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					?The 7 Laws of Money

These universal ( spiritual ) laws are always working whether we know them or not.
This is why some people attract money and then push it away, not realizing what they
need to do in order to retain money and accumulate wealth.

Knowing these laws helps you to "work" with them rather than against them.

Law number one

The money will come when you….

 Follow your bliss.

 Do what you are good at.

 Just do it.

When you know what your bliss is, and do that to earn a living, the money will come.

" Follow your bliss " was a phrase coined by the author Joseph Campbell, and it
simply means doing what you really like, and have a natural bent for.

Knowing what you can do well, without knowing how you do it, is your bliss.

You probably brought this forward from past lives of which we all have
hundreds….have you done any past life regressions in this life to learn what you did
well in other lifetimes ?

Note…there are meditations to do this, and you can do them on your own.

 I have done a lot of networking in prior lives and brought this
 aptitude forward to this life. In the year 725 AD I was living in a
 walled town on the Silk Road ( China - India ) in the middle east
 where the caravan trains came by outside our walls, and our town
 merchants set up stalls like a flea market to sell merchandise to the
 travelers. There were bandits who robbed our merchants regularly,
 so I organized a security force to protect our people and stop the
 bandits. As a reward the towns people made me their mayor, which
 raised my class status greatly.

 In the present lifetime I have organized groups into dealership
 networks, social clubs, and other things.
Things that come to you innately fall within this realm.

If you know what your genius is ( or multiple geniuses) then you know what you can
do better than anyone else.

The 7 geniuses are
1) Music 2) Literature 3) Mathematics 4) Gymnastics
5) Intrapersonal (sales) 6) Interpersonal Psychology) 7) Languages.

When you us your genius you are " in the zone " and have no competitors…

You can find out what your genius is by having your astrology natal
chart done….which will also tell you many other things such as where you are in your
7 year cycles.

Here is an eye opener exercise if you haven't done it….. This is a way to track your 7
year cycles ( ever heard of the 7 year itch….we get prodded to change areas of our
lives every 7 years ).

Across the top of the page write the numbers ( years )

  7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 63 70 77 84
And down the
left side write


Home address

Best friends



Who past over

Major event

Fill in the chart and see how your life changed every 7 years. ( plus or minus a year )

This can also show when to expect future changes.
Question. Are you working your bliss…. Using your genius ??

Are you working for your money…..
 Is your money working for you ???

Do you have any money earning you money.

This is an important principal that was what Albert Einstein called his greatest
discovery…. That of compound interest….money making money on money.

If this is a new revelation to you…. It is also called " Paying yourself first" and may
be started anytime for any sum you can put aside.

A local bank had billboards all around Toronto with this message…

 " Tuck away a buck a day "

This was to get folks to learn that it is not the magnitude of their deposit
but the habit of saving every week that is worth learning…..the volume will build up
over time.

I found that my three children were reluctant to spend much of their savings the more
they saw it grow. They each acquired a house down payment of several thousand
dollars…..before they married.

Today, years later, they have strong habits of saving with a work ethic that I would
call "entrepreneurship". Each has their own business that affords them to be
financially independent of their husbands.

Two of them have divorced and remarried, refusing to go along with
Their husbands addictions and abuse.

Is the ladder you are climbing against the wrong wall?

We all know folks that are in the work-a-day world trading their time for money, not
particularly enjoying their work……climbing the ladder
towards corporate success… many cases "putting in time" for so-called security.

When they do get to the top they find that the ladder was against the wrong
wall….much better to get fired and do something on their own
where they reap all the rewards…..doing something for themselves they really like.

Half the battle is doing something for themselves without a boss…

Einstein had two rules he lived by….

 1) Never be concerned about other peoples' opinions

 2) Have no rules.

When you have rules, you need a ruler.

We couldn't get away with this attitude in school with all those rulers
but we sure don't need them any more.

Money Law Two.

Money has rules…..such as

 Account for it….know how much you have.
 Don't squander it
 Treat it with respect
 Give 10% away
 Cash is king

A habit of saving for a rainy day, is a good idea.

This is akin to saving for things and paying cash, rather than using a credit cards and
running up debt.

Keep your credit rating clean… may never need it…but it is an option….and you
will get better prices on major purchases like cars and mortgages.
1) Cash is King.

 Know that when you are a buyer, you can get a cash discount simply
 by asking "How much for cash-cash?"

 Not a check, but actual cash, which the seller can bury….. you will
 save anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.

2) Account for How much you have.

 If a special deal presents itself to you, do you have the cash to handle
 it, and if so, will it short you.

3) Treat money with respect.
 The good lord giveth and also taketh away.

 Remember the source of your good, don't get cocky, be thankful.

4) Do not squander it.
 Be a good steward of the things entrusted to you.

5) Give away 10%.
 Tithe to your spiritual source ( where you are taught your lessons )

Money Law # 3

Secret … The money always comes
Money is a dream, not real, ethereal

Except for what someone is willing to pay you for something,
 it has no value….this is why gold is easier to trade and the
 barter system is always there.

Money is just a way of keeping score….who needs to keep score.

After you have enough money for food and shelter, the excess can be considered
wasted energy …give it to folks who need it more.

How much is enough….

 Some folks never have enough, they lose their health worrying
 about it and then they die.

Look at all those people who have lost fortunes on the stock market crash, real estate
crash or Ponzi swindles and who could have quit working and lived comfortably on
what they had…. but now can't.

 Reduce your costs of rent, food, etc below your income
 and live worry free….. rest for better health, travel,

 Downsize and enjoy life

 You can find condos for $30,000, with nothing down, $800 /mo
 Less is more.

 Maybe the "barter system" is already back.

Money Law #4

Money is a nightmare to those who never have

 to those who lost it.

 to those in jail for stealing it

 To those working too hard for it
If you are constantly being charged $35 by the bank, every time you
are short in your account….try this……but first estimate how much this overdraft is
costing per year.

Open a new account in another bank.
Put your money in the new account and do not use the old account.

At the end of the month put your money in the old account.

By switching accounts each month, you will be able to track your balance easier and
stop those $35 bank penalties.

This will save you money. Accumulate the savings and tie it to your account so that
you will never have another $35 charge. Do the same with both accounts.

Lower your living costs ( downsize)…..

Add another income stream(s) started.

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Money Law #5

Stay in the game of always making money.

The internet allows you to earn a living from anywhere on the planet.

Even if is just to stay alert and have something to do.

The internet is chock full of ways to make money. We will list a few at the end of this
booklet that we use ourselves to make $1,000 monthly.

Find a niche you enjoy and learn it.

Find one you understand that doesn't require a lot of time…half an hour a day… an
hour or two a week for $250 and an interesting past time.

Monitize your hobby by writing a book about it, ( something you know a lot about )
and sell your knowledge on the web. This is called an Ebook and can be downloaded
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There are over a Billion people every day on the web looking for information, buying
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There is a learning curve like learning a musical instrument.

All you need is a computer and high speed internet access.

Anyone putting in the time to learn will hit $1,000 monthly within 12 months.

After that plateau, the money increases exponentially.

The main thing is you will be able to live where you want, in a good lifestyle. Explore
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Money Law # 6

You can't really give money away.

It always comes back increased times ten or more.

Try getting rid of clothing you no longer wear…….. And see your closet
fill up again with new clothes.

God's shovel is bigger that your shovel.

Charity shows your love for your fellow man. Be generous.

Start your day with an attitude of gratitude by praising God for yesterdays benefits
received… and say "Life is Good" daily

Praise God every day for Perfect Health, Perfect Love and Perfect Wealth

The pleasant happy day you enjoyed

A phone call, email or letter from a friend

The parking space that opened up for you

The unexpected money you received

Your perfect health

A job offer or web income that came to you

Make " I's rather be happy than right " your mantra.

Then make a list of what you would like to see show up to-day
And expect it to appear as this days' miracle….and rinse and repeat every
day….watch for the miracles and they will appear….maybe not immediately…..but
surely as you believe you will receive.
Money Law # 7
There are worlds without money.

You can live in places for very little money

Costa Rica ( Google the Tico Times ) live there on $600 monthly

Communes in various parts of the world

Religious orders

Peace corps

Teach English as a second language in third world countries like Korea,
Bangkok, Manila, for a decent wage and cheap housing and food… an

Move to a smaller town and rent. Rentals are surprising cheap if you rent for 6 to 12
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Remember, you can earn money on the web from anywhere.

House or pet sit.

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Dentists charge about 15% of US prices and are excellent.

We are doing a 3 month house/pet sit there….taking our cats….renting a car for

And most everyone speaks English. Airfare is $200 return from Miami.

We will save $ 3,000 on our dental work.

Become an estate manager…room and salary. West Palm Beach
$600 weekly. Look after 2 dogs and clean house.

 Check out Craig's List.

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