How to Use Proxies for Bots by gyvwpsjkko



Now, doing Internet Marketing nowadays is done trough empowering bots. They are
your best friends online and will abide anything you tell them. Bots can complete
tasks that would take us to complete sometimes weeks if not months. But one think
they all have in common is the need for - reliable proxy list. You might have the
greatest piece of marketing bot but if you don't have as good source of proxies - you
are doomed to fail.

Proxies are the soldiers of the Internet. Picture them as those little buddies who are
always there to help but not many people know about them or simply ignore they
need them. Feeding your marketing bots as ScrapeBox, Bookmarking Demon, Blog
Comment Demon and many others with good proxies will result in seeing the results.
The countless hours you had put to develop your own strategies won't be dust in the
wind but money in the bank.

ScrapeBox is the Swiss Army Knife of the Internet Marketer, period. It's the best tool
for researching niches, examining competitors, blog commenting and much more. It
has never been easier since ScrapeBox arrived on the Internet Marketing scene. But
again, as any other bot, it depends highly on good proxies to have its tasks completed
with accuracy.

One of the best places where you can obtain a reliable proxy list is: It's a
great website that provides you with as fresh as possible list of proxy servers located
world wide. On the website there are tools to filter the proxy list just for ScrapeBox
only. It will give you the most recently checked proxies made for ScrapeBox. Besides
that you can easily check the health of any proxy list you subscribed to at any given
time. Also. there is Firefox plugin available for free. The plugin is very handy at times
where you would like to surf the web anonymously.

Using not up-to-date proxy list for your marketing bots is like putting diesel fuel into
a gas running car. You will get frustrated as things will never seem to work for you.
All these long hard working hours on your projects can go down the drain just
because of using a bad proxy list or not using at all.

Is it really worth saving $20-$30 a month on that? And losing tens of hundreds dollars
on your business? Think about it if you really can afford losing money everyday by
saving a dollar per day.
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