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					?The World of Warcraft Shaman Guide offers you both, power-leveling and
story-driven guides to reach the higher levels. This guide instructs you how to glide
through the levels on every single location, strategy and level without huge effort.

This helps you to avoid mistakes and supports you to learn by dedicating a whole
section to shaman newbie.

Shaman guide's purpose is to show how you can create your shaman, to fit your own
play style, while sustaining best efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of the

The Shaman is the true hybrid class. It has access to melee enhancing abilities,
elemental spell casting, and a bevy of healing techniques. The Orcs, The Trolls and
The Tauren are the three races you can select to become a Shaman.

At the start of the play, the Shamans are trained in the two weapons namely One
Handed maces and Staves. Shamans can get trained in other weapons by speaking to
the appropriate Weapon Master.

You can find those weapon masters by speaking to a guard in each of the main cities.
The weapon skills trainable at each of the cities are as follows: Orgrimmar One
Handed Axes, Two Handed Axes and Fist Weapons, Undercity- Daggers, Thunder
Bluff - Two Handed Maces.

The Shaman has a wide range of skills to choose from at any given time. You can
learn that how Shaman turns any unfortunate situation into a promising one by
accessing the abilities. It summarizes all the skills and their uses in both Player Versus
Enemy (PVE) and Player Verses Player (PVP). It also covers the combination of skills
that make the Shaman most effective in combat against each player class.

You will notice that items you obtain will make statistic adjustments in their profile as
you rise higher in levels. This guide will explain the items which you have to
concentrate in making your Shaman the most effective at certain aspects of combat.
The most important items you have to focus are Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect,
and Spirit.

Elemental, Enhancement and Restoration are the three talent trees that a Shaman can
strengthen his or her abilities in, Close-combat and Healing. You learn how to
maximise your levelling time, by means of grinding, questing and instance grouping.
You learn some basic principles of taking full advantage of your Shaman's abilities
which includes fighting casting monsters, melee monsters and multiple monsters.

Since everything is driven by money in World of Warcraft game, you need to collect
as much as you can. This guide shows you the specific hunting areas that reap the
most money at higher levels.

Shaman guide offers new player an easy start. This guide contains various sections for
explaining where to go, what to collect, how to attack and how to level up very
quickly. This guide is very hard to follow, since it requires the player to have lot of
things in mind at once.

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