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Sheet Metal Fabrication And Laser Cutting Service Under One Roof


									?Lot of innovations and improvements has been done in the production and
fabrication of materials or metals. Science and technology has gifted us with a number
of useful tools and systems. Industrial processes have become quite easy with the
introduction of these equipments and technologies. Laser cutting is one of the useful
technologies that make things quite easy.

It is a system that uses a laser in cutting and shaping different types of materials,
especially materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloys and aluminum.
This technology is quite popular in the metal fabrication industry. It is used to
increasing cutting capacity and cutting speed, increase productivity, reduce production
cost and improve cutting quality.

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation or LASER technology is
one of the greatest inventions. Laser is actually a device or tool that generates
coherent and highly concentrated beam of light. With the help of stimulated emission
process the light is produced. There are various types of lasers used for cutting.
Carbon dioxide laser or CO2 laser is one of the common types of lasers that are used
in the cutting of the metals. It is also used in welding. It has the ability to emit a
maximum of hundred kilowatts are 10.6 and 9.6 μm and of cutting twenty to thirty, of
1 millimeter-thick material in a minute.

Sheet metal fabrication is another useful technology. In this process raw piece of
material is modified to produce a metal component. Different temperatures are used to
process these materials. Depending on the temperature range, the process is classified
as hot, warm and cold. There are various types of sheet metal fabrication processes.
These processes are used to form finished products from sheet metals. Objects or
materials that are used and fabricated for machinery and other instruments or
equipments are among the daily used objects like computer, paper clips, nails, bolts,
automotive parts and more.

There are a number of factors such as desired geometry, rate of production and other
physical requirements that have direct impact on the fabrication process. Metal
fabrication is one of the useful techniques. It has a number of advantages. It is used by
a number of industries. Every laser cutting services undergoes three basic processes
that include cutting forming and finishing.

Various types of products are created during the sheet metal fabrication procedure.
Some of the most common objects created are enclosures, metal cabinets, ventilation
shafts, tanks, exhaust systems, hoods and prototypes. Various other industries also use
metal fabrication. These are food storage, food dispensing, communication, computer,
automotive, electronics, medical, telecommunication aerospace, residential,
pharmaceutical and construction.
Some of the common types of Sheet Metal Fabrication include processes like Cold
forming, Annealing (heating), Cold rolling (shaping sheet metal with rollers), Bending
(straining), Drawing , Forging , Rolling , Extrusion and Spinning.

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