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How to write a Resume for Job


									?Resume is like a presentation about you and your career skills and achievements.
The one of the key role of resume that it makes the interviewer able to take interview
of you. If your resume is attractive and clearly defined it easily makes the interviewer
to understand you and your abilities.

To start writing your resume you have to write a heading there are various options to
write in headings like "Curriculum Vitae", "Bio-Data" or "Resume" at the top of the
page. If you are a fresher than must write curriculum vitae, and if you have job
experience then simply writes resume. Heading should be in the bold. After that write
your full name in bold letters and below write your father's name, then write your
complete full address in the resume in the same line below your address. Mention
your phone number and mobile number below the address. And also mention your
email address which you have surf often. Because sometimes companies may contact
you through email first before calling you on your providing number. And always
provide that contact number which you are currently using and always make
updations in your resume.

The next thing to write in resume is write something about yourself in short and write
a little bit about your skills and abilities. In this section also explains your past
experiences and benefits you get from the past companies. But here dont use such
words that you are the best in this field, just say simply that you are perfect in this
type of job. This thing makes your resume impressive.

The next section you need to make in the resume is about your job experience, explain
your job experiences by using bullets or in point wise, so that the someone easily read
it and understands, dont write experiences in a paragraph that gives your resume
negativity. And always write experience according to the job for which you are going
to give interview. For instance if you are going for a job of computer operator than
show technical experience first, work you had done related to the computers, after that
mention your other job experiences.

The next thing you have to write in the resume is about your qualifications. In this
section mention your qualifications from highest to lowest i.e. if you are post
graduated then mention post graduation degree first then write about graduation, in
the same way write about your other qualifications. Then at last write your full name
in small font and in the opposite of the name write date, so that whenever you are
going for the interview you signed the resume below your name.

This is the easiest way to make the resume.

These resume making guidelines are provided by AmelCS HR Solutions. AmelCS
Placement Consultants gives prime importance to the needs of job seekers and job
providers to find the best matched jobs and Placement options

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