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									Hi, we need an online tutoring site like /

First and most important, we need a Ticket System included in this site, second we need for
every tutor a profile with time table. There are two ways, how the customer (student) can get
into touch with the tutors, first he can make a date with the tutor, he just go to his profile and
book the time he need for his study. The second way is, that he sends us a ticket with short
subject about problem, and the tutor who are online will get in touch with him and starts
meeting. There are little more features, e.g. fix prices, sms, etc., but this we can talk later.

Ticket system is working very smart. Student go to ticket system, and write in subject line
within one sentence what help he needs. Than he choose category which he wants help. The
ticket system automatically fills in which class student is going, by taking data from his
profile. Finally student can see which tutor is only in ticket system, and can choose one of
them, but he has risk, that he has to wait, if tutor is teaching right know. That means, student
can choose tutors who are free now but also tutors who are giving session now. But he can
also do nothing but only choose which level (stars) tutor has to be, and ticket system
automatically choose next free tutor to him. Tutors just have to login in ticket system, and
ticket system needs special login, or option in tutor site, where he can choose the option to be
online for ticket or not. Only tutors who dont have planned session can login to ticket system,
of course. If tutor is available the tutor gets message from ticket system and can see ticket of
student. He can decide in 30 seconds, if he wants to take ticket or not. If not ticket of student
goes to next available tutor. If three tutors dont take ticket, than ticket goes to admin. If tutor
takes ticket, they start session with price rate per 5 min. If session ands, tutor is available for
next ticket etc. Students send their tickets from our website while logged in. Tutors login to
ticket system from there profile. They get ticket directly to browser with pop up and sound
alert, and if then tutor is not responding within 30 sec. or is rejecting ticket, the system nows
that and send ticket to next tutor. It is important that ticket goes step by step to next tutor, and
not all tutor together. The point is, that we want to have a fast way to answer tickets. But if
they are 100 students who send ticket, all tutor get 100 tickets, thats too much. Normally
student send ticket to system, without choosing a special tutor. The option to choose a special
tutor or special star rating for tutors is only for students, who have premium account.
Normally, ticket goes always to next available tutor (first login), if there is star rating option,
than only tutors who fits minimum star requirements. And if student is choosing only one
tutor, only this tutor gets message of ticket, but with special design, to see that he is directly
choosen from student. We have also two priorities for ticket: high and normal priority. If
student took a learning session before sending ticket in this category, his ticket gets higher
priority. Thats means, his ticket will send earlier ( 2 times faster maybe?) to tutors. For
example, a students get at 10 p.m. a session in Math, and session finished at 11 p.m., than, if
student has a further question in Math, his ticket will be higher priority for the next 60
minutes (till 12 p.m.). Ticket system have to look to history data of students taken sessions,
and has to check, if there was in choosen category (here Math) a session within last 60

The money we will pay to tutor will calculate automatically, when session ends, tutor gets his
"part" of the money directly to his virtual account on our site. At the end of every month, we
transfer money of tutor’s bank account. Student site is similar, student transfer money via
Credit Card, Paypal or Direct Debit to his virtual account, and can spent this money for our
teaching services. If account is empty, we will automatically transfer via Direct Debit money
from his bank account to his virtual account on our site. We plan to give students the option,
to open a premium account, where he has to pay monthly fee. If student pay this fee, he gets
better conditions. If student do not have premium account, student have to pay higher price.
We want the option, that the student can give his school teacher (not or online tutor) the
opportunity to login in his account and to see which course etc. the student has done. The
school teacher needs to get an own password, to login. I don’t know, but I think this feature
don't need another database for school teachers, because we don’t collect data of this school

The audio chat session should be saved after finishing at students computer as mp3 / wav file
But you don’t need to provide any software. For teaching sessions we will use software from and you only need to implement software with website. Source code of
professional version is purchased already. For Implementation you will use iFrame
(Inlineframe), and need to use MS SQL Database.

We also want that Students can learn at our site for free, they will build learning groups and
will learn together using our website. All they have to do is to register at our site. When they
have any problem, they can send a ticket and get a tutor, they will share tutor cost. We also
need few statistics to be implemented, and learning history, where student and parent see, how
long, how much and what student learned in past months.

Steps to be done:

1. Finish all website pages in sitemap, i mean pages with design, not all features have to be
2. Finish all data base work
3. Finish Ticket System
4. Finish all collaboration features of site, includes Voice chat, Desktop Sharing, Application
Sharing, all peer to peer, you have to use Vmukti software for this part
5. Test and Tuning


I.   We will pay only escrow payment:
    1. 25 % in advance, and when design and database ready you will get this 25 % and
    2. we will escrow next 25%, after finishing ticket system you will get second 25% and
    3. we will transfer next 25% as escrow, after finishing ALL website features you will get
        third 25% and
    4. we will transfer last 25%, last part you will get after testing and tunings
II. We will communicate via MSN / Skype, and you will give us every two day feedback.
III. First of all you have to make PROJECT PLAN, which time which feature you will make
IV. All software will be done at OUR server
V. You have to START within THIS WEEK, if not, no chance
Here you will see our SITEMAP, don’t need to make same design, just look at site

                                 Parent Section:
                                 My Child
                                 Parents Forum
                                 Search Tutor
                                 Balance Details (Money)
                                 My Profil

                                 Tutor Section:
                                 Time Table
                                 Ticket System
                                 My Students
                                 Teaching Tools
                                 Tutors Forum
                                 Tell a Friend
                                 Balance Details (Money)
                                 My Profil

                         Student Section:
                         Time Table
                         Ticket System
                         Search Tutor
                         Learning Tools
                         Learning History (Session History)
                         Students Forum
                         Searching Student
                         Tell a Friend
                         My Profil

In this picture you see at left side the menu points for each of the three sections (Eltern / Tutor
/ Schüler). Every section have its own menu, but only the needed menu will roll out, for tutors
the tutor menu, for students the student menu, etc. The other menus will be hidden.

Design of inner pages:

When user login or click on registration, always the left side and the upon part stays there,
only the right area will change with new information. The section (Eltern, Tutor or Schüler)
which is needed will stay and all menu point will be roll out.
This Part of Website will stay                        This Part of Website will always
                                                      change, it is the „working and
(Static)                                              information area“ (dynamic)

           Please feel free to ask me any question.

           Best regards.


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