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									?When surfing the net, you are exposed. Your IP address can be tracked down and
many people can then have access to many private information about you. Your name
or address are just some of the things that one can find out about you, simply by
surfing the net.

This thing was known before, but since the rate of Internet crime was not that big,
people did not worry that much. However, as time goes by, privacy is becoming more
and more of an issue. This is the reason why anonymous proxy servers were created.
By simply using these anonymous proxy servers, you are given the privacy that you
were looking for and your anonymity is guaranteed.

The anonymous proxy server is the computer that allows the clients of a network
service to establish indirect connections to other network services and protect their
identity at the same time. The client simply connects to the anonymous proxy server,
requests a file or a connection that is available on another server, and the proxy server
provides it, without reveling the clients data. The anonymous proxy server either
establishes the connection directly or by giving it from a cache.

When you want your identity to remain a secret or browse some sites that you are not
allowed, the use of the anonymous proxy server is the solution. All you have to do is
go to the anonymous proxy site and write there the address that you are looking for.
The anonymous proxy server will then establish the connection and retrieves the
pages that you are searching for before they are given to you. This way the address
that the other servers see is not your own, but the anonymous proxy server' s.

The anonymous proxy server is more like a buffer that stand between you and the
sites that you are visiting. This way you are safe from harm. Furthermore, with the
help of these servers you can also visit sites that you are not allowed and leave no
trace of your steps.

Everybody hates those workplaces or schools where certain sites can not be visited for
several reason. Well, the anonymous proxy server can also resolve those cases as well.
Because the other servers will not know the IP address of the computer that wants to
connect to that server, due to the use of the anonymous proxy server, access will be

However, there are also a couple of ?problems " when using an anonymous proxy
server. The first problem is that the browsing speed fluctuates and it is also a little
slower than usual. Another problem can be that the anonymous proxy server itself
record your data and then another malicious server can read that data and find
everything about you. To make sure that this does not happen to you, use a top rated
anonymous proxy server that also has a very clear policy about privacy.
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