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List of piano instruments made abroad - Klaverens hus Söderhamn


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									Instr type   Builder               Place                    Year      Seria no./prod.no
grand        Anon                  St. Petersburg, Russia   c. 1850
grand        Anon                  Vienna?                  c. 1815
piano        Anon                  France                   1860s
piano        Anon                  France                   1860s     7080
square       Anon (Irmler?)        Germany                  1830s
square       Anon                  Germany                  c. 1860

grand        Gerhard Adam          Wesel, Germany           c. 1856   2132

piano        C Bechstein           Berlin, Germany          1866      1761

grand        L Bösendorfer         Vienna, Austria

square       Anton Biber           Nuremberg, Germany

piano        J Blüthner            Leipzig, Germany         1871/72   9795

piano        Brödrene Hals         Oslo, Norway             1854      216

piano        Bucher                Paris, France            c. 1850   684

square       M Clementi            London, England          1790s

piano        Andreas Christensen   Copenhagen, Denmark
piano        Christensen           Copenhagen, Denmark

grand        Érard-Marschall       Paris/Copenhagen         1837/39   3663

piano        Focké Fils ainé       Paris, France            c. 1850   4840

grand        A Förster             Löbau, Germany

piano        J Gerstenberger       Liegnitz, Poland         c. 1880

piano        Grothrian Nachf       Braunschweig, Germany    1896      9460

square       Heinrich Haegele      Aalen, Germany           1873      1531

square       CC Hornung            Copenhagen, Denmark      1842      631
square       Hornung & Möller      Copenhagen, Denmark      1850      2718
square       Hornung & Möller      Copenhagen, Denmark      1854      3252

piano        Hüni & Hübert         Zürich, Switzerland      c. 1860

piano        Rud. Ibach Sohn       Schwelm, Germany         1912      68,884
square   JG Irmler                Leipzig, Germany

square   Andreas Marschall        Copenhagen, Denmark   c. 1820
square   Andreas Marschall        Copenhagen, Denmark   c. 1830   /40

piano    Mason & Hamlin           Boston, USA

square   Mattaes & Kanhäuser      Stuttgart, Germany    c. 1855    279
square   G & E Kanhäuser          Stuttgart, Germany    after 1873 3234

piano    C Krause                 Berlin, Germany       c. 1882   3133

piano    Lapair                   Paris, France         c. 1850
piano    Lapair                   Paris, France         c. 1860   1144

piano    I Larsen                 Copenhagen, Denmark   527       1872

square   Liebert                  Copenhagen, Denmark

square   BH Lunau                 Lübeck, Germany       c. 1850   3788

square   I Pleyel                 Paris, France         1846      13,965
piano    I Pleyel                 Paris, France         1865      37,720
piano    I Pleyel & Wulff & Co.   Paris, France         1880      78,312

piano    Rippen                   Ede, Holland

piano    C Rönisch                Dresden, Germany      1860s     2673
piano    C Rönisch                Dresden, Germany      1870s     5584

piano    J Ruch                   Paris, France         1860s

square   JD Rädecker              Lübeck, Germany       1810s     1584

piano    Schiedmayer & Söhne      Stuttgart, Germany    1845-1850 4213
square   Schiedmayer              Stuttgart, Germany    c. 1860   3169

flygel   J Schneider & Neffe      Vienna, Austria       c. 1870

square   Fr C Theodor Schulze     Rendsborg, Denmark    1830s     no number

piano    Steinway & Sons          New York, USA         1866      13,611

grand    William Stodart & Son    London, England       c. 1840   12,401

grand    Theodor Stöcker          Berlin, Germany       1865      816
piano    Henry Tolkien       London, England          c. 1860

flygel   Karl Wirth          S:t Petersburg, Russia   1840s     67

piano    G Wolkenhauer       Stettin, Poland          1900      43,851

grand    Rob. Wornum & Son   London, England          1871      11,814
Model                            Compass   Style/furniture
transverse grand piano           AAA-a4    walnut
wienerflygel                     FF-f4     mahogany
heigth 129,8 cm                  AAA-a4    jacaranda
heigth 130,6 cm                  AAA-a4    jacaranda
table, small                     CC-f4     verticaly bent cornice borders
table, underdämd                           jacaranda

                                 CC-a4     jacaranda

heigth 118 cm                    AAA-a4    jacaranda



height 120,3 cm                            black

heigth 112,2 cm                  CC-a4     mahogany

heigth 109,7 cm                  AAA-a4    jacaranda

table                            FF-c4     mahogany, name board decorated with paintings

chamber piano, heigth 90 cm       AAA-a4   black with leather parts
concave keyboard, heigth 123,2 cm AAA-a4   painted white (not original)

                                 CC-g4     jacaranda


                                 AAA-c5    polished white (not original)

heigth 131,5 cm                  AAA-a4    back borders and decorations, inlays

                                           polished black

table, length 175,5 cm           CC-a4     walnut


heigth 111 cm                    AAA-a4    walnut/burl

heigth 125,6 cm                  AAA-a4    biedemeyer style
reversed                          CC-a4    mahogany


heigth 130,5 cm                   CCC-c5   black

table                                      jacaranda

heigth 134,7 cm                   AAA-a4   black, abundantly carved

heigth 136,7 cm                   AAA-a4   jacaranda, carved
art case piano, heigth 132,2 cm   AAA-a4   oak, abundantly carved

art case piano, height 128 cm     AAA-a4   wanut, black borders, abundantly carved

influenced by Collard             CC-g4    mahogany

                                  CC-g4    mahogany, X-shaped legs
heigth 112,1 cm                   AAA-a4   jacaranda
heigth 112 cm                     AAA-a4   jacaranda

upright grand                     AAA-c5

heigth 122,4 cm                   AAA-a4   jacaranda
heigth 122,8 cm                   AAA-a4   walnut

heigth 115,8 cm                   CC-a4    jacaranda, glass painting on upper frame

                                  FF-f4    mahogany

heigth 126,6 cm                   CC-a4    jacaranda
table                             AAA-a4   walnut

                                  AAA-a4   walnut

reversed cornice                  EE-f4    mahogany

                                  AAA-a4   black with gilt decorations

compensation frame                CC-f4    brown

downstricing action               AAA-a4   jacaranda
heigth 117,2 cm         AAA-a4   walnut

concert grand, 2.60 m   CC-a4    walnut

heigth 134,6 cm         AAA-a4   walnut, Art Nouveau style decoration

downstriking action              walnut
               Remarks                                                 Inv. no
                                                                       KH 224
               "modernized" c. 1850                                    KH 452
               the same model as KH 284                                KH 267
               the same model as KH 267                                KH 484
               wrought iron hitch-pin plate as KH 361 (Irmler)         KH 309
               sold by I Dannström, Stockholm                          KH 339

                                                                       KH 105

                                                                       KH 30

               early, furniture water damaged                          CC 1870

                                                                       KH 457

                                                                       KH 191

               överdämd                                                KH 473

                                                                       KH 265

th paintings                                                           KH 200

               Poul Henningsen                                         KH 411
               Renov. Rolf Degertorp                                   KH 398

               MLP written at the serial number, unskilfully rebuilt   KH 178

                                                                       KH 10

               belonged to the jazz pianist Jan Johansson              KH 417

               abundantly carved                                       KH 318

                                                                       KH 39

               sold by John Jacobson, probably 1879                    KH 537

                                                                       KH 151
               iron frame in one casting                               KH 140
               iron frame in one casting                               KH 139

                                                                       KH 279

               archtect Bembé, Mainz                                   KH 427
Vienna action, wrought iron frame as KH 309 (anon)        KH 361

                                                          KH 141
                                                          KH 166

patented tuning system                                    KH 346

cross strung, imported by JP Cronwall, Stockholm          KH 160
                                                          KH 146

                                                          KH 71

                                                          KH 18
                                                          KH 375

Scandinavian Fair Copenhagen 1872                         KH 401

                                                          KH 280

back name with hop decoration                             KH 464

                                                          KH 142
                                                          KH 257
                                                          KH 512

                                                          KH 435

sold by I. Dannström, Stockholm                           KH 41
                                                          KH 325

attributed, överdämd                                      KH 463

                                                          KH 109

                                                          KH 410
                                                          KH 180

Vienna action                                             KH 491

patent 1833, world unique                                 KH 510

                                                            KH 31
imported 1868 by A Hirsch, Stockholm, bought by the Royal Academy of Music

                                                          CC 1865

oldest known grand piano by Stöcker                       KH 470
                                          KH 275

                                          KH 458

with key cover, stool and paraffin lamp   KH 395

                                          KH 138

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