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					Hot-dip aluminized MBW® 1500 +AS.
Now even better: sizes, quality and quantity.

Thinking the future of steel

TK Steel
Hot-dip aluminized manganese-boron steels.
Quality products for hot stamping.

Hot stamped parts are now a genuine option. We have increased
our production capacity to meet your requirements for crash per-
formance, weight reduction, cost-efficiency and sustainability in
auto construction.
In response to steadily growing demand for            More sizes
steels for hot stamping, ThyssenKrupp Steel           FBA 3 can provide a significantly broader
has upgraded its hot-dip coating line FBA 3 to        spectrum of sizes, handling widths up to
enable hot-dip aluminizing. Two lines are now         1,550 mm and thicknesses up to 2.5 mm.
available for this process: FBA 1 and FBA 3.          Please refer to our product information for
Thanks to innovative pot-changing technology,         more details.
we can now use FBA 3 to produce both hot-dip
galvanized grades and hot-dip aluminized              Improved consistency of coating thickness
manganese-boron steel, meaning we can                 There are many reasons for the improved
produce two successful automotive products            coating consistency. One is the quality of the
on one line and increase production of                base material, most of which is produced on
MBW® 1500 +AS when needed.                            our advanced casting-rolling plant and displays

More quantity
The excellent part properties made possible
by hot stamping/press hardening are now
available to you in higher volumes.
ThyssenKrupp Steel – one of only two
exclusive suppliers of hot-dip aluminized
manganese-boron steel – has significantly
expanded its capacity, allowing you to rethink
your design process: hot-stamped parts
achieve extremely high strength levels and are        Key unit for the starting material: the casting-rolling plant
readily formable in the heated condition,
particularly using the direct hot stamping            close thickness tolerances and uniform
process.                                              mechanical properties across the length and
                                                      width of the coil. Another reason is the
                                                      installation of a booster – a joint development
                                                      with Linde which has already been patented –
                                                      ahead of the annealing furnace of FBA 3.

Aluminum change pot with inductors

More quality
In particular with regard to consistency of the
                                                      View inside the booster: 2,500 degree oxygen flames
coating thickness and surface texture, FBA 3
                                                      heat the strip and provide for optimum coating conditions
offers a further increase in quality – across the
full length and width of the coil. Naturally, coils   The coil is heated to temperatures of up to
from both FBA 1 and FBA 3 offer the same              700 °C in record time to ensure optimum strip
good forming properties.                              cleanness and thus optimum coating adhesion.
The unique combination of
state-of-the-art air knives
and a hot measuring system
directly after hot-dip alumini-
zing ensures highly consistent
coating thickness and
improves productivity.

A further innovative highlight
is the additional stabilization of
the strip in the chute combined
with an optimized arrangement
of the air jets in the cooling
State-of-the-art analysis and testing                      Eco-friendly technologies
methods                                                    We placed great emphasis on environmental
We use glow discharge optical spectroscopy                 aspects during the modernization of FBA 3.
(GDOS) to monitor the molten aluminum and                  For example, the booster is more energy-
determine the coating composition. This                    efficient than conventional furnace heating
precision analysis method permits extremely                systems and significantly reduces CO2
close tolerances and thus a high level of                  emissions.
consistency in the coating composition.
                                                           The new hot measuring system directly after
                                                           the air knives allows any variances in coating
                                                           thickness to be detected immediately, and not
                                                           200 meters further on during cold measuring.
                                                           This saves zinc and aluminum and ensures
                                                           that resources are managed sustainably.
                                                           Improvements in performance, quality and
                                                           ecology go hand in hand – to the satisfaction
                                                           of our customers.

GDOS analysis unit: Inserting a specimen of molten metal

A combination of hot and cold coating
measurement and state-of-the-art air knives
ensures that the coating thickness is perma-
nently monitored in a closed quality cycle. This
enables us to reliably meet customer specifi-
cations for close tolerances and avoid
overcoating of the strip edge.

After coating, we continue to employ leading-
                                                           Coil store in Finnentrop
edge technology to optimize quality. For
example, the “Levelflex” is used to avoid edge              The next step: Sample deliveries
or center waviness and achieve optimum                     Many customers have already approved the
flatness. The four-high skin pass mill has its              use of MBW® 1500 +AS. For those who have
own computer system which continuously                     not yet tested our new steel, we will be pleased
monitors and meets the quality requirements;               to supply sample volumes.
this provides optimum surface roughness and
texture and ensures uniform processing                     We offer all our customers extensive technical
properties.                                                advice on all areas of hot stamping.
                                                           ThyssenKrupp Steel has unique knowledge of
                                                           the entire process chain, from the develop-
                                                           ment of materials and coatings to the supply of
                                                           production parts and components.

Levelflex for optimized flatness
We have increased the height
of the cooling tower by
25 meters. Further invest-
ments, e.g. strip stabilization
in the chute and air cooling
all have one objective: to
keep the strip absolutely still
and allow it to cool without
vibrations. In this way we
ensure consistent coating in
the interests of our customers.
                                            Best.-Nr. 2151; September 2008

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