Sheet Metal Fabrication Using Solid Works

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					?Cost Savings

Solid Works is user-friendly and is simple to learn. Assembly checks can be
performed within the software to ensure that assembly will be right when the design is
made and everything will fit together as specified. The cost savings with this tool is
large because a manufacturer does not have to delay until a product is actually made
in order to test if it is functional and can be correctly assembled. Any errors found
pre-production can be repaired and expenses to fix avoided. Many other tests such as
stress tests can be done via the software as well, yet an additional way to save on
expenses because everything can be done in the software before spending money on
production, only to discover that there was something wrong with it.


Solid Works has a feature for working together online with data sharing called Blue
Print. This allows you to put your drawings on a server that is secure. Only the people
with whom you share a link to the site through email will have access. Someone can
then review your sketches or make changes to it. Sketches as big as 10 MB can be
uploaded to Blue Print Now.


Instruction on Solid Works is accessible through Solid Works as well as through other
vendors in the form of courses and materials for reading. On the Solid Works website,
training files and simulation training files are available that are companions to the
instructional courses. Teacher's blogs, videos and tutorials are also available on the
website as are certification options. In the Sheet Metal course, students can learn how
to model sheet metal parts and about various features of sheet metal. They will
additionally learn about features in Solid Works including the Sheet Metal Tool bar.
They will learn about sheet metal forming tools and additional facets including bends
and hems. The final lesson is regarding changing parts to sheet metal. It explains the
process of changing parts into sheet metal, details of sheet metal, and other topics in
Solid Works such as how to make a design alteration.

Sheet Metal Tools

In solid works there is a Sheet Metal button in the Command Manager. Pressing this
button will further display more tools to work on sheet metal requirements. In the
Property Manager for Sheet-Metal1, specifications can be typed in for auto relief,
bend parameters, and bend allowance. The sheet metal design tools lets the user to
produce and more. There is even a "convert solid to sheet metal" choice.

Solid Works has various partner organizations that have designed Solid Works add-on
applications. One partner company takes 3D models and the design is unfolded and
makes a 2D flat drawing. This is employed in the sheet metal industry.

Solid Works is a useful tool that allows the sheet metal industry the capabilities it
needs to keep costs low, work with its clients, and produce a quality product. Solid
Works continues to improve with updated versions and is a wonderful tool for several
manufacturing industries.

Marc Anderes is the Vice President of Operations of Maloya Laser which specializes
in Metal Manufacturing and Laser Cutting with advanced laser technologies,
servicing aerospace, scientific, transportation, medical and machinery needs.