kristina by xiangpeng


									    Seeking Dependable and Personable
           Research Assistants!

This is an exciting opportunity to gain experience as a
research assistant while helping organize and implement a
study in psycholinguistics. You will be a valued and active
member of a small team of researchers in a cutting edge

Necessary skills: Assistants should be able to help
schedule and test subject volunteers, record data
accurately and consistently, execute study protocols, work
closely and collaboratively with chief investigator and co-
investigator, and share ideas and possible solutions to
problems as they may arise.
People Skills: The research assistants must have a pleasant
and professional manner. This is especially important for
scheduling/recruiting subject volunteers and for making
them feel safe and relaxed during testing.

If you are dependable, personable, and have an interest in
quantitative research, please contact:

Kristina Dahlen:
Doctoral Student in Applied Linguistics

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