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					?Have you ever written a book before? Well, if not, then there are certain things that
are important and should be considered. Writing a book is in no way similar to
academic writing. Well when you do your book writing, you not only write for the
audience of your book, but before that you also have to draft a manuscript or proposal
for the publishers of the book. Your writing should be both edgy and catchy.

The list of good book writing tips could go on and on, but, here are few of the most
important ones, these tips go for all book writers.

1.The spotlight should be on your main characters, you need to differentiate between
the leads and the supporting characters.

2.While writing a book you need to check whether you have been able to develop
your characters completely. Book writing is not just about the characters, it is also
about emotions.

3.Has your protagonist changed while book writing? You need to make things
practical, well as we grow, we learn from our mistakes, so should the characters in
your book, a lot of book writers make this mistake, as a book writer you need to know
that it would not be convincing if your characters do not change at all through the
span of your book.

4.Your story needs to be logical because without logic, even fiction does not work.

5.While book writing you need to have a constant tone though out your writing, your
audiences cannot see you, for that reason book writers, while writing a book, have to
be very cautious about their tone.

6.Is your book writing appealing enough, does it have a strong background? Does it
showcase all the senses? Have you used a passive or an active tone? Dull writing or
boring voice could ruin your career as a book writer.

These are some basic layouts for writing a book; as any other book writer, you need to
deliver high quality content, to do so you can always use a book writing software.

On websites providing writers software, you can get various types of paid book
writing software tools and free book writing software info. A good quality book
writing software can help you deliver a better and a nicely formatted content. Free
book writing software have a paid version as well, if you are a beginner then a free
book writing software will be ideal for you, because as you grow as a book writer and
as you explore more, you will keep on getting comfortable with the advanced book
writing softwares.

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