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					                                Cell Analogy Project
Project Due Date: Tuesday March 24th, 2009

Purpose: To demonstrate your knowledge of cells, their parts, and their parts’ functions
by constructing an analogy collage from materials found through research.

Requirements for a collage:
      1. The collage must be carefully drawn on sturdy poster paper or white
      2. The collage must be of a typical plant or animal cell. You may not make a
      collage of a single cell organism.
      3. Label the back of your collage with your name, due date, and class.
      4. All writing (titles, structure names, statements, etc.) on the collage must be
      5. Your collage must contain all required cell structures.
      6. Your cell drawing must be hand-drawn, using different colors for the different
      cell structures.
      7. All cell structures must be labeled with their correct names.
      8. For each cell structure, you must have a picture or photo of another object
      (machine or structure or living thing) that has a function analogous to the
      organelle’s function.
               a. All analogous pictures must have a pointer or line to their matching cell
               b. Lines must be drawn straight.
      9. Next to the analogous picture write a statement that includes
               a. Why and how the object in the picture is analogous to the organelle’s
               function. The statement should include the organelle’s function.
                        i. For example, if a fingernail was an organelle, I might choose a
                        picture of a roof. Next to the picture of the roof, I would write, “A
                        fingernail provides protection for the soft tissues of the finger
                        underneath it. A person’s finger is very important for sensing and
                        for picking up objects. A roof also protects the contents of the
                        house – those structures and people living inside.”
               b. An original statement describing how the organelle’s structure is
               related to its function.
                        i. For example, “a fingernail is curved to fit over the soft tissue of
                        the finger and it’s made out of hard material to provide additional
                        protection to the finger.”
      10. The size of the collage must be 18” x 24”
      11. Work should be that of the student only. Ideas from family and friends are
      acceptable but the statements and analogies must be original work of the
      12. Researched sources (3 or more are required) must be included in a typed
      bibliography and pasted on the back of the Cell Analogy Poster.
               a. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.
Suggested Procedure:
     1. First decide if you are going to make a plant or animal cell.
     2. Your collage must include the following labeled parts.
                   Cell membrane
                   Nucleus
                   Nucleolus
                   Vacuole (central vacuole for plant cell)
                   Ribosomes
                   Cytoplasm
                   Golgi Apparatus (aka, golgi bodies, golgi complex )
                   Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
                   Rough endoplasmic reticulum
                   Mitochondria
                   Lysosome
                   Cytoskeleton
                   Centriole (animal cell only)
                   Cell wall (plant cell only)
                   Chloroplasts (plant cell only)
     3. Tackle one (or two) organelles at a time
              a. Determine their function.
              b. Learn about their structure.
              c. Look through newspapers, magazines, books (just don’t cut pictures
              from books…a color photocopy is fine), or pictures on the internet). But,
              don’t just “google” the organelle’s name. Find a picture or photo of
              something that has a similar function to the organelle you’re working on.
              d. Cut out the picture or make a copy of it.
              e. Type an explanation (statement) of how your found object has a similar
              function to the function of the organelle. Type an explanation of how the
              organelle’s structure is related to its function.
              f. Double check your statements to make sure they’re correct, thorough,
              and original
              g. Do a, b, c, d and e for all organelles.
     4. Draw your cell with all required structures.
     5. Type and affix labels of the cell structure’s names.
     6. Make pointers.
     7. Attach your cut-out pictures and their supporting statements to the poster in
     their proper places.
     8. Type your bibliography.
     9. Put your name and required information on the back of the poster.
     10. Be prepared to explain why you chose the analogous pictures for their
Grading Standards
You will be graded using the following rubric. The categories include:
       □ Cell structures: all included with an analogy
       □ Cell functions: you must have interpreted and explained the organelle’s function correctly
       □ Analogy: you must have chosen an appropriate picture for the organelle’s function.
       □ Structure/Function: you must have discovered the organelle’s structure and determined how it
       makes sense for its function.
       □ Neatness, spelling, grammar: All statements/writings must be typed, without spelling and/or
       grammar errors. Collage is done with care, without smudges, erasures. Overall, collage looks clean
       and neat.
       □ Visual appeal of collage, and original thinking. Analogies are unique and well researched. Student
       has stretched to find the “uncommon” analogies.
       □ Timeliness: Sign off sheet must be turned in on-time. Point penalty for late turn in (sign off sheet).
       Projects will not be accepted after Friday 10/16
         Grading Rubric
    CATEGORY          9-10                     8-9                  7-8                     <7
Cell structures       Every item that          Almost all items     Most items (70-         Less than 70% of the items
included              needs to be              (80-90%) that        80%) that need to       that need to be identified are
Score multiple: 2x    identified is present    need to be           be identified are       present and have analogies
                      and has an analogy.      identified are       present and have        and/or it is not clear which
                      It is clear which        present and have     an analogy. It is       analogies goes with which
                      analogy goes with        an analogy. It is    sometimes unclear       item.
                      which structure.         clear which          which analogy
                                               analogy goes with    goes with which
                                               which structure.     structure.
Cellular Functions    All cellular functions   Almost all (80-      Some cellular           Fewer than 70% of the
Score multiple: 4x    are correct and are      90%) cellular        functions (70-80%)      cellular functions are correct
                      included in with the     functions are        are correct or          and/or are included in with
                      analogy statement.       correct and are      some may not be         the analogy statement.
                                               included in with     included in with the
                                               the analogy          analogy statement.
Appropriate           All analogies fit well   80-90% of the        70-80% of the           Fewer than 70% of the
analogy               with the organelle’s     analogies fit well   analogies fit well      analogies fit well with the
Score multiple: 4x    function.                with the             with the                organelle’s function.
                                               organelle’s          organelle’s
                                               function.            function.
Structure/Function    You communicated         80-90% of your       70-80% of your          Fewer than 70% of your
Score multiple: 4x    a clear and original     structure/function   structure/function      structure/function
                      description of how       descriptions are     descriptions are        descriptions are clear and/or
                      all of the organelles’   clear and/or         clear and/or            original.
                      functions match          original.            original.
                      their structures.

Neatness, Spelling,   All labels and           Labels and           Labels and              Labels/statements not typed
Grammar               statements are           statements are       statements are          and/or >10 spelling grammar
Score multiple: 4x    typed with no            typed with 1-5       typed with 5-10         errors. Collage quality is
                      spelling or grammar      spelling or          spelling or             poor, not neatly done. May
                      errors. Collage is       grammar errors.      grammar errors, or      be difficult to read and/or
                      clean, neat, and         Collage has a few    some labels or          interpret because of overall
                      clearly done with        smudges but they     statements are not      visual quality.
                      care.                    don’t detract from   typed. Parts of
                                               overall quality.     collage appear
                                                                    appearance takes
                                                                    away from content
Visual, Creativity,   Collage is creative,     Collage is           Collage is not          Collage is not visually
Original Thinking     colorful and visually    creative, colorful   completely colorful     appealing and/or does not
Score multiple: 4x    appealing. All           and visually         or may have some        show creativity or original
                      analogies are            appealing. Most      visual qualities that   thinking.
                      unique, showing          analogies are        detract from the
                      thought, research,       unique, with a few   appeal. Some
                      and an excellent         being commonly       analogies are
                      understanding of the     used analogies.      those commonly
                      organelle.                                    used.

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