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					?Let's face it, today's job market is horrible. Unemployment has never been so high
and the number of job openings seems to fade with each passing day. Nevertheless, if
you are motivated, determined, and slightly lucky, you can and will find a job. As a
successful career development executive and nationally certified professional resume
writer, I can tell you an EFFECTIVE RESUME is one of the most important and
crucial job tools that you need in order to be successful in today's market.

One of the biggest problems you are probably experiencing is that you have too much
time on your hands. If you're anything like me, too much time to think about your
future can be a dangerous path. Every time you turn on the news you hear about
increased unemployment rates, reduced salaries, and fading industries. Nevertheless,
here is the easiest way to stay positive: if the unemployment rate is currently 10%,
then 9 out of 10 people HAVE a job. We can help YOU be one of the 90%.

My team of Certified Professional Resume Writers, Editors and Human Resource
Professionals have drafted several thousand resumes from entry-level employees to
Fortune 500 CEOs. All of these resumes have one thing in common. The resumes are
succinct, streamlined, persuasive, and convincing. A well-drafted resume will draw
the reader in and provide a detailed but concise description of your background.

Here are 5 things every resume must have:

1. Profile: Since you only have a FEW SECONDS to grab the reader's attention, this
section is the most important. It tells the employer what you feel are your strongest
qualities, and what you have to offer the company.

2. Core-Competencies: We utilize a Core Competencies section because many
employers utilize OCR/automated scanning software to scan resumes, and these
"keywords" help your resume pass the first level of review, especially since employers
are currently inundated with hundreds of resumes for each open position.

3. Achievements: This is the most important section of any resume. Potential
employers are looking for hard, cold proven results of your skills and you want to
make it as easy as possible for them to locate your accomplishments.

4. Effective Job Descriptions: Poor job descriptions do not adequately show the scope
of your job and fail to create a good frame of reference for your achievements. A good
resume has job descriptions that start out strong and sustain interest by emphasizing
key skills in a brief, powerful way.

5. Design and Format: Overall, the format of your resume needs to professional, so
that your resume is professional, but that it will stand out of the crowd. My staff of
format and design a resume to improve visual first impressions while still maintaining
a conservative appearance.

Matthew S. is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Executive Talent Consultant,
and Member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and National Resume
Writer Association. He is a nationally renowned resume writer and has worked with
top companies, Fortune 50 Executives and federal agencies. He is the Founder and
lead writer at the and , amongst other resume writing services.

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