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					?Believe it or not product creation is the easiest part of the information marketing
process. People often get bogged down fearful they will not create a product that
others find useful and interesting. However, once you have found a profitable and
hungry niche market creating the product occurs without much grinding and gnashing
of teeth.
Ask your customer base what they are hungry to learn and use that information to
produce a product you will barely have to sell because they asked for it.
1. Taped phone interview or Tele-seminars. This is the simplest, fastest, easiest way to
produce a product ready for sale within hours. Find an expert in your niche market. Is
that expert you? Then find a moderator who can grill you for the dirty secrets you are
keeping. At the end of a 90-minute interview you will have an MP3 file that can also
be converted to a CD file. You will also transcribe the audio so you will have several
different ways of delivering your product.
2. Public domain information is a gift. These are works that no longer have copyright
attached. They have either fallen into the public domain or were intentionally placed
there by the authors. You'd be surprised to find how much information no longer is
protected by copyright. One large resource is Project Gutenberg, a digital library of
over 1700 free e-books whose copyright has expired. Don't just jump right in though.
Be sure to research the copyright status of the work you want to use and then have a
certified written report generated from the Library of Congress.
3. Ghostwriters are writers willing to produce your written material without claim to
authorship. There are several cautions with this suggestion. You can find ghostwriters
through enlace or Rent coder (both web businesses). However, when you have hired
the writer be sure to completely eliminate all doubt as to the copyright status and
authorship of the work by using a contract. It would be in your best interest to have
that contract drawn up by an attorney. However, you can then use the same contract
for any other ghostwriting you might have done.
4. Software creation is also fast and profitable. You will determine what is most
irritating to your customer and what software might solve that problem for them. You
can then find a programmer through Rent coder or through recommendations from a
friend. As in the case with ghostwriters is sure to have the copyright and authorship
ironed out before sharing the details.
5. Screen capture videos are basic video that you can do using your computer and
Fantasia. Fantasia Studio is an Internet based software program that allows you to
capture your moving screen and add voice over with a microphone. For more details
go to Using this technique you can shoot your own videos that teach your customers
all they want to know about a software program or how to just about anything. This is
affordable and easy to learn.
6. Writing case studies about the successes and failures of people within your
customer base provides your customers with a road map to success. For more
information login to if your customers are in Network Marketing, for instance, you
might write a book outlining the strategies of the top 10 Network Marketers across 10
different companies.
7. Private label information is being sold across the Internet today by the bucketful.
Taken at face value it may not be worth much. But, tweaked with your own special
personality and special bonuses you can make a small killing.
8. Mastermind groups are cropping up in all walks of life. They are wonderfully
productive ways for like-minded people to gather together and brainstorm. You can
utilize these groups in your customer base to produce an audio file that can be sold as
an MP3, CD or transcribed book.

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