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The Buzz (PDF)

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									                       The Buzz
                                                 Ha mp ste ad Hil l Ac ad em y

                                                                                                        February 1, 2011

2nd Quarter Report Cards Go Home Thursday, February 3rd                                                  Inside this issue:
Please review your child’s report card carefully. Your informed participation in your child’s
learning is critical. Be sure to check the “level status” of your child in each subject area. There
is a specific box or comment informing you if your child is performing on level. Being on level is
directly linked to student promotion. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s
progress, please make an appointment with the appropriate teacher as soon as possible.                     What’s New        2

You should be able to answer the following questions from reading the 2nd quarter report card:             Club News         3
     Is my child progressing at grade level in each subject?
     What are my child’s strengths? How can I maximize them?                                              Family
     What are my child’s challenges? How can I help?                                                      Information       5
     Is retention a possibility for my child? If so, what can
       I do to prevent it?                                                                                 Family Fun        8
     Does the teacher want a conference with me? If so, when?
     Do I want a conference with one of my child’s teachers? Call
       410-396-9146 to leave a message for the teacher to schedule an
     Is my child attending school regularly and on time? If not, what do I need to do?

Remember to celebrate your child’s academic accomplishments. Spend time with him or her
reading, taking a walk, playing a game, seeing a movie, baking cookies or shopping. Children          Important dates this
want your attention, and they want to please you. Your time and attention is the most                 month:
important thing you have to offer.
                                                                                                       2/2, Student
Student Celebration Night – Wednesday, February 2nd                                                     Celebration Night
You and your family are cordially invited to Student Celebration Night Wednesday,                      2/3, PTO Meeting,
February 2nd from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Come see what your child has been learning at Hampstead                8:30 a.m.
Hill Academy. The evening will start at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium with greetings from Mr.
Hornbeck and information from the PTO. Following your classroom visits and presentations,              2/3, Report Cards
there will be a special scavenger hunt that will take you to stations in the Food for Life              Sent Home
classroom, library, computer laboratory, music room and gymnasium. Get your scavenger                  2/9, Parent
hunt card from your child’s homeroom teacher. Each completed scavenger hunt card will be                Workshop,
entered in a drawing to receive one of three $50 Target gift cards. Refreshments will be                8:30 a.m.
provided at scavenger hunt locations. We hope to see you at school for the fun.
                                                                                                       2/16, Council
                                                                                                        Meeting, 3 p.m.
Parent Surveys Sent Home                                                                               2/17, 5th Grade
Parent surveys have been sent home. Tell the district how much you like Hampstead Hill
                                                                                                        Field Trip
Academy. We hear from parents all the time that they love our school. Please take this
opportunity to tell Dr. Alonso how much you like Hampstead Hill Academy by completing the              2/21, School
parent survey and returning it to school. It is anonymous, and your answers will be                     Closed, Presidents’
confidential. We need to have 100% participation, so tell your friends, and people you see              Day
before and after school, to COMPLETE THE SURVEY. Please read the survey directions before
completing. If you return the completed survey to school before Thursday, February 10th,
your name will be put in a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card.
                             February is "Black History Month," a time to commemorate African-Americans who have
                             changed our world. In 1926, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, a Harvard Ph.D. began this tradition.
                             Initially, the commemoration lasted just one week and coincided with Frederick Douglass
                             and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. In 1976, the observance was extended to the entire
                             month of February to provide more time for celebratory programs and activities. There are
                             many websites that offer information on notable African-Americans and their contributions
                             to our society. During the month of February, morning announcements at HHA will feature
                             a brief biography of a Black American history maker.

No Cuts to Public                             admissions lottery will be held                     May 26th. Gates open at
                                              Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at                     5:30 p.m. Entertainment is from
Education – Time to                           3 p.m. in the library. This is a                    6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Rally in Annapolis                            public lottery. All are welcome to
The time has now come to rally                attend.                                             BREAKING NEWS: WANTED BAND
the forces and head to Annapolis                                                                  THAT PLAYS LATIN AMERICAN
to show our support for City                                                                      MUSIC! WE ARE LOOKING FOR A
Schools. The Governor's budget                                                                    BAND THAT WILL PLAY FOR
includes $17 million in proposed                                                                  FREE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO
cuts to City Schools. Unlike the                                                                  RECOMMEND SOMEONE, PLEASE
press reports, there are cuts to                                                                  SEE MS. SWANN.
education funding, and those                  Tickets are on sale now for the
                                              musical production of Annie Jr.
funding cuts are disproportionate
                                              Annie Jr. tells the tale of Annie,
                                                                                                  What’s New
to City Schools. While other
jurisdictions are receiving funding           an orphan determined to find her
increases, Baltimore City is slated           parents who abandoned her years                     Parents, Teachers and
to lose $17 million in education              ago. The story unfolds at the
                                              orphanage where Annie's parents                     Staff: Step Off!
funding. We must oppose the
                                              have left her with only half of a                   HHA does a great job of helping
cuts. Ms. Swann and staff
                                              heart- shaped locket and a note                     our students learn about healthy
members will spearhead efforts to
                                              promising that they would return                    food and physical activity choices
rally in Annapolis on Monday,
                                              for her someday. Life in the                        for a long, healthy life. But
February 28th. HHA will be
                                              orphanage had been rough under                      sometimes, even adults need a
gathering with other schools and
                                              the strict hand of Miss Hannigan,                   little help remembering to eat
members of the Baltimore
                                              but Annie’s life changed when                       healthy and exercise. Thanks to a
Education Coalition (BEC) to show
                                              billionaire Oliver Warbucks invited                 partnership with Maryland
our support for “no cuts to City
                                              Annie to spend Christmas with him                   Physicians Care, HHA will be
Schools.” A flyer will be sent                                                                    launching a competition to help
home detailing the rally. Please              in his mansion. They each
                                              discover new                                        teachers, parents and staff to get
sign up to join us in our efforts to
                                              happiness. See                                      moving. Participating adults will
stop budget cuts to City Schools.
                                              the attached                                        get a free pedometer to count
                                              flyer for dates                                     their steps and will be charting
Pre-registration for the                      and pricing                                         their steps to win prizes. The
                                                                                                  contest will start in March. Look
Spring Lottery                                information.
                                                                                                  for information about signing up
Spread the word to family and
                                                                                                  to be sent home shortly.
friends that pre-registration forms           Hampstead Hill Nights
for the spring lottery are being              Spring is just around the corner,
accepted at Hampstead Hill                                                                        Fabulous, Fun Fridays
                                              and planning has begun for the
Academy for the 2011-2012 school              7thAnnual Hampstead Hill Nights.                    in February
year. If you do not live in this              There will be fun festivities for all               Has the snow and cold weather
area and would like for your child            including live music and food.                      got you down and feeling blah?
to attend Hampstead Hill                      Mark your calendar now for three                    Well we are going to spice things
Academy, please fill in a pre-                nights of relaxation, musical                       up and have some spirit fun at
registration form and follow the              harmony and gathering of the                        HHA! Every Friday in February,
directions for mailing. The form              friends of Hampstead Hill                           students, teachers, staff,
is available at the school or online          Academy. The dates are                              volunteers and parents can show
at The HHA                     Thursday, May 12th, May 19th and
                                             Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                        Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                             organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.
their school spirit by wearing                 participation. Students in grade 1                 attached flyer for complete
something fabulous. In order to                and 2 who have less than three                     details.
participate, students in grades                think times can participate in the
Pre-K, K, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 must             Friday event. Please encourage
not have a detention during the                your child to participate, and we
week. No detentions equal                      hope you will too. See the

Club News
     *Please note, students will not be permitted to join multiple clubs that meet on the same day.*

                             ATTENTION STUDENTS AND PARENTS!

Open Minds Art Club
Creative Alliance presents the second Open Minds Art Club at Hampstead Hill Academy. The program will take place
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:40 to 4:40 p.m. beginning February 3rd and ending on April 12th. The program is open to
students in grades 4 to 8. Connect with your inner visual artist to create paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Garden Club
Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start growing! Garden Club will meet Tuesdays beginning
March 15th. Members will plant, care for and harvest HHA’s “Garden for Life.” Interested students in
grades kindergarten to 5 should complete the sign-up sheet at the end of the newsletter and return it to Ms. Swann.
Club enrollment will be limited to 15 students. Students who signed up in the fall do not have to reapply.

Culinary Arts Club
The Culinary Arts Club finished the semester by preparing a fabulous selection of
appetizers for the “International Tapas” dinner held January 13th. The dinner
accompanied an art show and was preceded by musical performances in the gym. The
club would like to thank everyone who attended the event. Ms. Carlson would like to
extend a HUGE thank you to all of the teachers, administrators and parent and
community volunteers that made the dinner such a success. The club celebrated the
end of a very successful semester by taking a field trip to Hollywood Burger Bistro.
Club members met the chef, toured the kitchen and sampled some professionally
prepared appetizers.

The second semester Culinary Arts Club got under way at the end of January. This group
of 3rd through 5th graders has a tough act to follow, but they are ready to show off their
cooking skills at the next community dinner.

Young Rembrandts                                                                                      Culinary Arts Club member,
Young Rembrandts has started the first Kindergarten after-school drawing class at                   Odessa Powell, shows a freshly
HHA. The class for this group is held on Monday afternoons. There are a few spots                    prepared dish of Sweet Potato
still open in this group, and the cost is prorated for new members. The                                  Ceviche, served at the
Wednesday afternoon group for grade 1 – 5 students also has a few seats open.                       community dinner January 13th.
With all the weather issues lately, missed classes will be added at the end of the

Drama Club
A special thanks in advance to all the parents of our young actors for making sure their child attends every scheduled
rehearsal. Every member of the cast is vital to the success of the show. There are only 15 more rehearsals before
show time. PLEASE continue to make rehearsals a priority. Lots of information has been sent home about
costumes, rehearsals and ticket sales. If you have not received this information, please contact Mrs. Kaminaris.

                                          Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                     Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                          organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.
Drama Club Parent Volunteer Recruitment                                 choir members on and off stage. Keep in mind, if you
Parents are needed to assist with sewing costumes,                      are working a show, do not purchase a ticket for that
painting scenery and to work during one dress rehearsal                 show. You will not be able to view the show while
or show night/day. Parents will be needed in dressing                   working. If you are interested, please email Mrs.
rooms to help with costume changes, hair, make-up                       Kaminaris at
and to help supervise and assist the young actors and
News from Chrissa Carlson, Food for Life Educator

Nutrition Nibble: I         Healthy Foods
St. Valentine’s Day brings a little warmth to this final month of winter and brings attention to the symbol of the heart.
Show yourself some love by taking care of your heart. Heart disease, which usually results from blood vessels blocked
by cholesterol (arthrosclerosis), is the number one cause of death in the United States. One of the best ways to
prevent heart disease is getting regular exercise and eating a heart-healthy diet. A diet low in cholesterol and
saturated fat and rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans is your best weapon for preventing heart
disease. Here is a delicious recipe that meets these recommendations.

Pasta with Spinach, Chickpeas and Raisins
Adapted from The Mayo Clinic
     8 ounces whole wheat pasta (such as rotini or ziti)
     2 tablespoons olive oil
     4 garlic cloves, crushed
     1/2 can (19 ounces) garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained
     1/2 cup low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth
     1/2 cup raisins
     4 cups fresh spinach, chopped
     2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese

    1. Cook pasta according to package directions and drain.
    2. While pasta cooks, heat olive oil in a large skillet.
    3. Sauté garlic over medium heat until beginning to brown, about one minute.
    4. Add the garbanzo beans and chicken broth; stir until warmed through.
    5. Add the raisins and spinach; heat just until spinach is wilted, about three minutes. Don't overcook.
    6. Divide the pasta among plates (should make 5-6 servings).
    7. Top each serving with sauce, one teaspoon Parmesan cheese and cracked pepper to taste.

Community Dinner
The next community dinner will be held Thursday, March 3 rd at 6 pm. This dinner will be on the opening night of
Annie Jr. Come and enjoy dinner theater HHA style. Information on tickets for both the play and the dinner will be
sent home this month.

Scenes from the Community Dinner

                                            Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                       Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                            organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.

                                                   Family Information

       The Countdown Continues                                                              What Does the MSA Look
    52% of the school year is complete,                                                       Like for Your Child?
  94 of our 180 student days have ticked                                          You can go online to see sample MSA items for
   by. There are only 23 school days left                                          3rd through 8th grade in reading and math at
  until our 3rd – 8th graders sit for the MSA                          
     reading and math tests beginning                                             index.html. Spend some time learning what is
      March 7th. Mark your calendars.                                              expected of your child by the Maryland State
                                                                                            Department of Education.

Important Dates - Mark Your Calendar
       March 7-16, 2011 – Maryland School Reading and Math Assessment (MSA) for grades 3-8
       March 28-April 15, 2011 – MSA Science Assessment for grades 5 and 8
       April 4-8, 2011 – Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) for grades one and two
       Report Cards: 2/3 (2nd Quarter), 4/12 (3rd Quarter), 6/10 (4th Quarter)
       Friday, June 10, 2010 - LAST DAY (weather permitting)
       Please put these dates on your calendar and be sure NOT to plan activities outside of school on test days!
                Remember, scores on the tests help decide whether students move on to the next grade.

News from the PTO                                                        The PTO By-Laws Committee has finished the updates
We are looking forward to working with all of the HHA                    on our new by-laws and will have their
community to accomplish our goals for this year. We                      recommendations to the Board next week. Thank you
were very excited to see so many new faces at our last                   to Robin Korte and the By-Laws Committee for tackling
meeting and hope that you will continue to support the                   this task. We will be voting on the by-laws at our next
PTO. Our next meeting will take place Thursday,                          meeting.
February 3rd at 8:30 a.m. Our meetings are held once a
month and will alternate between morning and evening                     The plans for B3 (Beer, Band and Bingo) are well under
meetings.                                                                way, and we need your help! Please contact Cathy
                                                                         Wolkow at,
We have had numerous dedicated individuals on our                        or 410.558.8566 to volunteer for the event. This event
executive board, and their terms will be up at the end                   will be held Saturday, March 26th from 7 to 11 p.m. and
of this year. We are looking for some new people to                      will be an adult only event. Tickets will be $15 per
join the PTO Board. We will have up to four vacancies                    person and will include entrance into the event, heavy
to fill at our election in May. Please contact any PTO                   h'ordeuvres, desserts and tons of fun. Bingo cards,
Board member if you are considering a position.                          beer and soft drinks will be available for purchase at
                                                                         the event.

Announcing the Hampstead Hill Library Award Books Contest
Has your child read any of these award winning books? If so, come to the HHA library and get
your name on the readers' wall and receive a small prize. Ask Ms. Kannam for a complete list
of books for the contest.

Elementary Level
The 2011Caldecott Award Winner
A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead

Upper Elementary and Middle School
The 2011 Newberry Award Winner
Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

                                              Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                         Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                              organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.
                                               program. Two 14-week sessions                       area improvement is needed. If
                                               will take place. The first session                  your child receives the
                                               will start Monday, October 4th and                  improvement needed note, please
                                               end on Friday, January 14th. The                    contact the homeroom teacher for
                                               second session will begin                           more detailed information.
                                               Wednesday, January 26th and end
Terrific Kids Honored                          Friday, May 6th.                                    Good attendance is critical to
On Friday, January 21st, students                                                                  success in school. Attendance and
in grades 1-5 at Hampstead Hill                Every two weeks during each                         lateness also play an important
Academy were honored for                       session, each student will receive                  part in the Terrific Kids Program.
meeting the criteria of the                    a notice regarding their status for                 For each 14 week period, if a
Terrific Kids program. They                    the Terrific Kids Program. The                      student in grades 1st or 2nd has
received a certificate and prizes,             student will receive a Terrific Job                 more than six days of lateness
along with an individualized star              certificate, if he/she has:                         and/or four occasions of absence
hung in the main lobby. All                          zero detentions and zero                     (e.g. if a student is out for five
students have the opportunity to                        office referrals                           days with the flu that would be
be in the Terrific Kids Program for                  three or less Think Times                    considered one occasion), the
the second session. The second                       followed the school-wide                     student will not be eligible for the
session of the Terrific Kids                            expectations of being                      Terrific Kids Program. For each
Program began Monday, January                           safe, being respectful,                    14 week period, if a student in
31st and will end Friday, May 6th.                      being responsible, being                   3rd through 5th grade has more
Please take a few minutes to                            friendly and caring.                       than four days of lateness and/or
review the Terrific Kids’ Program              All of the student’s teachers must                  four occasions of absence, the
guidelines with your child. To                 agree that the criteria have been                   student will not be eligible for the
view a complete list of Terrific               met. During the course of 14                        Terrific Kids Program. Parents are
Kids, see the attachment.                      weeks, a student will have the                      encouraged to keep a
                                               opportunity to receive seven                        lateness/attendance record for
Guidelines for the Terrific                    certificates. The student must                      their child. If you have any
                                               have at least six certificates to be                questions, please contact Ms.
Kids Program - 2010-2011                       part of the Terrific Kids Program.                  Swann at
A student will have two                        If the student did not earn the           
opportunities during the school                Terrific Job certificate, he/she
year to be part of the Terrific Kids           will receive a note stating in what

         The Attendance Race Continues - Updated figures for January and Yearly Average
                    Congratulations to the Fourth Grade Team for having the
                           highest attendance average for January.
                            Grade                  Average                      Grade              Year Average
                     HHA average                            95.22%             HHA Average                    95.8%
                     4th grade                              96.97%                           K                96.9%
                     3rd grade                              96.52%                           3                96.6%
                     PreK                                   95.66%                           1                96.4%
                     Kindergarten                           95.65%                           5                96.4%
                     1st grade                              95.27%                           2                95.9%
                     5th grade                              95.24%                           4                95.9%
                     2nd grade                              94.85%                           6                95.8%
                     6th grade                              94.49%                       PreK                 94.9%
                     7th grade                              93.78%                          7                 94.1%
                     8th grade                              92.25%                           8                91.5%

                                            Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                       Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                            organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.
The Spectacular Express is                   Dawson, Jaydon                                      Rohrbaugh, Brooke
Rolling Along                                Easton, Gisele                                      Rojas, Alex
                                             Eggleston, Kamrin                                   Sackes-Jones, Londyn
                                             Franetovich, Ethan                                  Shafer, Simone
Students nominated for a train               Garcia, Matthew                                     Solano, Andrea
car for doing a spectacular act              Hill, Tyler                                         Sullivan, Maxim
during the month of January are:             Hiotes, Alexandros                                  Thomson, Will
Barrett, Clemmon                             Homsher, Ryan                                       Thomson, Chris
Bauer, Kody                                  Hook, Jacob                                         Torres-Valencia, Diego
Bauer, Dominic                               Hovermill, Brandon                                  Turner, Imani
Brown, Marquice                              Huggins, Ronnie                                     Uhlik, Taylor
Brown, Morell                                Hunt, Tommy                                         Vanya, Aaron
Burns, Amaya                                 Kaminaris, Eva                                      Young, Michael
Caltempa, Daisy                              Korte, Ethan                                        Zaragoza, Sandra
Castle, Branden                              Korte, Camille
Cielo, Andy                                  Miller, Austin                                      Winner of the January raffle was
Coleman, Robert                              Pineda, Guadalupe                                   Daisy Caltempa.
Crews, Karah                                 Rivera, Heyssel
Crowley, Seaden                              Rivera, Hector

Rules for Students to Stay Safe Online
      Never agree to meet anyone in person that you have met online.
      Never give out identifying information such as your address, phone number, school name, town, etc. in chat
       rooms, forums, forms or questionnaires.
      Never reply to email, chat messages or forum items that
       make you feel uncomfortable.
      Never send information or pictures to anyone over the
       Internet that you do not know.
      Never give your password to anyone except your parents, no
       matter whom they say they are.
      Be aware that people may not be who they say they.
       Someone who says she is a 10-year old girl may not be that
      Never click on links in emails from people you don't know.
      Don't order anything or give anyone credit card information
       without your parent's permission.
      Always tell your parents if someone upsets you or makes you
      Always follow your parents' rules regarding computer use.

Computer/Internet Signs Parents Should Watch For
      Your child quickly changes what is on the screen when you walk in the room.
      Your child stays up late at night talking to friends online.
      You notice links to inappropriate sites in the history section of the browser.

The Quick Buzz

          Newsletter Submissions - If you would like to contribute information to the newsletter that you feel
           would be helpful to other parents, please submit your article to or see Ms. Swann.
          PTO Meeting (Formerly known as the PAT meeting) – Thursday, February 3rd, 8:30 a.m. Parents are
           encouraged to attend.
          School Family Council Meeting – Wednesday, February 16th, 3 p.m. Please come and join our
           discussion about HHA's School Mission and Vision. Parents are encouraged to attend.
          MSA Pep Rally: Friday, March 4th.

                                           Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                      Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                           organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.
           Lost and Found - Current items will be given to charity Tuesday, March 1st.
           February No Uniform Day – February No Uniform Day: Friday, February 25th: For this month only,
            students who do not earn a detention for the week can participate. It is a part of our Fabulous, Fun
            Fridays in February! Please refer to the City School Dress Code Policy on page 29 of the City Schools’ Code
            of Conduct manual regarding appropriate non-uniform clothing.
         Uniform Items - If your child needed a uniform item from school, due to an accident or otherwise, please
            send it back as soon as possible. We need those items to be available for other students that may need a
            change of clothes. We also are accepting gently worn uniform pieces. Please bring them to the main
Thank You – Staff and students would like to say thank you to Gioconda Padovan, Helen
Peterson, Trish Gnibus, Jill DeCastro, Jeanne Pasko, Vivian Williams, Theresa Shafer, Alice
Gosse, Cara Joyce, Anne McNamara, Jackie Korycki, Jean Grinspoon, Julie Bryan, Kevin
Venable, Kevin Bonner and Patricia Forbes for their volunteer work and to all of the
families that have donated gently worn uniform items and assisted with field trips.

Family Fun

Family Together Time
           Point out how people use math in their daily life.
           Read a book with your child about a famous African-American.
           Make a special Valentine’s Day dinner with your family.
           Practice counting money with your child.
           Have your child write a story about snow, and then, draw a picture about the story.

Events at the Southeast Anchor Library Children’s Department in January
See the attached flyer.

Friends of Patterson Park
Enjoy the Park! Programs are offered for children and adults. You can sign up for zumba, yoga, karate or volleyball.
For a complete list of activities, call 410.276.3637 or visit

Family Filmgoer
This is a helpful guide for parents about what kids should and should not see. Reviews appear each Friday and are
available free online at:

Baltimore Child’s Summer Camp Program Fair
Are you confused as to which summer camp to send your child? The Summer Camp Program Fair will take place
Sunday, March 6th, from 12 noon to 3 p.m., at the Crowne Plaza in Timonium. For more info, call 410-367-5883 or visit and click on Camp Fair.

Softball Players Wanted
Fortview Community Softball League is looking for boys and girls, ages 5 – 17 for the upcoming 2011 softball season.
Games begin Saturday, April 30th. For more information, contact Larry Vallerani at 410.633.6672 or Cissy Funk at

            Contact Information:
            Matthew Hornbeck, Principal
            Mari Satterlee, Assistant Principal
            Arleen Proto, Assistant Principal
            Hampstead Hill Academy
            500 S. Linwood Avenue
            Baltimore, Maryland 21224
            410.396.3637 fax

                                                Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                           Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                                organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.
                      HAMPSTEAD HILL ACADEMY.
                                Hampstead Hill Academy Feedback Form
                                        School Year 2010-2011

Name and contact information if you want a response to your submission:_____________________


I have a_____question_____comment_____concern_____suggestion.




Please return this form to Ms. Swann.

                                Student Activities Sign-up Sheet
I would like to sign up for:

_______ Grades Kindergarten – 5 – Garden Club - Spring is right around the corner, which means
it’s time to start growing! Garden Club will meet Tuesdays beginning March 15 th. Members will
plant, care for and harvest HHA’s “Garden for Life.”

________Grades 4 – 8 - Open Minds Art Club - The program will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 2:40 to 4:40 p.m. beginning February 3rd and ending on April 12th

                     This form must be returned to Ms. Swann no later than
     Thursday, February 3rd. If the number of students for a club exceeds the member limit,
                                  a lottery drawing will be held.

Student’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Homeroom Teacher: _________________________________________________________________

Parent’s Name and Contact Number: ___________________________________________________


      Only students selected for the club will receive a permission slip.
                          Return this form to Ms. Swann.

                                          Contact us at: 410-396-9146 or
                     Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit
                          organization celebrating a decade of service and student learning in Baltimore.
         Fabulous, Fun, Fridays
              In February!
      Students in Pre-K, K, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 who have zero detentions
                         per week can participate!
      Students in grades 1 and 2 who earn less than three think times
                        per week can participate!

     Friday, February 4th: Crazy Sock Day!
   Decorate your socks, wear mismatched socks
                 and be creative!

     Friday, February 11th: Crazy Hair Day!
    Wear three ponytails, comb it differently;
            Think outside the “hair!”

         Friday, February 18th: Hat Day!
             You can wear a hat all day!
          A funny hat or your favorite hat!

     Friday, February 25th: No Uniform Day!
For the month of February only, zero detentions this
         week equals no uniform day for you!
                                    The Hampstead Hill Players

                                 Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
                                  Friday, March 4, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
                                 Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.
  Tickets are available for purchase during school hours or at the door.

                                          Reserved seating only!
                           Ticket Prices:
      Hampstead Hill Students and Children 12 and under $5.00
                           Adults $8.00
       To order tickets, fill out the form below and send with cash or money order
                   to the school office in an envelope marked Annie Jr.
 *Please note there will be no dress rehearsal performance for the HHA students.
                The evening performances will be the only chance
                         for HHA students to see the show.
                           Please reserve your seats now!

Purchaser’s Name______________________________________          Telephone #__________________________________________

Performance                         # of tickets x $5.00        # of tickets x $8.00                Total
Thursday, March 3        @ 7pm       _______________             _______________                 ______________
Friday, March 4 @ 7pm                _______________             _______________                 ______________
Saturday, March 5 @ 2pm              _______________             _______________                 ______________

                                                                         Total amount of $ Due   ______________

Child performing in the play        Yes_____          No_____   Child’s Name_________________________________
                            Members of the Terrific Kids Program
                                        Session One

Agueda, Lily                 Delacruz, Amber            Howlett, Evelyn
Aguilar-Oyorzabal,           Dent Jr., Michael          Huggins, Ronnie
Brianna                      Diaz, Elio                 Hunt, Tommy
Aguirre, William             Easton, Gisele             Ibarra, Cindy
Alonso, Christian            Easton, Xander             Ibarra, Elizabeth
Bartkowiak, Baili            Edwards, Alden             Ingrao, Olivia
Bautista-Gomez, William      Edwards, Jasper            Jackson, Nolan
Bell, Joshua                 Encinas Hernandez,         Jillson, Hanna
Bernardino, Lizveth          Esmeralda                  Joyce, Sean
Bierley, Makaila             Espinoza, Danielle         Kaminaris, Evanthia
Blackwell, Alicia            Franetovich, Ethan         Keseling, Anthony
Blankenship, Michaela        Franklin, Kyle             Korte, Camille
Bloodsworth, Elle            Furst, Ian                 Korte, Ethan
Blount, Jaleel               Garcia, Karla              Korycki, Austin
Blowers, Julia               Garcia, Mathew             Kwaw, Kofi
Blowers, Kimberly            Garcia-Sanchez, Shirley    Labra Munoz, Lizbeth
Boykins, Jaleel              Garcia Tomlinson, Joseph   Lasker, Nathan
Boykins, Kaleel              Gehawi, Nissrin            LaVeau, Makinde
Brooks, Hydeia               Geleta, Brayden            Lawal, Devan
Brown, Laura                 Geleta, Conner             Le, Jacky
Bryan Jr., Johnny            Gilliam, Khiya             Le, Kayla
Bryan, Gabriella             Gittings, Devon            Lesko, Eamon
Bryan, Tabitha               Goldberg, Ariel            Lopes, Heaven
Bryan, Zachary               Golt, Austin               Lopez, Angel
Bunce, Madison               Gonzalez, Monica           Lopez, Carlos
Burns, Amaya                 Gosse, Caroline            Lopez, Emmanuel
Bustos, Eduardo              Gosse, Meghan              Love, Liam
Camano-Flores, Star          Graham, Tyriel             Madrigal Sanchez, Adali
Cano Martinez, Yessica       Gray, Ronald               Mahala, Marissa
Caravantes, Johnny           Griffin, Summer            Malabayabas, Greg
Castelan, Sofia              Grinspoon, Kaila           Maldonado, Guadalupe
Castle, Branden              Guerrero Machuca, Felipe   Margotta, Brianna
Castro-Quintanilla, Jorge    de Jesus                   Martin, Ruth
Cedillo, Noe                 Guillen-Espinoza, Tomas    Martinez Flores, Arely
Chenoweth, Katie             Guzman, Alin               Maruffi, Dominick
Cielo, Andy                  Hartman, Roy               Matthews, Jordan
Coronel, Katherine           Healey, Garrett            McPherson, Marin
Costilia, Avigayl            Hebron, Le’Kara            Mejia, Marvin
Costilla, Jose               Hernandez, Andres          Mendez-Sanchez,
Couser , Kevin               Hernandez, Liliana         Francisco
Cuahutepitzi, Karen          Hernandez-Garcia, Erica    Miller, Austin
Cuautle-Ventura, Ana         Homsher, Ryan              Mitchell, Amber
Davila Bernal, Claritza      Hook, Jacob                Mitchell, Samuel
Davila Bernal, Mary Bella    Howard, De’asia
Davis Vanya, Ava             Howard, Destiney
                          Members of the Terrific Kids Program
                                      Session One

Mojarro-Garcia,             Rosario, Gregory           Xolalpa-Torres, Joselyn
Alejandro                   Ross, Michele              Young, Derrick
Molina, Angel               Rugerio-Mejia, Belen       Young, Josalynn
Navarro, Karla              Rugerio-Mejia, Jose De     Youngblood, Alexis
Nestor, Samantha            Jesus                      Yupa, Angely
Niyas, Aneeka               Sadleir, Brianna           Yupa-Cuzco, Kimberly
Null, Grace                 Sanchez, Anthony           Zaragoza Cardoso,
Nunez, Lizbeth              Sanchez, Edward            Sandra
Ortega Benitez, Saul        Sauls, Maya                Zornes, Destiny
Otero Torres, Ivan          Sauls, Sydney
Padgett, Samuel             Saunders, Arianna
Pappas, Eleni               Schuler, Joshua
Pappas, Vasilios            Scott, Alexis
Pasko, James                Shafer, Anna
Pastor-Osorio, Jovanee      Shafer, Simone
Perez, Kelly                Shaikh, Saad
Perez-Garza, Kevin          Siebor, Kyle
Perez-Garza, Marlene        Sieracki, Nickolas
Perez-Marquez,              Simcox, Talya
Adamary                     Sock, Dakota
Perez-Marquez, Evelyn       Solano, Andrea
Perez-Navarro, Johanna      Sosa, Citlaly
Perez-Rodriguez, Emily      Storto, Bianca
Perez-Rodriquez, Daniel     Suggs, Olivia
Pineda-Romero, Jesus        Sullivan, Maxim
Pippen, Tiffany             Tapia, Camila
Polanco, Pedro              Tarver, Quizzon
Portillo Estrella,          Tillman, Faith
Kimberly                    Torres-Valencia, Diego
Ramirez, Celine             Torres-Valencia, Melissa
Ramirez, Jared              Turowski, Jordan
Reale, Eleanore             Uroza, Ashley
Reeb, James                 Uroza, Gisselle
Reed, Tyheim                Varela, Juan
Rivera, Hector              Villareal, Daphne
Rodriguez, Emilio           Villarreal, Britney
Romanyuk, Taras             Wallace, Darius
Romero, Cindia              Warren, Arianna
Romero, Jose                Waters, Tavon
Romero, Josue               Weber, Caitlin
Romero-Delgado, Blanca      Williams, Alexus
Romero-Delgado,             Wilson, Damen
Marcela                     Wolf, Holden
                                                                                    The Hampstead Hill Players Advertisement Contract
                      The Hampstead Hill Players
                              Hampstead Hill Academy                               Agrees to be an advertiser in the 2011 Program Booklet
                               500 S. Linwood Avenue                                           for the production of Annie Jr.
                             Baltimore, Maryland 21224
                                                                          WxH                       Ad size and price list (check selection)

                                                                                  4.5” x 7.5”       Inside Back Cover                          $100.00

Dear Patron,
                                                                                  4.5” x 7.5”       Back Cover                                 $100.00

Hampstead Hill Academy is proud to present the Hampstead Hill
Players’ production of Annie Jr. on March 3, 4, & 5, 2011.
                                                                                  4.5” x 5.5”       Half Page                                  $25.00
Our production will include a program booklet where you can place
an advertisement for your business or a message of well wishes to
a cast member or members. You may include a picture with your ad.
                                                                                  4.5” x 2.75”      Quarter Page                               $10.00

We are counting on your kindness and hoping you will place an ad in
our program. Your ad will be seen by hundreds of theatre goers
                                                                                                    One Liner (up to 30 characters)            $ 2.00
from the Baltimore Metropolitan area. This program booklet will
be distributed at each performance. Please complete the provided
contract and return it along with your full payment to Hampstead
                                                                          Enclosed is $__________, along with a signed copy of this contract,
Hill Academy by Friday, February 18, 2011. Payment must be made in
                                                                          together with payment in full and ad copy/art.
cash or by money order only. Please clearly mark all envelopes
Annie Jr. musical program ad. Note: the content of any ad is subject to
                                                                                                 This contract is authorized by:

Thank you in advance for your generosity.
                                                                                                 Company Name/Patron (Printed)
Wayne Larrivey
                                                                                                          Phone Number

Director                                                                  Please attach ad copy or business card. If creating your own ad, please create
                                                                          it to size and specifications and send it in on a cd marked with advertiser name
                                                                          along with contract and payment. Ads may also be sent by email to Michelle
                                                                          Kaminaris at
 Children’s Programs: January/February 2011
                                                        Mother Goose Baby Steps
 Saturday Storytime                                     Mondays at 11:00am
 Saturdays at 3:00pm                                    January 3, 10, 24, 31
 January 8, 15, 22, 29                                  February 7, 14, 28
 February 5, 12, 19, 26                                 An interactive nursery rhyme
 Stories, songs, and a craft                            program with music and movement.
 for the whole family.
                                                        Buena Casa, Buena Brasa
 Preschool Leaps                                        Thursdays at 11:00am
 Wednesdays at 11:00am                                  January 6, 13, 20, 27
 January 5, 12, 19, 26                                  February 3, 10, 17, 24
 February 2, 9, 16, 23                                  Canciones, rimas, cuentos y
 A program of stories, songs,                           juegos para los niños (0-3 años)
 and fun for ages 3-5.                                  y los padres o cuidadores.


                   Journey to the End of                       I “Heart” Cards!
                   the Earth                                   Wednesday, February 9
                   Wednesday, January 19                       3:00pm
                   4:00pm                                      Create a Valentine for that
                   See the rugged landscape and                special someone!
                   wild animals of the Patagonia, and
                   make your own travel collage.

                   PAWS to Read                                   Valentine’s UNO
                   Saturday, Jan 15, Feb 12                       Tournament
                   2:00pm                                         Thursday, February 10
                   Children get a chance to practice              4:00pm
                   their reading skills with very pa-             UNO tournament with
                   tient and furry listeners. Dog                 Valentine flair!
                   volunteers present.

                   Wii Open Play                            Open Minds Art Club
                   Thursday , January 6                     Wed, Feb 2, 9, 23,
                   February 3                               Mon Feb 7, 14, 28
                   3:30pm                                   4pm
                   Gaming with the Wii for kids             An arts program for kids grades 5
                   Ages 8 and up.                           and up presented in partnership
                                                            with the Creative Alliance.

 3601 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224                   410-396-1580 ext. 35416
                                                                  FEBRUARY 2011
     Sunday        Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday              Thursday                Friday               Saturday
                                        1                         2                      3                     4                     5
                                        -Orchestra, Gym           -Musical Rehearsal,    -Report Cards Sent    -Musical Rehearsal,   -Musical Rehearsal,
                                         Morning                   Gym                    Home                  Gym                   Gym

                                        -Junior Chess             -Young Rembrandts      -PTO Meeting          -MMASSAC
                                        -Debate                   -Voyage of             -Voyage of            -Voyage of
                                        -Homework Club             Exploration Grades     Exploration Grades    Exploration Grades
                                        -Band                      5 to 8                 5 to 8                5 to 8
                                        -Voyage of                -Ceramic Club          -Advanced Chess
                                         Exploration Grades       -Student               -Open Minds Art
                                         5 to 8                    Celebration Night      Club
                                        -Math Coach Class,         5:30 – 7:30 p.m.      -Debate
                                          8th grade                                      -Homework Club
                                                                                         -Culinary Arts Club
                                                                                         -Page Turners
                                                                                         -Spanish Class
                                                                                         Shrimp poppers
                                                                  Sweet and sour         with macaroni and
                                        Hot dog                   chicken                cheese            Vegetable pizza
                                        Days to MSA - 23          Days to MSA - 22       Days to MSA - 21  Days to MSA – 20

6             7                         8                         9                      10                    11                    12
              -Choir, Gym               -Orchestra, Gym           -Workshop Eating for   -Advanced Chess       -Musical Rehearsal,   -Musical Rehearsal,
              -Math Coach Class,         Morning                  Academic Success       -Open Minds Art        Gym
                                        -Junior Chess                                                                                 Gym
               4th grade                -Open Minds Art           -Musical Rehearsal,     Club                 -MMASSAC
              -Builders Club             Club                      Gym                   -Debate               -Voyage of
              -Page Turners             -Debate                   -Young Rembrandts      -Homework Club         Exploration Grades
              -Young Rembrandts - K     -Homework Club            -Voyage of             -Culinary Arts Club    5 to 8
              -Spanish Class            -Band                      Exploration Grades    -Voyage of
                                        -Voyage of
                                         Exploration Grades
                                                                   5 to 8                 Exploration Grades
                                         5 to 8                                           5 to 8
                                        -Math Coach Class,                               -Page Turners
                                          8 grade                                        -Spanish Class
              Veggie burger             Meatball sub              Chicken patty on
                                                                                         Meatloaf              French bread pizza
              Days to MSA - 19                                    roll
                                        Days to MSA - 18                                 Days to MSA – 16      Days to MSA - 15
                                                                  Days to MSA - 17

13            14                        15                        16                     17                    18                    19
              -Math Coach Class,        -Orchestra, Gym           -Council Meeting    -5th grade field trip -Musical Rehearsal,
               4th grade                 Morning
                                        -Junior Chess             -Musical Rehearsal, Walters Art Gallery Gym
              -Builders Club            -Open Minds Art            Gym                -Musical Rehearsal,   -MMASSAC
              -Page Turners              Club                                          Gym
              -Young Rembrandts - K     -Debate
                                                                  -Young Rembrandts, -Advanced Chess        -Voyage of
              -Spanish Class            -Homework Club             Session Ends       -Open Minds Art        Exploration Grades
                                        -Band                                          Club
                                                                  -Voyage of          -Student Council
                                                                                                             5 to 8
                                        -Voyage of
                                         Exploration Grades        Exploration Grades -Debate
                                         5 to 8                    5 to 8             -Homework Club
                                        -Math Coach Class, 8
                                                             th                       -Culinary Arts Club
                                                                  -Ceramic Club       -Voyage of
                                                                                          Exploration Grades
                                                                                          5 to 8
                                                                                         -Page Turners
                                        Buffalo chicken           Chicken and turkey     -Spanish Class
              Cheese quesadilla         wrap                      enchilada pie      Beef and macroni          Pizza special
              Days to MSA - 14          Days to MSA - 13          Days to MSA - 12   Days to MSA - 11          Days to MSA - 10

20            21                        22                        23                     24                    25                    26
                                        -Orchestra, Gym           -Dress Rehearsal,      -Dress Rehearsal,     -First grade field  -Dress Rehearsal,
                                         Morning                                          Gym
                                                                   Gym                   -Advanced Chess       trip, Goucher        Gym
              Presidents’               -Junior Chess
                                        -Open Minds Art
                                                                  -Young Rembrandts,     -Open Minds Art
                                                                   Session Begins                              -Dress Rehearsal,
                  Day                    Club
                                        -Debate                   -Voyage of
                                                                                         -Homework Club         Gym
                                                                   Exploration Grades    -Culinary Arts Club   -MMASSAC
                School                  -Homework Club
                                        -Band                      5 to 8
                                                                                         -Voyage of
                                                                                          Exploration Grades   -Voyage of
                Closed                  -Voyage of
                                         Exploration Grades
                                                                  -Ceramic Club           5 to 8
                                                                                         -Page Turners
                                                                                                                Exploration Grades
                                                                                                                5 to 8
                                         5 to 8                                          -Spanish Class
                                        -Math Coach Class,
                                          8th grade
                                        Hamburger                 Chicken and gravy BBQ pork                   Pepperoni pizza
                                        Days to MSA - 9           Days to MSA - 8   Days to MSA - 7            Days to MSA - 6

27            28
               -Young Rembrandts - K
              -Dress Rehearsal, Gym

                                                       Lunch Menu Subject to Change
              -Open Minds Art
              -Math Coach Class,
               4th grade
              -Builders Club
              -Page Turners
              -Spanish Class
              Bean and cheese chalupa
              Days to MSA - 5

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