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									?Why pay the cable company when you can get satellite TV on your PC legally for
without paying any monthly subscription fees?

Do you know that you can watch television lawfully on your computer without paying
recurring subscription charges? Many people have no idea this service and just savvy
net users are currently taking advantage of this option. The only thing that is required
to gain access to a multitude of satellite TV channels from all over the globe is a
software program that can be easily setup on your desktop or laptop PC. Why pay
cable or satellite television providers for service when you get it almost free on the

But where can you buy these software packages and how will you know that it's not a
scam? Searching online for this type of software package, you will see numerous of
sites that sell this software package and most of these products do not work as well as
claimed. Many of them have problems that make the software difficult to use.

I have tried a few of these software programs, and I have discovered many that do
exactly what they are advertised to do and others that could be better.

After testing numerous TV on PC software packages, I have determined that the best
packages have the following features. Numerous programs promise claim that there
are no charges other than the setup charge to purchase the software program but
afterward charge you for additional channels and upgrades. A reputable company will
only charge you once for the initial download of the software and nothing else.

Next, the software package must provide outstanding client support via e-mail. Most
software programs offer thousands of program choice and offer many of the major
broadcasting networks. Make sure your package has this crucial feature otherwise you
will get stuck watching only a few channels. The software uses your high-speed ISP
and your programs will load up promptly making viewing television on your PC

Finally, the program must be easy to get up and running and should not need any
additional hardware than your computer and the software. Now that you have a good
idea of what you are looking for you will be able to quickly locate a good TV on PC
software program. A great place to start is by reading user reviews and product


Ashleigh Afin is a freelance software researcher and has reviewed hundreds of
software products and software review websites. You can read more of her reviews
including reviews of top TV on your PC software on the How To Watch TV on Your
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