SharePoint Assessment _ Roadmap- the Key to a Successful Collaboration Platform

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					?Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a robust collaboration platform that offers a
wide variety of features to help organizations drive efficiencies and effectiveness
across the enterprise, with employees, partners and customers. A well-planned and
integrated implementation promises excellent results. However, to leverage the true
potential of the platform requires up-front analysis of the business objectives and IT
infrastructure to ensure the best-fit solution that is aligned with organizational

In our experience, we have seen customers fall into a few broad groups that outline
the opportunity matrix for SharePoint:

1. A business that implemented an older version of SharePoint and wishes to
upgrade to the latest to avail the new features and capabilities
2. A business that implemented SharePoint as a point solution for a given project or
team and wishes to expand its reach across the enterprise, ensuring standard usage and
integrated governance policies
3. A business that uses a few of the features of SharePoint, but now wishes to
leverage the full capabilities of the product
4. A business that has no collaboration platform as yet and wants to ensure an
implementation that follows industry best practices and aligns with their business

Many organizations do not realize that, with a solid assessment that aligns IT strategy
and business objectives with the architectural design and implementation roadmap for
your collaboration project, they will be able to get started quickly with a phased
approach that shows results along the way. A great example is using SharePoint to
facilitate the creation and maintenance of team sites. This is something that can be
implemented quickly for immediate value, while at the same time a background
project is underway to eliminate document redundancies and implement version

The intent of the SharePoint Assessment & Roadmap is first and foremost to define
your collaboration vision and align it with your business goals; and then to create a
structured approach to building a SharePoint solution that meets those business

The SharePoint roadmap provides the following benefits:

     Aligns your SharePoint solution to the business needs and strategy
     Incorporates feedback from your users to prioritize SharePoint applications and
     Defines governance policies with input from multiple organizations
     Defines what technology is needed (and when) in order to make the SharePoint
implementation a success
SharePoint offers a broad set of capabilities that need to be considered when building
your prioritized plan. Some of the key features include:

    Communities & Collaboration - Creating an environment that allows teams to
work together by providing an intuitive, flexible, and secure process for sharing

     Process Automation & Management Formalizing and automating processes
streamlines and standardizes how work is done

    Web Sites & Portals Making it easy for your users to create team sites, manage
content, share documents, publish information and more, using familiar tools

    Enterprise Search - Locating relevant data and content distributed across a wide
range of sites, document libraries, business application data repositories, and other

    Web Content Management Simplifies the creation, review and management of
content regardless of format for versioning, retention policies, and other capabilities

    Business Intelligence Provides KPIs and dashboards, easy-to-use analysis and
reporting tools, and much more

     Microsoft Office Integration SharePoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite and
is tightly integrated with Office applications such as Word, Excel, and OneNote,
providing a pervasive collaboration toolset.

In a nutshell, the time spent on initial assessment is an investment and is well worth it
in the end. Unstructured datadocuments, e-mail, presentations and other itemslie at the
heart of an organizations communications. Fully understanding the opportunity matrix
of SharePoint and creating a prioritized plan and roadmap to successfully managing
that unstructured data is the ultimate key to a successful, long-term collaboration
solution that incorporates governance and security while being robust enough to grow
and expand as your business grows and requirements change.

Infogains SharePoint QuickStart program is a five-day assessment and roadmap
program that will help your organization get started quickly and take full advantage of
the benefits of collaboration. If you are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss
the opportunities for a SharePoint implementation, please contact us.