the (name of the
                     organelle) (the function of the organelle) like the (name ofthe everyday object)
                     (function of everyday object)
      7. Choose a theme for your poster. Select your analogies and pictures based on this theme.
          Example: the cell as a computer. The nucleus is like a CPU because the nucleus controls the
          functions of the cell like the CPU controls the functions of the computer.

Plant cell       Student Name                           Animal cell           Student Name
Plasma membrane                                         Plasma membrane
Nucleolus                                               Nucleolus
Nucleus                                                 Nucleus
Nuclear envelope                                        Nuclear envelope
Cytoskeleton                                            Cytoskeleton
Cytosol                                                 Cytosol
SmoothER                                                SmoothER
RoughER                                                 RoughER
Ribosome                                                Ribosome
Golgi apparatus                                         Golgi apparatus
Central vacuole                                         Vacuole
Mitochondria                                            Mitochondria
Cell wall                                               Cilia
Chloroplast                                             lysosome

                                                                         Group Members      1.
Rubric:                                                                                    2.
     1.   ___     Neatness (lOpts)                                                         4.
    2. ___        Pictures ( 1 pts each -total of 16 pts)
    3. ___        Correctly written analogies (2 pts each - total 32)
    4. ___        Correctly demonstrated theme ( 10 points)
          ___     Total Score ( 68 points)