Hand Car Wash or Self Car Wash – Which One is better (DOC) by egywash1


									                     Hand Car Wash or Self Car Wash – Which One is better?

Hand car wash is the traditional way of washing and cleaning a car where the washing is done
manually by car wash experts. However, self car wash is the modern way of car washing and is also
the latest improvement in the car wash industry. In the past people have always had their car washed
manually, the reason behind the same was that the labor was cheap and readily available. Car
owners use to hire people for car wash and paid them lesser than minimum wage. Even though self
car wash machines were available at that time too but car owners did not trust them much and
preferred getting their car cleaned with the available labor.

However, things have changed a lot with the passing time. No more cheap labor is available these
days and getting hand car wash services have become very expensive these days, which encouraged
people to make use of self car wash services. On the whole people realized that automatic car wash
services were much better compared to hand wash especially on some aspects. Car owners loved
the fact that self car wash services were quick and demanded less amount of time. Furthermore,
automatic car wash services were cheap as compared to the hand wash services available in the
town. In addition, automatic car wash also gave them the assurance that their car will be well taken
care and no minor accidents will take place which were common during manual car washes.

Companies offering self car wash services also make use of best of equipments and cleaning agents
so that no harm is provided to the exteriors of your car. They also make use of best of equipments to
thoroughly clean the interiors of your most loved possession so that you enjoy clean and healthy
interiors. With all these advantages we can easily say that self car wash services are much better and
this is also the reason that most people have started to use this mode of getting their cars cleaned.

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